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The Amazing Race Season 9, Episode 2 Commentary: Rappelling and Romance

The Amazing Race Season 9, Episode 2 Commentary: Rappelling & Romance

by Mali Perl

Some weeks on the Race are filler weeks, where not much happens and yet, I’m still entertained. This was one of those weeks. With the entire episode taking place still in Brazil and two tasks involving rappelling, it was a little boring so I’m going to focus on some standout teams.

Fran & Barry are still holding strong to their spot as the underdogs and I’m starting to root for them because of their commitment to each task and each other. They seem to have some bad luck going, with their car breaking down this week, but they stayed calm and pulled through. It’s actually very touching to see, especially when we find out that Fran is a cancer survivor.

In comparison to them, the Frat Boys are just shameful. Their flirting with the Pinks was charming, with “Can I touch your ass ?” ranking right up there as one of the all-time classiest lines ever. They’re even coveting Mo of MoJo. They motivate each other, are the mellowest of the group and are honest about tagging behind (no pun intended) other teams with bigger brains and more initiative. They’re concerned that if Pinks are eliminated, not only will this curtail the possibility for Race sex, it may even lead them to “hooking up with the Hippies” as a last resort. The Frats are slackers extraordinaire and I love them for it.

I was impressed with Danielle and Dani this week. They admitted that they were going to use their “femininity” as strategy (or as I called it last week, breasts) but now realize that they’re going to have to work hard to keep up. And they did, conquering fears and hanging tough as an all-girl team with brawn.

Another emerging favorite of mine are the Geeks. When David called Lori his “hottie boombottie with the naughty pilates,” I lost it. What’s great about the Geeks is that they own their dorkiness and are just so adorable to watch. They hustle their out of shape bodies but still take time to enjoy the moment.

Philimination was the best part this week. The Hippies were thrilled when they won the trip to Tahiti but it was second place Frats who yet again killed me with their comments. Their “Phil, I’m going to slap you, woman” went over real well, leading to a new move: the Phil “raised eyebrow of judgment.” The Screeching Sisters were philiminated after a rough day but I was thrilled to see them go. While everyone was sweating, hustling and racing, the sisters, in between screeches, were strolling. My eardrums bid them a hearty farewell. Next week, a little more action as we go to Russia. Somehow, I have a feeling that with the Frats, Pinks and Hippies around, vodka may play a role (let’s hope).

Mali Perl works in finance but her heart belongs to entertainment. She can be reached at mali@realityshack.com. Is it wrong that the worse the Frats behave, the more she likes them?