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Brazil, You Rock My World! – The Amazing Race 9, Episode 2

“Brazil, You Rock My World!” – The Amazing Race 9, Episode 2

by LauraBelle

It’s still hard to remember who’s who this second week of this season of The Amazing Race, however remembering twenty people is certainly easier than forty from the family edition, and having very different identifiable personalities certainly helps. By this week, we definitely remember BJ and Tyler. You can’t forget them.

Eric and Jeremy, the stereotypical volleyball guys, are first to leave at 5:34 AM from San Paolo, Brazil. Their clue is sending them to the Edificio Copan building, where they need to enter Bloco F. They say they are here for the race, but if they can meet some girls, that’s even better. They admit to having sex on their brains. No, really? BJ and Tyler, the hippies, leave just two minutes later. Eric and Jeremy are waiting for them. BJ and Tyler feel a brotherhood with Eric and Jeremy, although the admit they’re from different worlds. Eric and Jeremy are driving along and get excited when they see prostitutes, only to find out they were looking at guys’ asses. The four guys arrive at Edificio Copan, only to find it not open until 8:00. Tyler proclaims, “Oh Crumb!”

Mother and daughter Wanda and Desiree leave at 5:45, and say leaving in third place helps them eliminate self doubt, and know that will help them out the rest of the race. Four minutes later self-proclaimed nerds, Dave and Lori leave. They talk again about being in love, and believe this adventure will be the glue to their relationship. Dave refers to Lori as his “Hottie Boom Body With the Naughty Pilates.” Okay. I don’t even know what to say about that, mainly because I don’t really get it.

Married parents Lake and Michelle leave at 6:10, with Michelle referring to Lake as a Type A personality. We never would have noticed that on our own, Michelle. She admits to having a hard time dealing with it, but says that’s where her strength comes in. Next to leave are dating couple Joseph and Monica, three minutes later. They like that they were able to beat people on earlier flights to the pit stop last leg. They realize they will now be seen as a strong team.

Long distance dating couple, Ray and Yolanda, leaving at 6:47, aren’t really comfortable being at the back of the pack. Ray thinks they can make up ground by treating it like a marathon. Older couple Fran and Barry leave at 7:06, and she admits to having breast cancer four years ago. She wanted to prove she was in as good shape after cancer as she was before. Barry says her energy exceeds most people’s.

Lifelong friends Danielle and Dani, Double D, leave at 7:19. They had hoped their femininity would get them through the race, but already they found that ran out for them, in just the beginning of the second leg. Yeah, not real good strategy there. Leaving in last place are Lisa and Joni at 7:28. They admit this is harder than they had thought it would be. They are out of their element, but hope to pull each other through it.

The 8:00 opening time of the Edificio Copan allows all ten teams to catch up to each other. Once inside, BJ and Tyler are the first to reach the clue box. They find a road block. One person from each team will need to climb up one of three fire escapes outside the building and rappel down. Deciding to do this road block are BJ, Desiree, Jeremy, Ray, Danielle, Fran, Dave, Lake, Joseph, and Joni. Only one person can rappel down at a time, so choice of fire escape and order in which you stand are very important. BJ and Tyler can’t figure out why they were the only ones to pick fire escape number three, with the others all being split amongst the first two.

While Jeremy climbs the fire escape, Eric still has sex on his mind. He wants to make Double D feel good about themselves, because he thinks it will increase the chances of the girls letting him and Jeremy into their pants. He is the first to begin rappelling, followed by BJ and Joseph. Jeremy finishes first, and he receives a clue sending him and Eric to the Barra Funda bus station by taxi. They will catch one of three different charter buses leaving at 10:15, 11:15 and 12:15, as they take a ticket that will give them their departure time. The buses will take them to Brotas, Brazil where they will pick up a Volkswagen Bug and their next clue.

The next people rappelling down are Lake, Ray and Dave. Danielle hates heights, and says she can’t look and can’t breathe. Fran reaches over, hugs her, and offers encouraging words. Danielle makes it down without incident, as does Fran. As Joni rappels down, she says she doesn’t have to do anything but just fall, because she’s so fat. Now, that’s a little embarrassing.

BJ/Tyler, Eric/Jeremy, and Joseph/Monica all arrive at the bus station and catch the first charter leaving at 10:15. Lake and Michelle go to the wrong bus station. Once again, like last week, Michelle questions whether they’re doing the right thing, and once again Lake doesn’t listen. Catching the 11:15 bus are Ray/Yolanda, Wanda/Desiree, and Dave/Lori. Lake and Michelle arrive at the correct bus station to catch the 12:15 bus with Double D and Joni and Lisa. While waiting for their buses, Double D show off their bodies to Eric and Jeremy, and let them touch their butts. Perhaps Eric and Jeremy want to make sure they aren’t looking at guys’ butts again.

Watching everyone traveling on the buses, I get flashbacks of the family edition with the Weaver family flipping out on the bus. Good times. Good times.

Reaching the VW Bugs in Brotas, Brazil, the teams find a Detour – Press It or Climb It. In Press It, the teams will need to travel to a plantation, and process sugar cane into juice and then ethanol, which they will then use to fill their gas tanks. In Climb It, the teams will hike to a waterfall and rope climb up the waterfall. It’s much quicker, but physically challenging,

BJ and Tyler feel like they’re back in their roots driving in the VW. They play a game while driving that reminds me of a game my kids and I do with VWs. We say, “Slug bug; no tagbacks,” as we hit the other person after seeing the car. BJ and Tyler were playing “Punch buggy.” It’s not so good when the driver gets hit, and nearly runs off the road. Eric and Jeremy think it’s too bad Monica has a boyfriend, otherwise they’d spank her butt. They can’t wait to slip into their Speedos … that would be their own.

BJ/Tyler, Eric/Jeremy, and Joseph/Monica all get to the waterfall around the same time, and make it up easily. BJ and Tyler are the first to finish, and receive a clue telling them to drive to Primavera De Serra for the Pit Stop. Suddenly I’m in the mood for pasta. Tyler exclaims, “Brazil, you rock my world!” then needs to push the VW Bug backwards with BJ for “Reverse.” As Eric and Jeremy are driving to the Pit Stop, they wonder what they’ll do if the girls get eliminated. They wonder if they’ll then have to hook up with the hippies.

Wanda and Desiree decide to do Press It, as do Lisa and Joni, but their car “won’t stay alive.” They have to keep the clutch in the whole time. I can’t keep the two of them straight, but the two sisters argue about driving and giving directions, saying they agreed to do it this way as far as who is driving and who is working on the directions. Dave and Lori are doing Press It, and arrive there first. Watching the ethanol distill, they feel like they’re making moonshine. Woo-hoo! Hand some over! Wanda and Desiree get lost on the way there, but eventually get there. As Wanda and Desiree get to the point of distilling the ethanol, Desiree figures it’s karma for when when she passed out in chemistry class.

Somehow driving to the Pit Stop, Eric/Jeremy and BJ/Tyler become split, and each wonders if they are the ones going the right way or the wrong way. It’s BJ and Tyler, though, that are going the right way, and run onto the mat with a “Hello Philip!” They win a Travelocity trip to Tahiti. Eric and Jeremy then pull up and announce, “Where’s the damn Phil at?” and “Gonna smack you, Woman” also directed at Phil. Phil wonders if Eric and Jeremy are always thinking about the opposite sex, and they say they are like this at home as well. Joseph and Monica arrive on the mat at number three.

Ray and Yolanda make it up the waterfall effortlessly. Fran and Barry arrive at the waterfall just before Lake and Michelle. Fran struggles to climb up the rope, and it makes me wonder if they chose the wrong Detour once again. They were determined to not repeat the motorcycle mess, and don’t know anything about distilling Ethanol, so chose the waterfall. Michelle climbs up the rope and passes Fran up. A short time later Fran gets it, and gets to the top just after Michelle.

Dave and Lori arrive at the Pit Stop in fourth place, Ray and Yolanda in fifth, and Wanda and Desiree in sixth. Double D are at the waterfall, and Lisa and Joni finally arrive to Press It. Lisa tells Joni to pretend she’s giving birth to the sugar cane as she presses it, and Joni tells her she had a C-section. Okay, for the first time, these two are funny and not annoying.

Lake and Michelle are driving around, lost again. Fran and Barry’s car dies. It’s the battery, and they have to wait for a replacement car. They see Double D pass them by. The girls feel bad for not stopping, but say, hey, it’s a race. Lake and Michelle follow someone that is showing them how to get to the Pit Stop, while Fran and Barry get their new car. Lake and Michelle don’t realize that Fran/Barry and Lisa/Joni are still back there and think it’s between them and Double D for last place, as they are following them into the pit stop in the cars. Lake tells Michelle he’s “gonna haul ass right now.” Double D arrives first with Lake and Michelle shortly after. As everyone runs, it’s Lake and Michelle that make to the mat first, and are shocked that they’re in seventh place. Double D arrive in eighth place, and Fran and Barry pull in expecting to be eliminated. They are shocked to be in ninth place.

Lisa and Joni finally come in and are eliminated. They say it’s been “a long ass day.” Lisa starts crying, saying she wanted to do this so badly, and from the first moment she saw the show, she wanted to do it. She admires Joni’s outlook on life. Joni feels they are still winners for doing this, and especially being that she got to experience this race with her sister. She says money can’t buy that.

I still have a hard time figuring out which is which, but I definitely knew who the sisters were, good or bad. I wish we would have gotten a chance to see them in a more positive light. Towards the end they were downright likable, but we didn’t get to see a lot of that in the first episode. It looks like Double D’s days might be numbered as well, so Eric and Jeremy better get it going and make their big move.

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