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Hanging on By a Thread – Project Runway 2, Episode 11

Hanging on By a Thread – Project Runway 2, Episode 11

by Clicker

It’s down to the wire.

There are 4 designers left and only 3 will make it to Fashion Week in New York.

This week Heidi challenges Daniel, Chloe, Kara, and Santino to show off their “night moves” and create an evening gown. The twist is that it must be a sneak preview of the collection they want to show at New York Fashion week.

Back at the workspace Tim visits the designers and takes them on a little field trip to visit the woman who organizes Fashion Week so they can schmooze a little.

Daniel asks a very interesting question of her: “What’s a beginner mistake to avoid?” She answers: “I can’t ever underestimate being nice. It doesn’t help to be a bitch and to be nasty.”

You can imagine the others all want to sneak a glance at Santino who says to the camera later: “You can’t be nice al the time. I want to win the competition.”

At the workspace, the designers begin sketching. Chloe wants to do a 1940s glamour look. Daniel wants something flowing with a long slit. Santino wants something Hollywood and glamorous. Kara has no idea at all.

Then it’s time to shop because the designers only have 48 hours to get the whole project finished.

Daniel picks up some dark blue flowy satin. Santino goes with gold toned chiffon and buys a bunch of gold discs like fish scales to embellish the dress with.

Chloe picks up some gray satin. And Kara picks up some black satin.

At the workspace, everyone has turned their back on Santino and he has turned his back on everyone else. And later at the apartments, Daniel and Santino get into a little tiff over whether or not Santino deserves to be there. Santino can’t seem to figure out why the other designers don’t see him as the most talented.

The next day at the workshop, Tim comes to visit to see how they are doing. He tells Daniel that his dress is looking too “marlena dietrich” … then he walks over to crush Chloe’s spirit with a “what’s happening with this skirt? It looks like a bathing suit with a towel wrapped around it.”

He loves Santino’s gown so far. But the gold fish scales have yet to be added and time is running out.

Plus, Tim has a new surprise for the designers. A big surprise.

The winning dress will be worn by guest judge/supermodel Iman on the red carpet.

It makes all the designers a little nervous to know the stakes are so high. And Chloe says she questions whether she really wants to win the whole competition at all. She doesn’t know if she wants that kind of fame. Then why did you come on TV?

When Tim comes back to visit he says it’s time for another field trip.

This time he takes the designers to meet up with Heidi and some of last year’s contestants: Austin, KaraSaun, and Jay. Austin looks fab as usual, like a vintage female movie star.

After coming back from the party, the designers work into the night.

Santino is draping gold fish scales all over his dress. It looked like a something from ancient Rome.

The next day, Tim comes for a final visit. His words are not encouraging.

He tells Chloe he is disappointed in her gray evening gown with its seam around the buttocks. “It looks like it’s hugging her rear end… You’ll have to say that on the runway: ‘Nina, I wanted her to look like she had a big fat ass!'”

Then he moved on to Kara who was working on her black silky dress. “Here’s the risk, it’s just a dress. What’s really special about it?” he asks.

At Daniel’s station Tim tells Daniel that his dark blue gown looks very similar to what Kara is doing. I don’t think that was a compliment.

Then there’s Santino, who has gobs of fish scale panels draped from the skirt of his dress. Tim had this to say: “Right now, it looks like a costume. It looks like Renaissance Fest.”

There is only an hour to go so there isn’t too much time to change anything. They have to go with what they had.

Then it’s runway time. Kara’s black dress is sleek, slim and beautiful but pretty plain.

Santino’s is very gaudy – but at least it was creative.

Chloe’s dress is silky and flowy but it did give the model a big butt.

Daniel’s dress looks gorgeous but more like Victoria Secret lingerie than an evening dress.

Here’s what the judges had to say about each designer’s work:

Kara: Iman said the dress looked like it needed to be steamed because it was so wrinkled. And added “it feels like you ran out of fabric. It’s like skimpy.”

Nina noticed threads hanging from the hem and that the hemline wasn’t even. “What would make me think you wouldn’t have a boring show come fashion week?”

Daniel: Nina says, “How do I know that when you present at fashion week it won’t be boring?” To which Daniel asks, “Do you consider this boring?” And Nina says “I consider this safe AND boring.”

Santino: Nina says, “Creativity is fantastic but there is a point when it becomes a joke.”

And then Michael Kors jumps in: “Listen, I understand the bad boy thing. I got it. But it’s almost like you’re saying to us ‘I’m smarter than all of you. I know you all are going to say there’s too much shit all over this dress but I’m going to do it anyway and prove my point.'”

Chloe: Michael points out that the dress doesn’t look as finished as her other work. “It’s a little underwhelming,” Michael Kors says.

Then Heidi throws out the big question: She asks each of the designers whom they would send home.

Chloe, of course picks Santino. No surprise there.

It was a bit of a surprise that Santino picked Chloe. I thought for sure he would want to send Kara home. He hasn’t liked her from the beginning.

But the even bigger surprise was who Kara and Daniel chose: CHLOE. After all the bitching about Santino they said they would send Chloe home because she didn’t need or want the win as much as the others. Perhaps it was just strategy because they thought she was actually the best designer?

Then it was time for the judges to deliberate. And the designers are brought back out for the cut.

It was quick if not painless.

Santino is in.

Daniel is the winner of this week’s competition and Iman will wear his “borderline boring” dress on the red carpet.

Leaving Kara and Chloe.

And finally the designer that I can’t figure out how she got this far is sent home.

Chloe is in and Kara is sent packing.

On to New York.

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