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5 Get a Makeover and 1 Gets the Boot – Project Runway 2, Episode 10

5 Get a Makeover and 1 Gets the Boot – Project Runway 2, Episode 10

by Clicker

“You’ll be designing a look for a very demanding client,” is the hint Heidi gives them about this week’s challenge.

Cher? Madonna? Simon Cowell?

Nah, too easy.

This week, they have to design outfits for each other. A head-to-toe makeover. To determine who will dress whom, Heidi pulls names out of a bag.

Santino will design for Kara.

Kara will design for Santino.

Chloe will design for Nick.

Nick will design for Daniel.

Daniel will design for Chloe.

Before they can begin their challenge, Daniel – who has immunity this week because he won last week —must decide whether to keep his model or swap her. Andrae’s model (Andrae was sent home last week) is crying almost as soon as she hits the runway, knowing that other than Zulema, the designers have been loyal to their models.

Daniel follows suit… no pun intended.

Back at the workshop, Tim tells the designers they will get 2 days to design the outfits and $200 to buy fabric. Then he added the twist: The designers would be the runway models.

He gives them an hour to start sketching out ideas.

Nick wants Chloe to “suit him up in an Italian, Eurotrash look.” Chloe wants him to look “expensive and little more polished.” And they settle on a pinstripe vest and pants with a pink shirt.

Santino tells Kara he wants to look preppier, “more all-American.” Kara buys into the preppy style.

Daniel wants to do Chloe as a fun party girl, something flirty.

For Daniel, Nick wants to do a tight fitted jacket, with tight skinny sleeves to “accentuate” that Daniel is skinny.

Kara wants a “funkier, more sophisticated” version of herself. And Santino interprets that to mean a jumpsuit. He wants to show off her body in all the right ways. “It will make her over from being a kind of free spirit, granola sort of hippie, maybe” he says.

After a quick shopping trip it’s down to work.

Nick unrolls his bulk of gray Italian cashmere for Daniel’s suit and it looks a bit feminine. Plus it is a bit ambitious to do a full men’s suit in just two days. But Nick has experience doing menswear and gets a quick start and is already to the sewing phase before many of the others have really even started.

While they work, Daniel starts a game asking silly questions about what foods people like and whether or not they would rather “have sex” or “make love.”

Santino starts being obnoxious and cuts Nick off whenever he goes to answer a question. Then Santino — for some reason — starts talking about his bowel movements. It is driving Nick crazy.

When Tim comes for a visit, he really doesn’t have much to say to any of the designers. He does say he likes the way Santino is going with his outfit.

With only 1 hour until the curfew for the first day, Kara is way behind and Santino fears he will have to work pantless down the runway if she doesn’t pick up the pace in day 2.

During the last moments, Chloe is sizing Nick to make sure she has the pants right. For some reason Santino yells over, “You can’t polish a turd.” And this sets Nick off – he decides to give Santino the silent treatment for the rest of the challenge.

The next day, Tim brings in a makeup expert to work as an consultant on the makeup for the makeovers.

Kara and Santino go first for their consultations. The expert tells Santino that he should shave off his beard and actually compares him to Brad Pitt. Just what everyone needed, for Santino’s head to get just a bit bigger.

The rest were pretty routine. A little eye makeup. A little trim.

When Tim comes back for a second visit it is 4 hours until the end of day 2.

Kara is starting to doubt her outfit, wondering if her preppy look is just too subtle and not a true makeover for Santino. Tim disagrees and tells her to just keep going.

Santino is busy working on the jumpsuit for Kara when Tim walks over with this advice: “Keep your editing eye carefully attuned. Nina declared you a one note and I couldn’t disagree with her.”

Tim loves Chloe’s vest and pants for Nick. And so does Nick who says “in the most positive way” that he feels like a British Airways flight attendant in it. But he really does like it.

Daniel is puzzled by his creation for Chloe: A red dress with a brown alligator vest. Tim has no advice but to just “finish it.”

At Nick’s table , Tim stops to touch the garment Nick is making for Daniel and says that he’s worried about the “feminine overtones.” Then Tim points out that the slacks have no pockets making it even more like a woman’s garment.

Since Nick was already 94 percent done there was nothing he could do about it. He would just have to ask Daniel to “butch it up”.

At the scramble at the end of the night, Santino is giving Kara direction on what she should do for his outfit instead of working on his own garment.

On runway day, the designers head to the makeup and hair rooms for their makeovers. Then they put the final touches on their garments. Santino has more than final touches to do. His jumpsuit isn’t finished at all. The sleeves were kinda just taped on and started falling off just before the runway show.

The judges this week are Michael Kors, Nina Garcia and fashion stylist Freddie Leiba.

Santino is the first to take the runway, in red/white plaid pants, a green collared short-sleeved shirt with a white long sleeve shirt underneath. And of course a plaid hat.

Kara was next in a monochromatic brown jumpsuit with a zipper all the way up the front.

Daniel flaunted the gray tight suit with its matching gray scarf.

Chloe had on the red dress and alligator vest – very dominatrix.

Nick looked great in his pink shirt and pinstripe vest and slacks.

Here’s what the judges thought:

KARA: The judges love Kara’s preppy look for Santino. Even Michael kors said it was “terrific.”

DANIEL: The judges hated Daniel’s dominatrix look for Chloe. Michael Kors: “It looks really ’80s bitchy kinda Knots Landing.”

Heidi says: “It looks like you’ve aged her about 20 years.”

CHLOE: Freddie the guest judge had high compliments for the pinstripe vest and slacks. “I love Nick’s outfit… it suits him. The proportions are perfect.” Michael: “I may not wear a pink back on my vest but I think it takes this out of being too staid, too traditional for him.”

NICK: The judges had big problems with the tight gray suit for Daniel. “When his back is turned to you, you see every ripple on those seams.” Micheal Kors: “To me, it looks like a Golden Girl jacket that you’d belt and wear with leggings.”

SANTINO: 3 of the judges didn’t like the jumpsuit for Kara. Guest judge Freddie did like it. “Who wears jumpsuits anymore?” Nina asked. Then Nina notices that the sleeve is falling off. “Is that part of the design?” she asks. Santino tries to make excuses.

The judges deliberate and then the designers are called back out.

Daniel is in. Heidi tells him that he is really lucky that he had the immunity because he would have been the one to go home.

Chloe is named the winner of the challenge.

Kara is in.

That leaves Nick and Santino still standing. Both of them have provided so much entertainment for the show.

Somehow Santino squeaks by again.

Well, at least Nick has a nice outfit for an interview…

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