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And THIS Is Why I Love Reality TV: #1 Single, What A Pun!

And THIS Is Why I Love Reality TV: #1 Single, What A Pun!

— Christina M. Rau/GatsbyGirl

This week I caught the premiere of “#1 Single,” which follows the half-staged antics of Lisa Loeb, the singer-songwriter best known for her single, “Stay,” from the Ethan Hawk-Winona Rider-Ben Stiller-Janine Garafalo flick, “Reality Bites.” That’s the most quotation marks I’ve ever used in a single sentence. Moving on.

Reality shows are almost never completely reality, but they fake it pretty well. This show does not. The entire premise of the #1 episode is the big question: Will Lisa Loeb move to New York City? Umm, yeah. She will. Not so suspenseful when you know that the rest of the show will focus on her meeting men in the Big Apple. There’s lots of packing involved also. And travel and tours, which I so did not know she was still doing.

That’s what’s kinda goofy about the show—“C” list celebrities are presented as very busy A-Listers, not in an arrogant way, but still there’s no recognition of it. There’s an actor whose name I can’t remember who is friends with Lisa and they hang out a bit and no one notices them. If he were an A-Lister, I would know his name.

And along with the show comes the ads to buy Loeb’s greatest hits CD. What the? To me, that would consist of three songs: “Stay,” “But I Do” (which I’m not sure is the real name of the song but it goes something like “you can’t hear it but I do”), and her new song “Figured You Out” because every greatest hits album has at least one new track. However, the actual album has 18 songs on it. EIGHTEEN! I didn’t know she even sang eighteen songs. This is the big difference between Lisa Loeb-types and, let’s say, Kathy Griffin. At least Kathy G. indulges in her almost-celebrity-dom and even glorifies it by categorizing herself as “D-List.” Which, by the way, propelled her into at least “B-List” in my book.

And when you do see celebrities on a higher list, the interaction gets all weird. Example: Iliana Douglas is at some grand opening party thing and when Lisa approaches her, I swear to God, it seems as though Iliana has no clue as to who Lisa Loeb is. Seriously. Lisa asks her something about dating (because the #1 thing to talk about is being single), and Iliana makes a weird face that says, “Who is this weirdo asking me about my love life?” Then there’s an obvious edit within the interaction, and when the conversation ends, Iliana seems to kind of have an idea of who she had been talking to. I think the clip left on the cutting room floor was the part where Iliana starts to call security and Lisa Loeb and her stylist yell No No and explain that they’re on a reality show and they met Iliana while ago and they would love it if she would pretend to be their friend again.

During the #1 premiere, Lisa Loeb does start to show the reality of being a woman, such as gaining weight so she no longer fits into jeans and then going on REALLY BAD DATES as the one where she meets a guy who talks about his shitting problems and then sings his own karaoke rendition of “Stay.” She also introduces us to some dating service where you meet someone who is on your flight if you’re traveling, and you have the date on the plane. Now there’s a formula for dating with no escape route, lest someone go all 24 on you and find a way to either skydive or take control of the cockpit (I’ve been watching way too much Jack Bauer).

[b]And this is why I love reality TV[/b]: Despite the much staged chatter of the will she/ won’t she move to New York, “#1 Single” presents a very real concept of the single woman’s life. At one point, Lisa asks something like why are so many wonderfully intelligent and talented women single? And that’s a question that I’ve been asking for a while now. I know at least ten women ranging from mid-twenties to late-thirties, all of whom are educated, witty, talented, funny, and for the most part gorgeous (and this includes me), and we’re all single. And we all have been on a date with the shitting-problem-karaoke guy. Well, not that one in particular, but versions of him.

So hopefully, once she’s settled into New York, the real reality will surpass the staged reality, and Lisa Loeb will offer us all some helpful hints about dating in NYC. Or at least she’ll date some real losers and us gals in the New York area will know exactly who to steer clear of.

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