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You Should Get a Soundproof Shower Curtain – American Idol 5, 1-25-06

You Should Get a Soundproof Shower Curtain – American Idol 5, 1-25-06

by Kym

“That was truly the most horrible voice I have ever heard!” It seemed that luck has nearly run out from the home of Rice a Roni. Where can I start? Simon walked out before the last audition because of Randy and Paula’s comments, or could it be the atrocious auditions that they had been subjected to throughout the day? Sometimes I wonder how they do it.

The auditions were a bit worse than usual but as always highly entertaining. Lemme see, Michael Jackson-like dancer, a few freaks, a lot of scary-haired tone deaf people (including Janis Joplin’s evil twin), and not much clothing – and don’t forget the guy who “kinda sounds like Clay Aiken”. Well, if he “kinda sounds like Clay Aiken” then I guess William Hung “kinda sounds like Ricky Martin.”

Simon was nice enough to help a girl get her job back when she failed miserably by telephoning her boss. Nice Simon, I feel he gets too much of a bad rap for being honest. Face it, someone has to tell them that they suck! However, he does give credit where and when credit is due; I tend to agree with him when he does so. Another note on Simon is that I firmly believe that he puts a lot of emphasis on looks. When has he advocated for someone who is overweight? Myself, I have some pudge and know for a fact that because of that, no matter how well I sound, because I am not a size 2 or 12 for that matter, I would never get past the first round. To that end, I am kind of surprised that the girl from Hawaii did not get chosen.

Thus far in the competition, my favorite is the girl who last night sang Alicia Keys’ “Falling.” I feel that she had ‘naturalness’ to her voice, and style. Hollywood would probably try to take that away from her to make her just another teenybopper, but I am hopeful that she can stay herself. She hails from a small town, and hopefully the small town girl in her can supercede the Hollywood persona that she will be subjected to beginning in Hollywood.

Another girl who was notable last night was the daughter of a voice teacher. She had the skill, the range, and the resume… but to me, she just didn’t have the spark that others had. I felt that she was pushed – perhaps to fulfill her mother’s broken dream.

Till next week …

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