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You Reap What You Sew – Project Runway 2, Episode 8

You Reap What You Sew – Project Runway 2, Episode 8

by Clicker

They’re no longer playing nice.

Zulema claimed this season’s first real “diva” moment by rejecting the model she had been working with for weeks (tall, blond Rachel) and asking for all the models to come back out for her to choose from.

This sparked a round of gasps from her fellow competitors. But what she did next even gave Heidi a bit of a pause.

She asked that 3 of the models do a “walk off” so she could choose.

Zulema decides to swipe Nick’s model Tara because she likes her walk. Nick ended up with Rachel and one of the other models got sent home.

Nick was PISSED.

Heidi tells them that “inspiration” will be the theme of their new challenge and that they will be visiting Michael Kors studio for more details.

At his studio Michael Kors talked to them about what inspires him for a collection.

He showed them a photo of 1940’s tobacco heiress Doris Duke who went to Hawaii and had an affair with a surfer, all shocking in her day. He described to them how he is using that “1940s Hawaiiana style” as the inspiration for a new collection.

Then he brought out digital cameras for each of them and told them they had an hour to go around NY and shoot photos of things that inspire them. For the challenge, they would pick one of the photos and design a garment inspired by the photo.

The designers hit the streets. Most of them were excited about the challenge. Nick was still sulking over losing his model.

They get back to the workroom and print their photographs and narrow them down to one photo.

Kara chose a “No Trespassing” sign as her inspiration.

Santino chose a wall of white, purple and blue graffiti

Zulema chose a picture of a woman in a red African dress

Andrae chose a close up shot of dirty water in a gutter. “I always like to take something that’s like lowly, or humble or ugly and apply like the big charm gun to it and make it pretty,” he said.

Chloe chose a picture of the side of a skyscraper

Daniel chose a simple orchid he photographed in Michael Kors lobby.

And Nick, who is still very angry, chose a photo of a swatch of fabric with a celtic cross design on it.

Before the designers can get down to business Tim Gunn comes in and tells them it’s ”tough love time”

“My perception is the work on the last couple of challenges is, for the most part , quite lackluster. You really need to wake up,” he tells them. Then he gives each one an individual critique:

To Daniel: “You always excite me in the early phases of your designing but then it seems you lose momentum and you fall short of the potential that your work could really achieve.”

To Chloe: “I’m afraid that if you don’t push the envelope and step out of your comfort zone that we’re going to hear that you are a one note.”

To Zulema: “Please take risks.”

To Kara: “You are the only one of the designers remaining who hasn’t won a challenge. You really need to step away from work that looks like we could buy it on Madison Avenue.”

To Santino: “You are in serious jeopardy. And I reserve that comment only for you.”

To Andrae and Nick: “I have the same three words for both of you. ‘Be More Ambitious’.”

Now Nick is REALLY upset. He was already reeling over losing his model and now with Tim’s critique he wants to quit the show.

But before he has time to sulk too much it’s time to go to the fabric store because they only have until midnight to finish their garments.

At the store, Nick not so subtly tells Tim that he has a new model and he doesn’t know how to dress her. Instead of being sympathetic and supportive, Tim starts trashing the new model, making Nick feel even worse.

“She’s like an elongated marshmallow,” Tim says in horror. “and she has those Gumby legs and she’s such a stiff walker. Oh God … You have even more than a challenge.”

Thanks for the pep talk Tim!

Back at the workspace Nick tells Daniel that’s “he’s done” and that he doesn’t care anymore if he’s on the show or not. Finally, Nick gets the pep talk he so desperately needs from Daniel. And it’s just the thing to get him back in the game.

When the designers have lunch no one is speaking to Zulema. And she knows she is getting the cold shoulder. “They think I’m shysty and I’m not shysty,” she tells the camera. (She needs to be telling her fellow designers).

“If I win tomorrow, I’ll be switching models tomorrow too.” Zulema says. “And if I win the competition after that I’m going to switch again. Every time I win I’m going to switch models. It’s nothing personal, it’s just business.”

About half way through the night, Santino starts doing his Tim Gunn impression. And it is dead on. And it is hysterical. He has the other designers giggling. And he almost gets caught when Tim walks in.

Tim does his usual walk through and is complimentary with nearly everyone except Kara who is working on a long black tube dress with police tape-style fabric wrapped around it.

“In fashion,” he tells her, ” There’s this very fine line between being funny and being witty. Very few people can achieve the wit. As opposed to what’s being a joke.”

Zulema is also struggling. She has a top but no bottom and she’s nowhere near done. She obsessing over Tim’s comment that she needs to take risks but she is realizing that her poor time management skills are making taking risks even worse.

At midnight the designers head home and the boys have a little chat at their place before bed. They want to find out how Nick is feeling.

“For a minute, I wanted to cut her,” Nick says of Zulema. “It’s a competition. If I win next time I may take Tara back. You want to f— me? Well, you can’t.”

Then it’s runway day.

The models are brought in and it’s time for the designers to put on the finishing touches. Zulema’s dress is still in pieces and has to be sewn on the model. The model doesn’t like Zulema’s dress and isn’t happy that she’s been stuck with pins while she’s being sewn into it. Rachael says she wants to try her best to work well for Nick because she would rather be his model anyway. Tara also steals a moment with Nick and tells him she would rather be working with him than Zulema.

This week the guest judge for the runway is last year’s winner Jay, who joins regulars Nina and Michael.

Now the designs:

First up, Andrae’s long flowing grey formal gown with lots of sparkle on the bodice. It was beautiful and inspired by the gutter puddle.

Next Kara’s black dress with the police tape strip. It was very, very simple and inspired by the No Trespassing sign.

Santino used blue white and purple flowing fabric to create a long flowy dress that was tight at the bust but billowy from the bust down.

Daniel did a pencil skirt that was complimented with a champagne colored puffy top that was gathered at the waist and neck. It did remind you of the orchid photo he was inspired by. It was gorgeous.

Chloe did a strapless light purple dress with lots of ribbon wound around it from the bust to the hip. It was simple and cute. I don’t know how it related to her photo of the skyscraper but it was really cute.

Nick did a black and white halter with a fish tail long black skirt inspired by the celtic cross fabric he saw.

Zulema did a very striking red dress with a billowy bottom inspired by the African dress she saw.

Then it was time for the judges to tally the votes. All the designers were asked to stay on the runway this week.

Daniel’s design only got great comments from all three judges.

Jay said he wished Chloe’s design had been more geometric since she chose the side of a skyscraper as her muse. Nina liked the dress anyway.

Kara told a long story about how the city can be so inviting yet so restricting and that there’s so many signs and on and on and on and on. Jay wasn’t impressed. “That’s a big talk you just had da, da, da, da, da, … the talk doesn’t match the dress,” Jay told her.

They all loved Andrae’s long gray gown. Jay: “For me, this is the most inspired one.”

Nick also had a long story saying his photo made him think of the water, the ocean, Greece, Mikinos, Paris Hilton, Paris Hilton’s boyfriend … Here’s what Michael had to say: “The top is great looking. What it has to do with Mikinos [Greece]? I don’t know.”

Zulema got slammed by Nina: “This is the third time I’ve seen something of yours that has an execution problem.”

Then slammed by Michael: “To me it looks like a debutante dress gone wrong. It’s kind of like the trashy debutante in town in the red dress and her mother is a bad home sewer.”

Zulema couldn’t talk her way out of it.

Santino, who should have had a good runway, screwed up again. Jay pointed out that Austin Scarlett designed the exact same dress with the exact same fabric the season before. Santino looked stunned.

After the judges deliberated they brought the designers back out.

Chloe is in.

Nick is in

Daniel is announced the winner of the challenge.

Andrae is in.

Santino is in

That leaves Kara and Zulema still standing. The judges weren’t impressed with either dress.

It turned into Kara vs. Karma.

And Karma always wins.

Kara is in.

Zulema is out.

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