From the Colorado Rockies to Some Rocky Auditions – American Idol 5, 01-18-06

From the Colorado Rockies to Some Rocky Auditions – American Idol 5, 01-18-06

by Kym

Who thinks it’s a good idea to sing the song of a judge? Who tells these people that they can sing anyway? Is anyone besides the judges honest with them? Do they set out wanting people to laugh at them?

So here we are, show two of the new season. Full of hope, full of guesses on who will be next American Idol. If there is one thing that I have learned over the last two episodes is that people will do nearly anything to humiliate themselves on television. Within 5 minutes, I saw both the best and the worst thing to happen to Whitney Houston’s music in quite some time. Personally, I really grew fond of Rochelle … maybe it was the t-shirts worn by her family but really, she is good, it definitely was a “change, change, change” from the others who were on before her!

As always, there were the good and the bad …and the really bad. There were the people who were ready for the industry and those who should just get back into the shower and sing their song at home, alone. Do they have a mirror, mirror on the wall? Who tells them they are the best of all? I wish I knew!

Another thing, is it opposite day? I believe I heard the man in a very bright, very scary yellow outfit referred to as “flawless”. Okay, what is up with that? The ent-ra-prenuer looks more like a big piece of cheese than the big cheese that he portrays himself to be. Where do these people find these clothes? I found many a table cloth pattern tonight. Maybe I am the weird one … or not.

…still awaiting the next William Hung.

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