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Go Figure? – Project Runway 2, Episode 7

Go Figure? – Project Runway 2, Episode 7

by Clicker

With Marla and Diana getting the boot last week, Chloe is forced to move out of her room and into the apartment with Zulema and Kara.

Then it’s off to the runway. But Heidi plays it cool this week (with good reason we find out), telling the designers they won’t find out their challenge until the following morning, when they will be receiving some special deliveries.

When the packages arrive, it’s the hottie Rob Plotkin from last season who makes the deliveries to the apartments. (I guess he’s still ekeing out his 15 minutes of fame).

Inside the boxes are colorful bodysuits for each of the designers. Emmett has a bright pink one that looks simply smashing! The men’s have puffy sleeves the ladies’ have little skirts.

They put on their new duds and Tim whisks then away on a “field trip”. This week that field trip ends at an ice skating rink where they meet Olympic figure skater Sasha Cohen (and the designers realize why they are dressed like this). She gives them their challenge: design an ice-skating outfit for her.

Then she takes them out on the ice for a little ice skating lesson. Everyone seems to be having a good time. The only two who are really struggling are Kara and Tim, who is even MORE stiff than he usually is – if you can picture that.

But soon it’s off the ice and into the studio to start sketching before being whisked away again to buy fabric. The designers have 2 days to create the outfit.

Emmett starts panicking early. Being a menswear designer he has never worked with stretch fabrics before and is overwhelmed. Kara’s confidence is also a little shaken and she keeps asking questions about her design to the annoyance of the other designers.

Santino, whose designs have been over-the-top every week, is already tacking on trim and feathers and fabric to his garment and he hasn’t even got the whole thing pieced together yet.

But what caused the real drama this week wasn’t one of the designers but one of the sewing machines. Apparently, to sew stretchy fabric you must use an “overlock” machine. And somehow the machine broke or came unthreaded while Zulema was using it – potentially knocking it out of commission for the rest of the designers to use.

“Sewing without an overlock machine is like sewing with one hand tied behind your back,” Andrae tells the camera.

So Andrae, who hasn’t even started his project yet, uses up his precious time to fix the machine while the rest of the designers work on their garments. He saved the day.

On day 2, with about 10 hours to go, Tim Gunn comes around for his visit. He tells the designers that maintenance has looked at the sewing machines but that they just have to “make it work.”

Tim checks in on some of the designers starting with Emmett who has designed a black sparkly ice skating outfit. Pretty plain. But he says he’s going to add “sequins in the Van Gogh pattern of ‘The Starry Night’. Tim isn’t impressed. “It looks so dark. Well, I’ll see it further along.”

Zulema’s theme is Swan Lake, white sequins applied in feather shapes on white fabric. Tim IS impressed. (of course, she hasn’t really started the garment yet)

Tim: “This sounds very ambitious but it also sounds very beautiful”

Andrae dubbed his black outfit “princess cyclone” with fabric gathered to show movement going diagonally around the body. Tim is lukewarm: “I’m anxious to see how this goes.”

Kara is also doing a black outfit, hers is very traditional.

Tim: “Be careful that there is enough innovation here that the judges don’t say ‘Haven’t we seen this before?” ”

Even soft-spoken Daniel dissed her outfit to the cameras: “It’s so basic … but not in a Calvin Klein way. It was basic in a JC Penney way.”

Santino’s red “phoenix rising” outfit was anything but basic. And Tim knew that Santino was in for another tough week in front of the judges for being just so over the top.

“Think of a way of responding to [the judges] that is less (BEEP) you,” Tim advises him.

Around 7 hours before the midnight deadline Kara breaks the needle on the overlock machine. Now everyone has to do the rest of their sewing by hand.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a few popped seams on the runway,” Zulema tells the camera.

On runway day, the designers decide to wear their ice skating outfits to the runway to lighten the mood. As the guys are getting ready, Santino tells them how he feels each week on the runway.

“My adrenaline starts pumping like I’m backed in the corner and I’m getting ready to get into a fistfight. The bottom line is I can talk my way out of a situation or I can eat them. Like if it comes down to having to eat somebody, I’ll eat somebody.”

What the hell does that mean????????

The judges this week are Michael Kors, Olympian Sasha Cohen and Anne Slowey (fashion news director of Elle magazine). Sasha will wear the winning design in an upcoming skating exhibition.

After the models walk the runway, Dan (who did a fairly traditional skating outfit in maroon); Nick (a flesh-toned sequined outfit), and Andrae (princess cyclone) were told they were safe and could leave the runway.

The five remaining designers had the highest and lowest scores: Zulema, Santino, Kara, Chloe and Emmett.

The judges start their questions with Chloe who did an absolutely breathtaking turquoise outfit with layers of fabric that resembled waves as they flowed down the body. They found her outfit creative and very different. Sasha loved it and so did Kors.

Then it was Kara’s turn. Anne Slowey’s first question to Kara is : “What was your concept?”

Not a good sign.

Kara said her black costume with sequined designs was inspired by the 1920s and “All that Jazz”. “It’s very Vegas,” Kors deadpans.

Emmett’s black sequined outfit turned out rather short and the judges went for the jugular. “There’s entirely too much tootie being exposed,” Anne says. “It’s slightly vulgar….” Micheal Kors had a different take: “It looks like an old lady ice skater.”

Zulema’s outfit was very gorgeous. Very Swan Lake. “Sexy without being vulgar,” Kors says. Sasha loved it too.

Then it’s Santino’s turn and he takes a drubbing. Anne likes the dress from the waist up but says the back reminds her of “Carmen Miranda on acid.”

Heidi calls it “beyond not flattering” and Michael Kors had this to say: “To me, unless she was opening a Thanksgiving pageant and the Indians were chasing the turkey … I can’t even imagine…”

With all the designers questioned the judges deliberate and call the five designers back out.

Kara is told she is “in”.

Zulema is announced the winner, and Sasha will wear her “Swan Lake” design on the ice.

Chloe is told she is in.

That leaves Emmett and Santino standing. The designer that took the least risk and the designer that took the most risk.

In the end, it is Emmett who is sent home.

And here I was hoping we would get to see Santino “eat” somebody.

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