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American Idol 5 – Preview

American Idol 5 – Preview

by LauraBelle

Hear that buzzing? So do I. It’s all the talk surrounding season five of Fox’s very popular American Idol. It hasn’t even started yet, and already people can’t get enough of it. Each crowned Idol has been very different than the last. We have had a soulful Girl Next Door, an R&B teddy bear, an unwed mother with personality pouring out of her and a country bumpkin with the voice of an angel. Who’s next?

Just about every place you surf with a hopping message board can give you a list of who the semi-final 24 will be, but I just can’t bring myself to peek. I did that one time before Christmas, and I never will again. It ruined everything. There’s no way I could chance doing that to my Idol experience.

There is one name I can’t get away from, though. That of Ace Young. If Carrie Underwood was the It Girl last year, he’s the It Guy this year. Not only is he rumored to have made final 24, his picture is plastered all over the internet. He’s a seasoned performer like Constantine Maroulis and Bo Bice, yet he sings R&B, not rock.

Executive Producer Nigel Lythgoe (last seen on the surprise hit, So You Think You Can Dance), has confirmed that this year’s crop of Idols has more attitude than ever. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not. It was bad enough suffering through the Mulfetta twins that just wouldn’t go away. I’m hoping we won’t have to put up with two dozen of their type in the semi-finals.

I’ve seen one good and several bad auditions in the commercials for American Idol, but no hysterically funny bad auditions. No William Hungs, no Mary Roaches, no Leroy Wells. I kind of miss that. Watching football on Fox isn’t the same without cringing and laughing out loud through the American Idol ads. I hope this doesn’t mean none of the rejects were at least somewhat entertaining.

I’m sure we will have a lot of the same things as we do every other season. We’ll have fans complaining about the voting system, even though it’s the same one that has been used to crown all of the winners. And, we will have many conspiracy theories, because some people believe American Idol producers and Fox executives have nothing better to do than sit around finding ways to screw with us. As if they forced Anthony Federov to sing the Mother Superior song, or as if Fox displayed the wrong voting numbers last year purposely.

Regardless, season five is sure to be as great as all the others. It starts off Tuesday, January 17th, and Wednesday, January 18th at 8:00 PM ET on Fox. The Hollywood round will begin on February 8th, with the final 24 being revealed February 15th. The first performance show of the 12 semi-finalist males will be February 21st. The females will sing on the 22nd, and the results show, with four leaving, will be on the 23rd. This will continue until we are left with our final 12 on March 9th. The final 12 perform for the first time live on March 14th, with the results show March 15th.

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