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Can You Bare It? – Project Runway 2, Episode 4

Can You Bare It? – Project Runway 2, Episode 4

by Clicker

“I got a Barbie in Toys R Us. Get the parade out. Let’s do it”. — Nick, last week’s runway winner.

This week’s episode begins with Nick gloating over his win in the Big Apple, while Santino chews on some sour grapes. Santino laments that he shouldn’t have helped Nick last week, implying that it was his help that gave Nick the win. And he vows to never make THAT mistake again.

It’s down to business quickly, as the designers gather at the runway to get their next challenge. The very pregnant Heidi Klum comes out in a shiny blue maternity halter that ONLY a supermodel could pull off. Maybe it should have given the designers a hint about what their next challenge would be: designing lingerie.

Then it was time to bring out the models from last week’s winning and losing designer and let Nick (the winner) chose which model he wants. If he doesn’t want either model, all the models are brought back out and he gets to choose.

Despite the obvious machinations the Project Runway folks came up with to create this competition twist for the new season, it really hasn’t created any drama. The winners have just kept their models and the losing designer’s model has gone home. Back to the drawing board on that one guys.

The challenge: Each of the designers has 30 minutes to develop a presentation for a lingerie line of three looks. Then they must pitch the ideas to Heidi who will choose four of them to be team leaders. The team leaders will choose their teams and each team will work together to create the team leader’s vision.

Work together? Create someone else’s vision? After your vision was rejected? YEAH! Let the drama begin!!!!! What could be better than this? Well, Heidi then says that maybe one person will be sent home or maybe an ENTIRE TEAM will be sent home. Jackpot!!! Now Heidi’s doing things Trump Style.

The designers go to the workroom to start sketching. In a snap, the 30 minutes is up and it’s time to pitch the lingerie ideas to Heidi.


Daniel V. — (who? I forgot he was still in the competition. He’s only had about 30 seconds of airtime over the last three episodes) The concept: menswear on women.

Lupe (emo look-alike) — The concept: lingerie with a superhero influence. Panties with the words like “pow” and “zap”.

Andrae — The concept: Tie me up, Tie me down (make me cry?)

Chloe — The concept: a slip dress you can wear to bed or out with jeans.

Santino — The concept: a line inspired by Heidi with her signature phrase “auf weidersen” on the back of the panty and “guttentag” on the front. He’s dubbed it “Heidi’s homeland.”

Zulema — The concept : cute little negligees in various proportions

Kara — The concept: boudoir babes

Nick — The concept: Asiana Nights

Marla — The concept: “sweetie pie”

Emmett — The concept: Heidi’s Hollywood honeymoon

Diana — The concept: “goddess”

Daniel (from last season ) — “elegant beautiful lingerie that is used in a candlelight like romantic setting like say fiancees or newlyweds. Where it’s more lovemaking than something like sex and trashy. I don’t like that type of lingerie.” (Heidi’s eyes open wide)

“I thought of you a little bit,” he continues.

She’s speechless. Then their eyes meet and they have this really awkward moment as some cheesy porn-style music plays in the background. Creepy. Then he adds, “I’d love to show you something beautiful.” REALLY creepy.

Heidi makes her four picks: Daniel V., last season’s Daniel (I guess the “lovemaking” worked), Diana, and Santino.

The team leaders now must choose their teams. The order for choosing will be determined by the order in which Tim pulls the leaders’ names out of a bag.

The teams end up:

Daniel V (new Daniel) , Andrae, Zulema

Daniel, (old Daniel) Chloe, Kara,

Santino, Nick, Emmett

Diana, Lupe, Marla

Emmett and Marla are the last two to be picked. Zulema suspects she knows why: “They can’t pattern make… they are not the best sewers, so who would want them on their team?”

Now that the teams are chosen it is time to huddle for a game plan before the shopping trip.

While Santino should be huddling he’s also dissing Diana’s team. “I think the three of them are so f——- lame” he tells Emmett. “They haven’t had sex in their life.”

Over at Old Daniel’s table, there is already dissent. He has some very elaborate ideas and Chloe is pleading with him to just keep it simple. She starting to get pissed because he’s so excited about his designs he’s not listening to his teammates.

Then it’s off to the store to buy the fabric and materials. They only have 30 minutes and things are getting rushed. Old Daniel is flustered, as usual. And Santino is micro-managing his team. As everyone is saying their goodbyes and checking out, Santino can’t find his sketches and he starts to panic and run through the store. He finally finds them on the floor at the back of the store. Whew.

Back at the workspace , it’s down to business. New Daniel’s team is cranking along. Santino is learning that Emmett can’t sew and it’s pissing him off. Lupe worries that Diana is a bit too “conceptual” and that the goddess idea won’t work. But the team with the most problems is Old Daniel’s. They can’t get with his eccentric style and attention to the smallest detail. They want to get the dang outfit finished.

When Tim shows up, New Daniel is barely done with one design. He moves over to Diana who tries to explain her goddess design with fabric flowing from between the legs. Tim leaves her station puzzled. Santino seems to get Tim’s nod of approval then it’s over to Old Daniel’s work area to see his “lovemaking” design. One look and Tim says: “This is looking very Joan Collins to me.” I don’t think that was a compliment.

At midnight, the deadline, Santino is nearly in tears when he sees that Emmett has barely made any progress on the garment he was working on – a garment that looked more Christmas Elf than Heidi Klum. Emmett tries to console him and tell him not to second guess the original vision. I’m not sure Emmett realizes that Santino is crying about HIS shoddy work.

The next morning, everyone is doing last minute details. Daniel is cutting and ripping and rearranging his garments every two seconds and Kara and Chloe are seething. Santino, unhappy with what he saw last night, starts embellishing his outfits with all kinds of ruffles and bows and bric-brac.

The models show up and one of Diana’s models says she won’t wear any of the goddess/bondage style outfits because they aren’t “appropriate.” Then when she tries one on she says it doesn’t cover enough of her breasts to feel “comfortable.” Diana has to sew in an extra panel to make her feel more comfortable.

Meanwhile Santino is having his models made up as deer.


This week Michael Kors isn’t on the judge’s panel. It’s Nina Garcia from Elle, fashion designer Cynthia Rowley, and Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrossio.

First up is Diana’s goddess/bondage looks. Black strappy outfits with long flowing fabric draped on top.

Next, it’s Santino’s “Heidi’s Homeland” lingerie. Sort of campy vaudeville style Heidi outfits.

New Daniel’s menswear designs are sexy, black, simple outfits. They, at least, look like real lingerie.

Old Daniel’s “lovemaking” designs are black, pretty, and lacey.

To see the designs visit Bravo – Project Runway, Rate the Runway.

Heidi announces the winner immediately, New Daniel.

Diana’s team also gets a pass. That leaves just Old Daniel’s and Santino’s teams with the lowest scores. The models are brought out.

Nina says she was disappointed in Santino’s whole collection. And the judges criticize him for just doing “too much”. Santino gets angry and starts arguing with judges and defending his vision. The argument turns more heated when Nina says it isn’t even innovative that it’s already been done. Santino challenges her to tell him who has done designs like this before. It really gets ugly. To stop the spat, Heidi asks Santino who he would send home, and of course he says Emmett. Nick also chooses Emmett. And Emmett picks Santino.

Then the judges move to Old Daniel. They say his 3 designs look too similar – and too OLD. They don’t like the “Joan Collins” look, I guess. When asked who he would send home, Daniel says he would like to make a statement and begins to cry. He would volunteer himself to go home rather than place any blame on his teammates.

The judges deliberate. And it comes down to Santino and Daniel left standing on the runway. And then the shocker. They KEEP Santino and SEND Daniel home. Unbelievable.

But hey, Santino makes better TV!

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