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It Ain't Over Til It's Over – The Apprentice 4 Finale Commentary

It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over – The Apprentice 4 Finale Commentary

by Hildee Weiss

When Donald Trump promised a shocker of a finale, I don’t think he realized that he would be just as surprised as everyone else. (Can we all say apprenti? Apparently, Randal can’t.) The big guy thought he would give the audience what they wanted by offering a co-apprentice position to Becks, who needs a new hair-do but did an admirable job fighting for the title. But for once, Trump got stumped!

It was a given that Trump would do a double hiring, what with all of that talk of “you’re outstanding, Randal” and “you’re outstanding, Rebecca.” Mr. Trump went on record, claiming he hadn’t made his choice yet but we all know that he read my column from last week and heeded my advice about multiple firings and multiple hirings. (Did Mr. Trump happen to see my employment wanted ad as well?)

So why oh why did the man with an ego as big as the apple of New York, make the tragic mistake of asking Randal if he should hire Rebecca? Isn’t this the man who builds only the biggest, the tallest, the best, the most spectacular? And he’s asking the man (whom he questioned about toughing it out in New York City) LIVE on television if he wants to share the glory, the fame, the salary, the title of the apprentice? Randal has gotten a lot of flack in the past week for his bit about it not being the apprenti but the apprentice. I have to argue though that the man is absolutely right. There is supposed to be one apprentice and Randal was told he was hired. But then again, there have been four people fired in one episode, two in another so doing things differently is the theme of this fourth installment.

I do wish that Trump would have done things differently in terms of the two hour finale. First off, I don’t think that we needed to watch the audience watching the final task but I was relieved to see Kendra sitting with Bill Rancic. (By the way, I have asked the NBC police to cancel the MIA report I filed.) Second, I would have liked to have heard more from the former candidates i.e. the oh so eloquent Markus, but Alla and Toral were too busy hogging the mike. Note to Toral: you need to relax! Alla had been a favorite of mine until she made Felisha cry in the boardoom and then publicly bashed Rebecca at the finale. She could have simply stated that her vote was for Randal and left it at that but she had to go sour grapes on us.

So in the end, Randal is the sole apprentice. No one can deny that he deserves it — he played the game with integrity, he had a flawless record as project manager and he has the education and work experience to lead in the Trump organization.

Don’t feel too bad for Rebecca though; I hear she has received tons of job offers (including one from her buddies at Yahoo!) and she has become the golden girl of reality TV.

Thanks for the memories!

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