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Who Will Be the Next Apprentice? – The Apprentice 4, Episode 12 Commentary

Who Will Be the Next Apprentice? – The Apprentice 4, Episode 12 Commentary

by Hildee Weiss

Before I make my prediction for the next apprentice, I have to get something off my chest. I am worried sick about Kendra. Has anyone heard from the girl? Where in the world is she?! This reporter wants answers — either Mr. Trump get back to me with a report card on the golden girl or or I’m filing an MIA with NBC.

Okay, I feel so much better now. So we’re down to the final two candidates or as I like to refer to them, R & R. I was disappointed that there weren’t any shockers in terms of the “back from the unemployment line” candidates. Mark, Marshawn, Josh, James, Chris… does D.T. think these five are the ones who are going to intentionally mess up the final task as Omarosa and Raj of blessed memory? Toral was rather subdued… well, for Toral. She really seemed to want to help her friend, Becks, land the Apprentice title. What, no Markus to stir up trouble? And what about Clay? Did he have a sensitivity training class that kept him from having a lovefest with his former teammates?

It seems like everyone and their mother has Randal pegged as the winner. He’s been a great team player, his p.m. record is impressive and he just looks so good in a suit! I was so sure that he had it in the bag… that is, until it started thundering as he and Mark were setting up chairs for the big event. A word of advice, Randal: rewind the tape and assign one of your team members to tune into weather.com!

I’m not saying that Rebecca should call it a day. Yes, it’s upsetting that the king of comedy, Joe Piscopo (huh?!) had to cancel on the night before the big event but I have faith in the girl. She’s got people working with her who genuinely want her to win, she doesn’t seem to crack under pressure and more important, Mr. Trump really likes her!

So we’ll tune into the final episode and see who is crowned the next apprentice. Either candidate would do a great job… heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if Mr. Trump pulls another something out of his sleeve and decides to hire them both. Double firings, double hirings… what’s the difference?!


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