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“It’s Show Time” – The Apprentice 4, Episode 12

“It’s Show Time” – The Apprentice 4, Episode 12

by Helen

Hello everyone in TV Land, it is down to the final two candidates on The Apprentice. The only sure thing is that Donald won’t be able to do any multiple firings unless he decides that this whole season has been a mistake. You can never be too secure with Donald Trump at the helm. Last week, we all said goodbye to the blonde dynamic duo of Felisha and Alla. Donald left the boardroom at the show’s closing to take a trip to the suite and deliver the good news to Randal and Rebecca.

Donald strides into the suite and finds Randal and Rebecca leaning against a wall facing the entrance to the suite. Donald asks them if they were expecting someone else. They both nod. Donald asks whom they were expecting and Rebecca says “Alla”. Donald informs the twosome that he has fired both women and they are now the final two. He extends his hand of congratulations to Randal and Rebecca and says that they both were really outstanding and it is time that they wrap their brains around the fact that Donald will hire one of them. To assist them in this mindset adjustment, they both will be having dinner at his favorite restaurant called Megu with George and Carolyn. This is an opportunity to pick G and C for information on the Donald and get inside of his brain. He tells them to enjoy their evening because tomorrow will be hell. Donald exits and Randal and Rebecca are giddy with excitement and Randal says that it is about to get crazy.

Randal and Rebecca are ushered into the posh restaurant called Megu. George and Carolyn join them. Randal feels like this is an amazing opportunity to spend some quality time with George and Carolyn. Randal asks George if there are any tips that they can give them about moving into the final task. George says that right off the bat they will have to make some decisions about who they want to work with for the final task. He asks if they have thought about whom they might want to pick. Rebecca says that she has thought about whom she would like to be on her team. Randal is a bit taken off guard when he is told that they will be choosing their teams this evening. George says that they can select three people. They ask Randal for who he would like and he says Josh, James and Mark. Rebecca grimaces. She says she would like Josh, James and Chris. Carolyn says that they have a problem. Randal realizes that Rebecca has her game face on and now they have to wheel and deal to determine who will be on their teams. Rebecca is very confident in doing the dealing in front of C and G. She says that she will give him Josh for James. He considers it and says that he will do that. Randal wants to know if she still wants Chris. She says that she picked him from the beginning. She asks Randal if he didn’t realize that they would have to meet somewhere in the middle or did he think that he was just going to get his own way? Carolyn has a bit of a Cheshire grin over her face. Almost as to say, “you go, girl!” Randal says that he had honestly not given it much thought as to how the scenarios would possibly unfold. Rebecca believes that Chris is really an important player as he lost his task at the beginning of the process and there is a lot of potential that has not been unleashed . Rebecca is ready to play hard ball. Randal says that they will have to negotiate for Chris. Rebecca counters as to whether Randal will give up Josh for Chris. Randal says “Oh, no, no, no, no, no.” Rebecca feels that she put Josh up on the table first. Randal says that he is not going to budge just because he put Josh up first on his list. He suggests that they either flip a coin or they sit there all night. Rebecca goes for the coin toss. George does the honors and Randal calls heads. The coin shows tails. Rebecca gets Chris. Randal says that he will choose Mark. Randal asks Rebecca who will be her third pick and she says she is thinking about Toral. Randal looks amazed and Carolyn gives George the slight headshake. Randal says that she can have Toral. Rebecca says that she is still thinking. Randal thinks it is a huge mistake to pick Toral because she has not proven herself. Carolyn asks Rebecca what she thinks the impact of Rebecca saying that Toral should be fired will have on Toral. Rebecca says “We’ll see.” Carolyn says that it could be risky. Rebecca says her three are James, Chris and Toral. Randal’s three are Josh, Mark and Marshawn. Carolyn asks if this is their final answer and they answer in the affirmative. She announces that they each have a staff and Randal says we have employees. Yes, they have employees.

Rebecca answers the phone and receives instructions and congratulations from Rhona. She informs Rebecca that they are to meet Mr. Trump in the boardroom at 8:30. She tells Randal the directive. Randal is still trying to remember that Rebecca is his competition and not his teammate. He considers her like a little sister.

Rebecca knows that she is 10 years behind Randal in life, she feels that she is at a similar place in her life as far as experience. She believes that she will give Randal a good run for his money.

In the boardroom, Donald says good morning and congratulates the two final competitors and continues to press the point that this is big stuff that they are facing. George and Carolyn will catch up with them later as they are at business meetings. Donald asks Randal how he is feeling. Randal says that he feels that he has done very well. He has an excellent track record, he has earned the respect of everyone that has sat at the boardroom table and he endured the lost of his beloved grandmother and had the strength to continue on and it became a source of motivation and inspiration for him. Donald says that he thinks that Randal did really well handling everything.

He turns his attention to Rebecca, Donald says that Rebecca had her fair share of hardship as well with suffering a broken ankle. She says that she could have given up but she told Donald in week two that the only way to play the game was to stay in the game and that is what she did and she is still here. She is anxious to take her game to the next level and she is ready to show Mr. Trump during this next task. Donald commends her for staying because most people would have gone home and called their mothers to help them fix their ankles. Randal agrees.

Donald prepares Randal and Rebecca for their final task. He tells them that this task will be twice as difficult as any task they have done before. They will manage every aspect of two huge events. Donald reiterates that this is going to be very very tough.

Rebecca will run the Yahoo All Star Comedy Benefit. She will showcase the talents of a variety of top comedians and will be hosted by Joe Piscopo. The event will take place at a high- end nightclub in Manhattan. The charity that will be benefited is the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS foundation.

Randal will manage the Outback Steakhouse VIP Softball Challenge to raise money for the charity Autism Speaks. He will put on a high profile softball game for celebrities and it will take place at Keyspan Park at the legendary Coney Island, the home of the Brooklyn Cyclones.

Both events will be judged on overall success coordinating all aspects of the charity event including sponsors, VIP parties, charity relationships, budgets, attendee experience and event staff. Last night, Randal and Rebecca picked their staff and it is time to bring them in. Donald addresses the group as “a group of killers”. Donald congratulates Rebecca and Randal again and says that they have great teams albeit some controversial choices. He asks Toral if she is surprised to be included. She says that Rebecca recognizes talent. She is just as smug as ever. He then asks her what she thinks of Rebecca. She says that she is Rebecca’s biggest fan and that she thinks that Rebecca will be a great addition to the Trump organization and she is willing to fight for Rebecca. Donald says that she should fight the hardest because Rebecca stood up for her.

Donald asks Randal what he thinks of his team and he says that he looks down the table and he is ecstatic with the choices he made. He sees people that he trusts and people that will work hard on his behalf.

Rebecca will be known as Capital Edge and Randal will be Excel. Donald says that Randal and Rebecca are the bosses and will drive to work in “his box” and their employees will follow behind in SUV’s.

Randal greets his employees from the outside of the SUV they are driving. He says that he got a bit sentimental when he saw them because he realized that he missed them. He feels their encouragement and support.

Rebecca tells her team that she is so excited to be working with them again. They are on the sidewalk somewhere in the city. She feels like the team members she selected have been overlooked and underestimated and she feels that they will serve her well. She begins to make assignments. She asks if anyone has any objections to Toral being the accountant. No one objects. She tells the team about the task at hand. She believes that from beginning to end it has got to be a team effort.

Mark is really enthused about working with Randal again. He trusts him, he respects him and he is going to see to it that superman Randal is elected to the Trump organization because he can’t think of one thing negative to say about Randal. As Randal rides in the limo, he tells the team about the task and he appoints Marshawn over the VIP reception, working with the commentators he selects Mark and for Josh, he puts him in charge of charity relations and fundraising. Josh feels like if he can’t be the apprentice then it should be Randal because he is the most grounded and balanced person he has ever seen. He is willing to do whatever it takes to get Randal the coveted job.

James is amazed at the magnitude of this task. He can’t believe how many areas that Rebecca has to oversee. He loves Randal and considers him a great friend but in this task, it is his job to see that Rebecca beats Randal.

The team visits the nightclub site and get a good idea of what they can expect. They are discussing parking, budgets, the reception, etc. Rebecca has been to a lot of these types of events but she has never run an event like this before but she intends to take this task as she has all the other ones.

Randal and his team arrive at Keyspan Park. Randal realizes that there are many people that need to be taken care of for this event to be a success. The team is taken out to the ballpark, the weather is phenomenal and it looks like a perfect time for a softball game, a tailgate party and a VIP reception following the event.

Capital Edge meets with the Yahoo executives. Yahoo has never hosted a charity event before so they are looking to Rebecca and James to steer them along. The executives are interested to see how they are going to tie in a comedy show with Yahoo and Pediatric AIDS. It could be a challenge but James feels that this is why they were hired.

Rebecca and the Capital Edge team meet with an event planning company and find that many of their ideas are very high priced…it will be a challenge. Meanwhile, Chris and James are talking about fabric and décor…they are talking about what colors shimmer and pop out to the eyes. Who would have thought these big tough guys could choose fabric swatches with the best of them.

Randal, Clay and Mark meet with Alison Singer the CEO of Autism Speaks. She shares with the team the staggering numbers of how widespread autism has become, 1 in 166 children are being diagnosed with autism. Clay gasps. Alison explains that she has a child affected by autism. Alison says that having a daughter with autism causes every event in her life to be affected. The response that Clay had is exactly what she hopes the softball challenge will help to get the message out because people are changed when they hear the facts. Clay reveals that he and his wife are expecting a child and with this new information in his life, this charity really interests him and makes him want to succeed even more. Alison feels that Clay was leading the group and had the understanding that increased awareness breeds increased fundraising abilities. Clay comes up with the idea of using a megaphone to enhance the name Autism Speaks. Alison is a bit worried that Randal is too concerned with the nuts and bolts and not about getting the message out there.

Capital Edge minus Rebecca has a sit down dinner with Joe Piscopo. Joe is really impressed by the fact that Yahoo is on board and the Pediatric AIDS is a stellar charity. He is willing to give it his all for the comedy show. Rebecca will see Joe tomorrow. She is a bit tired and not feeling as sharp as everyone else is. However, her team feels that Rebecca is a force to be reckoned with. She has done this whole interview process on one foot no less.

Mark is in charge of meeting with the radio announcer, Jim Kerr. He sets up a 10:15 appointment with him. Randal rounds us Marshawn and Josh for a trip to Party City to pick up decorations. Marshawn wants to be there because she is in charge of the reception, which will need a great deal of decorating. Randal calls up to the suite to see if Mark will come with them to Party City. Mark is hesitant because he feels his time is better spent talking to Jim Kerr but this is Randal’s call and he will call and reschedule the meeting for 11:00.

At Capital Edge, the pace is picking up. Everyone is talking on speakerphones getting things pinned down and set up. Meanwhile at Excel, everyone is at Party City picking up all the decorations. Mark questions why all four of the team members are needed. Mark has to call and tell Jim Kerr that he can’t meet with him today. Mark is disheartened that Randal has made a bad decision and this is the first time he has disagreed with him.

Rebecca meets Jake Glaser, whose mother established the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation prior to her death. He is a recognizable face of the charity and he has taken on the big role and has become a spokesperson. He will take some time to speak at the event.

Randal and Josh meet with the Outback Steakhouse executives to show them what they have envisioned at Keyspan Park. Randal tells the executives how the tailgate party and the softball game will be laid out. One of the executives asks what the weather will be like tomorrow. Randal says that it will be the same as today. The executive asks if he is sure that it is not going to rain and there will be a need for a tent. Randal says that there will be no rain and not to jinx them. The Outback Steakhouse guy says that if it rains it will be Randal’s fault, if the food doesn’t show up, he will take the blame for that. Laughter ensues and the once blue sky begins to display clouds.

The Yahoo executives arrive at the night club venue to check on the process. Rebecca says that they are two days into a three process and although they can make changes, it will be difficult. The Yahoo people are tough cookies. They want to be really understated on the desire to fundraise. They do not want direct verbalization regarding donations. Rebecca feels that she has to do what the clients want regardless of her reservations.

Mark is a workhorse and has shifted it into high gear while Marshawn, Randal and Josh watch from above the ballpark. It is noticed by Ben, one of the Outback Steakhouse executives that no one is helping Mark and there are a multitude of tasks to be accomplished before nightfall. Ben is disappointed in Randal for not assisting and not being present. He moves upstairs and tells Randal his concerns. Randal asks him what would he suggest that needs to be done. He tells him that the entire field needs to be set up before dark or it is going to be a nightmare in the morning. Randal assures Ben that everything will be set up before they leave tonight. Ben says that the people that are coming tomorrow are expecting no glitches. Randal says that there will not be any glitches and it will be cruise control. Ben says that they are representing his brand and if there are any problems, Randal is going to hear about it. A shocked look comes over Randal’s face.

Capital Edge is hammering out details and James gets a call from Joe Piscopo. Joe says that his union just called and says that he can’t do the show as host because his union will not allow it. Capital Edge is scrambling and unsure if this can be resolved in time.

It is nighttime and Randal and Mark are setting up chairs while Marshawn is stuffing bags. Randal says that they have to focus on preparing for the unexpected because they can count on something unexpected happening.

Forecast for tomorrow: Cold and rainy, be sure to bring an umbrella. That is what you call the unexpected.

See how this all unfolds next week on the live finale of The Apprentice. Rebecca doesn’t have an MC and Randal has a rainstorm to contend… should be a rollercoaster ending with one person getting the job of a lifetime.


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