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captainD's Survivor Guatemala FINALE Predictions!

captainD’s Survivor Guatemala FINALE Predictions!

by captainD

And then there were 4! This Sunday Survivor will conclude its eleventh installment with the usual two hour finale followed by the live reunion show. Although the past few seasons have been somewhat lackluster, the success of Guatemala and the re-signing of host Jeff Probst gives hope that the show we all love will be around for many years to come.
Let’s get straight to it . . .

The first immunity challenge of the night is a human maze with little puzzles hidden throughout the course. No way does Rafe lose a mental challenge. The first tribal council is no surprise as the three that banned together last week stay true and vote out LYDIA.

The final immunity challenge is certainly an endurance challenge. Stephenie’s body strength allows her to win her 2’nd individual immunity. Steph will eliminate the biggest threat and vote out RAFE.

At tribal council the final 2 will entertain several difficult questions from a very bitter jury. In the end, good overcomes evil and in either a 4-3 or 5-2 vote, the winner of Survivor: Guatemala is . . . DANNI BOATWRIGHT

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