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Rafe's Angels – Survivor: Guatemala, Episode 13

Rafe’s Angels – Survivor: Guatemala, Episode 13

by LauraBelle

The second to last episode of the season of Survivor begins and everyone is around the campfire discussing Judd’s words after being voted out … calling everyone scumbags and wishing a crocodile attack upon them. They think he started to turn into another Jamie. Cindy is feeling a little nervous watching the trend. Jamie and Judd were voted out and the only people that didn’t know were Jamie, Judd and Cindy. She’s not liking that trend too much.

The next morning arrives and the cameraman shows us a shot of the birds singing. This lets us know everything is going to be light and airy after Judd’s departure. Rafe refers to the scene as “Rafe’s Angels” due to him being alone with all these women. Lydia says Rafe is just like one of the girls.

Rafe believes Judd was like the “cool kid”, and with him gone they’re all free to be a little dorkier and more fun. They all take turns pretending to be cross-eyed. Rafe says he feels a close personal friendship with all four of these women. Personally, I’m thinking it would make a great sitcom. The gay guy, the girl jock turned model, the fish monger, the girl from New Jersey and the zookeeper to keep them all under control.

The tree mail turns out to be a car key. Everyone knows what this means. The next reward challenge will be for a car. Steph says she has never owned her own car while Lydia says she has a funny feeling this could finally be her moment. If she wins, she’ll give it to her seventeen-year-old son. Out of the blue Cindy says it’s not a good time to try not chewing her nails. It’s probably not a good time stop sniffing glue then either.

Not only is the reward a car (2006 Pontiac Torrent), but it’s also the Second Chance challenge. This is where the remaining Survivors get another chance at some of the tasks of previous challenges that they may not have done so well on.

Rafe and his Angels will race across a balance beam untying macanas. The first three done will move on to using the macanas to break a tile. The first two to break their tile will move on to solving a puzzle, then cut a rope with a machete, sending a cart with them in it down the hill. The winner will then ride away in their new car to an archaeologist’s camp where they will enjoy a BBQ, rum (count me in!) and then spend the night.

Starting out, Steph is in the lead on the beam. Danni almost falls while Lydia resorts to crawling across. Steph, Rafe and Cindy all fall and Lydia even falls twice, forcing them back to the beginning. Danni is the first done, followed by Cindy and Steph. Those three are moving on. Cindy and Steph break their tiles easily, leaving Danni out. Both Steph and Cindy move through the puzzles quickly, although with completely different strategies. Cindy picks up speed in the end, finishes the puzzle, chops her rope and rides down victorious in her cart.

Now for the exciting part. Jeff reminds Cindy that for ten seasons in a row there has been A survivor curse involving the winner of the car. The survivor that wins the car never wins the million as well. He offers a choice of keeping the cursed car for herself or trading it for four Torrents for the other four and none for herself, while four more Torrents drive into view. It’s a tough choice, but Cindy finally decides “Screw the curse.” and keeps the car for herself. She contends there are no guarantees giving people cars is going to mean they will automatically give her a million. Umm, no, but it might help your cause when you already feel your position is tentative.

In the commercial break we learn t hat the four Torrents Cindy sent away can now be won by viewers. “No Torrent Gets Left Behind!” You need to obtain a secret code at your local Pontiac dealer.

Cindy makes some odd comment about how until now she thought zookeepers couldn’t drive cars. As they arrive at the archaeologist’s camp, the archaeologist is waiting for them. He tells Cindy and Steph he knows they’re hungry and tired. He shows them to the meat, vegetables and rum. Steph asks the archaeologist to have a drink with them. He declines, but I’m still waiting. Cindy says how often in life do you have chance to give four other people cars unless you’re Oprah. Yet, she still declined to do it.

After dinner the archaeologist shares stories of Guatemala with Steph and Cindy. With full bellies the two spend the night in an open lodge with mosquito netting, candles and blankets. Cindy says she likes Danni but think it will suck if she wins. She thinks if they get Lydia on their side, they can vote Danni out. They don’t need Rafe, but could include him anyway. Steph seems to agree.

Back at camp Rafe says he is shocked at Cindy’s decision. Both he and Danni agree they would have given the cars to the other people to gain their favor. After Steph and Cindy return the next morning, Steph and Rafe discuss the decision. Steph says she wouldn’t have given up the car and Lydia concurs that she made the right choice. This makes Rafe wonder if he is playing this game too nicely.

At the immunity challenge the five will be handcuffed and shackled at their feet and attached to a rope at the beginning of a pole. They need to first go through a series of keys to unlock their hands, then wind the rope out from being wrapped around the first pole, move on to a second and third pole, unlock those and wind their way out, and at the fourth pole, unlock their feet, unwind just enough rope to make it to the finish line to raise their flags.

Steph and Rafe are in the lead at the beginning, yet it is Steph and Cindy that reach their second poles first. Steph takes the lead and moves onto the third pole, being held up then while Cindy, Lydia and Rafe all join her. Danni is still stuck at the second pole. Steph, Cindy and Rafe reach the fourth poles while Steph is back in the lead unshackling her feet. She unwinds a length of rope and takes off, yet it’s not enough. Seeing a knot, she stops to undo that, yet it’s still not enough. As she begins to untie another knot the others begin to gain on her, yet she reaches the finish line just in time, raising her flag and winning immunity. She starts crying saying this is her first individual win.

Before everyone starts strategizing back at camp, we see the crocodile shot. We know that means someone is going to be blindsided. Rafe tells Danni he will never vote for her and she agrees to do the same for him. They agree they want to go to finale three together and are afraid Steph could be swayed. Rafe says if she is swayed, he’ll “deal.” Rafe says with Danni promising him final two and Cindy’s decision at the reward challenge, it’s making him think.

Rafe finds Steph and tells him they have a better shot at beating Danni in the final four than Cindy. He thinks Cindy is a much better competitor. Additionally, he says either of them would lose against Cindy in final two as she didn’t betray anyone. Steph says if she votes out Cindy, though, it’s another vote she won’t get. Rafe asks if she made a deal with Cindy and Steph says no. They agree that she is still a huge threat and has a car at least as a parting gift.

Steph then takes this information to Cindy who brings up voting out Rafe. He’s a bigger threat than she is because he has won three immunities. As they discuss it with Danni and Lydia, Rafe joins them. He’s too smart to let them talk too long without him.

At Tribal Council the jury is brought in. I always love how different they look cleaned up again. Judd looks quite different clean-shaven, even different than the beginning of the show as he is much thinner. Rafe is asked about the mood around camp, and he says they are all threatened. With four guys on the jury, and he being the last guy … he’s more threatened. Danni is asked a similar question about the temperature at camp. She says she has felt uneasy since the merge. She has always been worried she would be next.

Cindy is asked about winning the car and with the curse and all if she still feels she can break the curse. She says she still feels she made the right decision to keep the car. She believes the curse isn’t winning the car, but being a strong competitor. She thinks Rafe should be looked at as a stronger competitor, though, as he has won more.

Cindy votes for Rafe, saying he’s a tough competitor, and sounding a bit like Stuart Smiley, says, “Dang it, people like you.” We don’t see Lydia’s vote, but she says she is voting with the tribe. Rafe votes for Cindy saying he has always felt she would vote whichever way the wind was blowing. Before Jeff starts reading the votes, Danni and Rafe exchange glances. Rafe gets one vote, and Cindy gets three, making her the fourteenth person voted out. As she leaves she has parting thoughts as Judd did, although hers are a little more benign. She says she’s on her way to see the stars from the sun room of her new car.

In her last words, Cindy says something about missing the sounds of the jungle. If she looks deeply enough, she’ll see this was the true thing that took her down. Along with being a strong competitor, she also failed to ever really connect with people. I never even knew she existed until the merge. Sure, Rafe is strong as well, Steph as well, but they connect with people and are then less likely to be voted out.

I think Danni and Rafe will hold to their promise to each other. Rafe is not the type of guy to go back on a promise unless he sees Danni bending first. If for some odd reason Lydia gets the next immunity, Steph could be voted out, but I think it will be Lydia. Yet, the next challenge should be the final four answering questions about how well they know their other tribemates. It could be something Lydia does well on. If not, she’s gone. Assuming she is, If Steph wins final immunity in final three, I think she’ll take Danni, having more of a chance to beat her. If either Rafe or Danni win, I think they’ll hold to their promise to each other. No matter what, if Rafe is final two, I think he’ll win. Don’t forget the show is on Sunday, See you after the reunion!

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