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How Far Would You Go For Fashion? – Project Runway 2, Episode 2

How Far Would You Go For Fashion? – Project Runway 2, Episode 2

by Clicker

Project Runway 2 opened with a two-part premiere; catch up with the first episode right here. Now on with part two!

The designers move into their new digs and divvy up the rooms and the roommates. And from a little snippet it looks as if Zulema may be a bit hard to live with. When she starts hogging the space in the closet for all her shoes, her roommates ask if she can double up some of her stuff so they can get some space. It would only be fair. Zulema tells them she doesn’t believe in “fair” and just continues what she’s doing. I see an Omarosa in the making.

Then the designers are off to a party to relax and meet Tim Gunn to get their next challenge.

When Gunn arrives he tells them he is going to test “how far they will go for fashion”. He tells them they will only have the clothes on their backs at that moment to make an innovative design.

Kirsten is wearing a family heirloom scarf and is nervous about the thought of cutting it up to create something new.

The next morning they have about 9 hours to create their designs.

Kara from South Africa is running around flustered and no one will come help her thread the sewing machine.

Guadalupe is visiting each workstation doing a critique on each person’s work.

Daniel from last year is stressed. He’s working on an outfit that is very complicated and tailored. He is oozing stress as the deadline nears.

At midnight they are told to stop.

They get 2 hours the next day to fit their models and get to the runway. Many of the designers barely finish in time.

When they get to the runway there is a new judge added to the panel: Fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg.

The six at the top and the bottom this time are Santino, Chloe, Kirsten, Zulema, Daniel and Andre. Check out all the designs here: Bravo TV – Project Runway Designs, Episode 2.

They bring out the models.

To create his design, Santino had to cut up his favorite leather jacket. The judges really respected that.

Chloe’s blue dress got a lot of compliments because she had so little to work with.

Daniel also got props from the judges for his tailored, slightly old-fashioned outfit.

Zulema turned the golden sparkly sweater she was wearing into a dress. The only flaw: It was soooooo short the model’s butt was bare in the back.

Kirsten got the worst criticism. Her outfit had a halter-like top (It looks like a “bad Guns N Roses concert”, Kors says) and a narrow skirt. (She decided not to use her heirloom scarf.)

Andre did a Chinese-style dress out of his jeans and jean jacket. When the judges asked him for the philosophy behind his design he burst into tears and started telling some garbled story that left the judges even more puzzled. Finally Heidi had to ask him whether he liked the dress or not because she couldn’t figure out why he was crying.

Nina said she thought Andre’s behavior was unprofessional.

Chloe ends up the winner of the challenge even though the judges also loved Santino’s work.

When he gets backstage he tells the other designers he didn’t win because “they just didn’t want to give me two in a row”. Hmmmm. Let’s see how he does next week.

It’s Kirsten with her “rock n’ roll” design that is sent packing. And oddly Andre starts to cry again. I half expected the judges to change their minds and send him home!

They better be glad this isn’t The Apprentice.

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