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The First Cut is the Deepest – Project Runway 2, Premiere

The First Cut is the Deepest – Project Runway 2, Premiere

by Clicker

It’s time to make some cuts!

Bravo’s popular Project Runway is back with a new set of wacky characters ready to sew and — more likely – needle each other for another season.

The show started with Jay, last season’s winner, catching us up on what he’s been doing. He’s got a new clothing line coming out in 2006 and he’s just as eccentric as ever.

“I ordered a big old plate of Project Runway this morning and boy do I feel f——- good.”

That’s Jay!

At each of the audition cities one of last year’s contestants served as a judge. Jay did New York on Day 1. On Day 2 Austin Scarlett sat on the panel. He’s just as pretty and old fashioned as ever. He still reminds me of Patrick Swayze in drag… but he too has a new collection coming out.

The contestants in Houston weren’t so lucky. They got Wendy Pepper as their guest judge and she hasn’t changed a bit. Just as scary and off-kilter as ever.

In Miami, last year’s Romeo Robert Plotkin was there. And of course he just happens to mention that there is a website totally devoted to his butt and that Play Girl is interested in doing a spread. (It may be a good thing he will have something besides fashion to fall back on.)

And in LA it was Kara Saun, another finalist from last year, who showed up.

Each of the panels went through dozens of applicants before chosing the 16 semifinalists.

Kara Saun got quite a surprise on her panel when Daniel Franco showed up. He was the first designer to be booted from last season’s show. And he was looking for a second chance to show what he can do. Or at least a second shot at being humiliated.

The field was narrowed to 16 semi-finalists. A week before they were to arrive in New York, they were sent 6 yards of muslin fabric and $20 for supplies to create a garment that expresses who they are.

When they arrive in New York, Tim Gunn from Parsons School of Design, shows them their workspace where they notice there are only 14 workstations. They are told that in just two hours they will be judged on their designs and 2 of them will be sent packing. They are randomly assigned models and set off to work. They begin to size each other up as they put the finishing touches on their creations.

Then it’s time to hit the runway.

The judges for the first challenge are a very pregnant Heidi , Nina Garcia from Elle and Michael Kors.

There is probably no perfect way to recap Project Runway because the clothes are the real stars. So instead of trying to describe each one, here’s the site where you can see them all and judge for yourselves:
Bravo TV – Project Runway.

Santino, John, Heidi, Daniel Franco, Diana are called out and told that they have the highest and lowest scores. The models are brought back out and the contestants are told to defend their work.

Santino’s aquamarine baby doll dress is the only one that gets unanimous praise from the judges.

Diana’s dress used magnets to fasten the skirt and the magnets didn’t work. The bottom of the dress flung open as the model walked down the runway. Diana likes to use science to make her designs and for the auditions had brought samples of her “wearable computers” …. She could make this contest very interesting.

Heidi’s (the contestant not Klum) dress was criticized for just being too plain and so was John’s. But I thought John’s orange tie-dye design looked fabulous. Kor’s comment: “You could find that dress on the back of a Ritt dye bottle.” Ouch! The comment even made Heidi Klum wince.

Last year’s first booted, Daniel, didn’t fare much better… the judges didn’t like his design either. “He’s already had the chance… somebody else should get the chance,” Nina said.

They are called back out.

Santino – who is kind of cocky – is named the winner of the challenge for his baby doll dress.

John (tie-dye) and Heidi from Alabama, who did a “pretty dress” (“sometimes pretty can be boring,” was Nina’s comment) were sent packing.

Which means at least Daniel didn’t get cut first again.

Then it’s time to chose their models. Heidi draws their names from a hat and they get to pick in turn. Santino got to pick first because he was the winner. And now it’s time for episode two … which you can read all about right here.

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