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Who Said Blondes Have More Fun? – The Apprentice 4, Episode 11 Commentary

Who Said Blondes Have More Fun? – The Apprentice 4, Episode 11 Commentary

by Hildee Weiss

Well, the Donald has trumped us once again. I know the holidays are around the corner and we have to move on to bigger and better things from NBC but doing double and quadruple firings is getting tiresome. I mean, if the man in charge felt he was in such a rush, then why did he introduce 18 candidates? Why didn’t he just bring in the best four and call it a day? And while I’m at it, why doesn’t Trump just keep Bill Rancic on his payroll as his permanent eyes and ears since George is always off at a conference?!

Felisha’s firing was a given. After being told by Carolyn that she was the weakest link of the final four candidates, Felisha knew she had to win this week for Capital Edge or she was a goner. According to Alla, Felisha had “goner crazy” with all of her ranting and raving about Alla not stealing her ship. Alla was getting sick and tired of the suddenly frazzled Felisha’s insecurities. Poor Felisha! She was a great team player and she led well as a project manager in the past but she was no match for Alla and she certainly wasn’t meant to lead those in the Trump organization.

Rebecca knew it was do or die for her but I didn’t see her sweat it out. She realized she had the worst record on the team with the best record so she stepped up to the plate as Excel’s project manager. Rebecca aced the task when she and Randal filled in as actors for the Microsoft Office Live Meeting promotional video. R & R proved once again that they work well as a team yet they shine as individual performers in a task. They didn’t spend hours producing a 60 second promo like the girls over at Capital Edge and they gave an awesome presentation without showing up as long lost twins. Watching them go head to head in the final two episodes is going to be must see t.v. indeed!

D.T.’s little speech about the importance of family was rather sweet. I’m sure Melania knows how lucky she is to be married to the man but a reminder every now and then is important. I got furklempt as Randal and Rebecca were joined by their loved ones, Zahara and Matt, on their boat ride around Manhattan. Note to Mr. Trump: if things don’t work out with the next installment of The Apprentice, you can always fill in for Amy Grant on “Three Wishes.”

So I say what gives with the double firing? I wasn’t exactly shocked when Felisha heard the words “you’re fired.” But Alla? She was a favorite from the start and I really thought she had what it takes to be th next apprentice. (I would have given anything to be around when Alla told her husband they have to pick up everything and move their four kiddies to the Big Apple!) Felisha got the heave-ho because she couldn’t lead well and she wasn’t strong enough. Alla was given the pink slip because she was too difficult to manage. Well, Alla got the last word in the taxi ride when she remarked, “I can be led by a good leader.” Ouch!


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