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Urban Cowboys – The Amazing Race 8, Episode 10

Urban Cowboys – The Amazing Race 8, Episode 10

by LauraBelle

When The Amazing Race left off last week, it wasn’t a normal pit stop as the teams expected, yet Phil was still there. As it picks up tonight, Phil tells the Bransens and Weavers who arrived within seconds of each other that it isn’t over yet and hands them their next clue. This sends them to the Turtle Ranch in Dubois, Wyoming.

Meanwhile the Godlewskis and Linzes still haven’t reached Phil yet. The Godlewskis pull over to use the public telephone to call a fire department to get directions, only to be told no one at the fire department will do such a thing. Michele complains they are wasting their time with that, while Chrissy says she doesn’t see Michele coming up with any ideas at all.

The Linzes reach Phil in third place followed by the Godlewskis bringing up the rear. Chrissy cries on the way in thinking they are about to be eliminated. Upon being given another clue by Phil, the sisters say, “Goodbye Phil. You’re just torturing us.”

The Bransen sisters are complaining of cramps, hunger and crabbiness, but not Dad, although they all agree that Wally would be doing that at home. The Weavers argue over whether they should get gas or not while at a gas station getting directions. Maybe it’s just me, but as long as you’re stopped there, you may as well. Rachel complains that Rebecca doesn’t have to make any decisions and only has to push the gas pedal. Linda decides tomorrow they will get gas as they are still half full.

Driving to the Turtle Ranch the Linzes are quite excited to be back in this thing as they eat Lays potato chips. The Weaver kids ask what a turtle ranch is and Linda replies, “Where they make lots and lots of turtles.” A collective huh is heard across the viewing public. She just gets weirder and weirder.

The Bransens arrive at the Turtle Ranch first and find it open from 7:00 AM to 4:30 PM. Being that it is 7:40 PM they realize they will all become equalized in time again. The Weavers arrive second and hide in their trailer. The Linzes arrive in third, and as the Godlewskis pull up they ask where the Weavers are only to be told they are inside their trailer. They and the Linzes decide the Weavers are “freaks”.

At 7:00 AM they all run to their waiting vehicles with the Linzes winning the foot race, followed by the Weavers, Bransens and Godlewskis. Linda Weaver asks the Lord for wisdom. Maybe he’ll help her with that pesky geography problem and pesky language problem. I hope he’ll also tell her turtles, one of God’s creatures, can’t be manufactured at a ranch.

No one even knows where they are headed yet until the Linzes find the clue box first. They find this is a Detour where they will need to choose between Pioneer Spirit and Native Tradition. In Pioneer Spirit the teams will need to attach four wheels to a covered wagon. When that is complete they will hitch four horses to the wagon and drive it along a short course. In Native Tradition the teams will need to build a teepee.

The teams split up evenly with the Linzes and Bransens doing Pioneer Spirit and the Godlewskis and Weavers doing Native Tradition. It’s interesting how the split goes as the Linzes and Bransens always seem to make wise decisions while the other two teams seem to suffer in that area. Perhaps this is why Linda was asking for wisdom.

The Bransen daughters struggle to roll the wagon wheels, but eventually get them moved to be put on the wagon. The Linzes are the first to ride on their wagon followed by the Bransens. Linda believes Meghan Linz waves at her “real snotty” as she goes by in her wagon she she smiles at her to get her back. Sometimes you just have to shake your head.

Rolly also believes he is getting weird looks, but he thinks the Native American overseeing the teepee building is staring at him. Chris walks into the finished teepee to measure with her feet how far apart those poles are.

The Linzes, finishing the wagon course first, receive a clue sending them 221 miles to Cody, Wyoming. There they will need to find the hotel named after Buffalo Bill’s daughter, but aren’t told the name. At the hotel they will find Buffalo Bill, dress in period costumes and take a picture with Buffalo Bill.

The Linzes rename themselves the Urban Cowboys. Meghan wonders if Buffalo Bill is one of the tall tales, only to be told by one of her brothers that he is a real person. Meghan realizes she was thinking of “the guy with the arms”, meaning Paul Bunyon. I think she needs some of Linda Weaver’s wisdom!

The Weavers finish while the Desperate Housewives continue to work diligently on their teepee. A struggling Chrissy holds a smaller Sharon on her shoulders to reach the top to get the pegs in and finally complete it as well. They decide to get caught up there should be no stopping to pee. The Weavers see a Pizza Hut but are told by Linda they can’t afford it. It’s hard to remember back that far, but I think this may still be the same leg that they received no money for since they were last in on a non-elimination leg. Rachel and Rebecca say they love the buffet at Pizza Hut.

All four teams stop and ask locals in Cody for the name of Buffalo Bill’s daughter (Irma) to find the name of the hotel, and ask for directions to get there while they are at it. The Linzes get there first and begin changing into the period clothing, forcing the Bransens to wait. After getting their picture taken, The Linzes receive a clue that sends them to Red Lodge, Montana in search of a golf course. The Waivers arrive and have to wait for the Bransens to change and take their picture. Both of these teams finish and leave before the Godlewski sisters arrive. After the picture they play with Buffalo Bill putting their boas around his neck.

Arriving at the Red Lodge Golf Course first, the Linzes find a Roadblock where two people from each team will need to board golf carts and ride around the golf course to collect four balls that match in color to the flag they choose. Two of the brothers start the search. The Bransens arrive and Wally and one of his daughters participate in the search. The Linzes pass a ball sitting in one of the holes, allowing the Bransens to pass them and finish first. The Linzes finish shortly after and the two teams receive clues sending them to the Green Meadow Ranch for the pit stop.

The Weavers arrive at the golf course, followed later by the Godlewski sisters. Rolly and Linda Weaver travel the course searching for the balls while Sharon and Michele Godlewski do the same. The Weavers finish quickly while the sisters, of course, can’t stop arguing about it. Eventually they finish as well.

The Bransen and Linz families both race to the pit stop, and in a tight finish it’s the Bransens that arrive in first. Phil asks them if they enjoyed the golf cart ride and Wally has to admit the Buick is a great vehicle. Phil informs them they have won a new regular sized Buick. The Linzes unceremoniously come in second.

Racing for third place, The Weavers get pulled over for speeding yet are let off with a warning. While stopped Linda gets out and asks for directions to the ranch. As they continue on, Linda warns her daughter not to go over 25 mph. Their fuel is now dangerously low, as they still haven’t stopped for gas yet. It seems this may allow the Godlewskis to catch up, but it’s the Weavers who come in in third place. They admit it hasn’t been easy.

The Godlewski sisters come in in fourth place and are Philiminated this time. They admit to being relieved because of the stress of the race. They also say they were never really shocked by each other’s behavior on the race. Chrissy is sad believing they could have won this thing and is surprised at how Sharon spoke to her at times. Sharon admits she and Chrissy just don’t click. They all agree they may not like each other every minute, but they always love each other.

Next week is the finale with the Linzes, Bransens and Weavers fighting for the million dollar prize. I suspect it will be one of the Linzes or Bransens that win due to the fact they are often errorless. Regardless, we will be forced to endure one last and definitely final week with the Weavers, thankfully. If Linda gets that wisdom she was was praying for, they just may win this thing.

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