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You’re Not The Boss Of Me – The Apprentice 4, Episode 11

You’re Not The Boss Of Me – The Apprentice 4, Episode 11

by Helen

First let me apologize for the missing recap last week. All I can say is that it must have been the seconds on turkey that caused me to only tape the clip show and none of the new episode. I learned, like the rest of you that Adam was given the boot leaving the final four, Rebecca, Randal, Felisha and Alla. I don’t know if this was the final four that I would have envisioned a few weeks ago but it has definitely been a topsy turvy season and I am sure there are still a few tricks up Donald’s sleeves. Let’s get down to business.

Randal, Rebecca and Alla await the return of one of their competitors. Alla is really hoping that it will be Felisha even though she was brutal to her in the board room. When Alla sees that Felisha has escaped the fire, she rushes to hug her and tears abound. Felisha is also welcomed by the other two and they decide to go out to dinner at Grand Central Station. Randal asks the others what they have given up to be in this competition. Alla says that she is missing her 10 month old learning to walk. Randal says that he is a newlywed and he is missing his wife. Rebecca feels that this is a nice evening but she would rather spend it with her boyfriend than her competitors. It is starting to sink in that they are the final four. Alla asks Randal how he feels to be the last man standing and he says it feels good but he wouldn’t have imagined that there would not be any other men left at this point. It’s time to put the game faces on because it is crunch time.

Alla receives the call the next morning to meet with Donald, Carolyn, Bill and some Microsoft executives at the NASDAQ stock exchange. Donald informs the teams that George is out of town and Bill will fill in for him. Donald gives some background about Microsoft and introduces Dustin and Janice, two executives from Microsoft. Dustin explains to the teams about the latest innovation called Microsoft Office Live Meeting. Microsoft Office Live Meeting is a revolutionary service that allows a large group of people to work on a document simultaneously without having to be in the same location. Donald then explains that each team will produce a 60-second video to promote this new service. The teams will be given access to a professional camera crew and editor. The team that makes the most creative and informative video will win the task.

Felisha declares that she wants to be the project manager. Alla states that she is willing to support her if it is really important to her. Alla says she is willing to be the PM. Felisha says that she is interested in winning. Alla asks if she is saying she doesn’t want to be the PM. Felisha says that she wants to be the PM. Felisha feels that her neck is on the chopping block and win or lose she is a target so she would rather lead. Alla is not convinced and wants to make sure that Felisha will take the complete lead. They divide up the tasks and Alla tells Felisha that she can’t go soft on her.

Over in the Excel taxi cab, it is a different vibe. Rebecca tells Randal that she would like to be the PM. He is in agreement and supports her. He realizes that she needs a victory and he is going to work hard to see that this happens. No drama here.

Alla and Felisha go directly to meet the camera crew and they have been waiting for the dynamic duo. Alla jumps in and tells the crew what they hope to achieve as they promote the new software Microsoft Office Live Meeting. The basic concept is a business person seen in a variety of situations being bogged down by trying to meet deadlines as well as travel to complete business transactions. Alla and Felisha jockey for position and compete as to which one will deliver the information to the crew. Felisha tells Alla that she will primarily be the director of the video because Felisha feels that she is the better actor. Felisha is worried that she is giving up too much control not being the director but she had to make the decision. Bill watches on with interest as Felisha tries to rein Alla in as far as trying to control the task. Felisha tells Alla that she will be supportive but if she feels that Alla is taking over she will bite her head off. Bill feels that Felisha can’t adequately lead Alla because she is such a strong person and this could be a problem. Meanwhile the crew is impatiently waiting as they wait for further instructions from Felisha. Alla feels that Felisha doesn’t want her to shine in this task.

Randal and Rebecca come up with a concept to show life with Microsoft Office Live Meeting and life as we know it now without it. They will depict a business man trying to tie up all the loose ends of a business deal and trying to travel as well. They will then show the flip side of being able to complete business at your own desk. They decide that they will hire an actor to do the video. Rebecca directs the actor and gives him plenty of instruction and he is at best lukewarm. He does not convey any passion or actual acting abilities. Randal pulls Rebecca aside to get her assessment of the actor. They both agree that they need to make a quick decision and they decide to let the actor take a walk and they will star in their own video. Randal takes over the actor’s role and who knew he was a budding Denzel Washington. He really does deliver the lines with a lot more energy and believability.

Felisha and Alla continue to haggle for power during their video shoot. Every instruction Alla gives is immediately counteracted by Felisha. The question comes up again about who is directing Felisha as she is acting. Felisha does not want to give up the director’s chair but she tells Alla that she better not be a control horse. Alla can’t figure out where the real Felisha has gone…she is insecure and a control freak. Alla begins to bark orders to Felisha as she is acting in the various scenes. Felisha is ticked and Alla keeps telling Felisha to not worry that she has it all under control. That is the problem, big time.

It’s time to edit the video that Capital Edge has shot. Felisha decides that she will give Alla the editing piece. She feels that you either give Alla a task completely or she won’t do anything at all. Felisha realizes that the object of the task is not to look good to Mr. Trump but to win the task. As Alla guides and directs the editor there appears to be a problem with the length of the video. Alla suggests they move to Plan B and use a more text driven video with fast moving captions related to Microsoft Office Live Meeting. Alla feels like her creative juices are flowing freely and she is happy to see her thoughts and her ideas come to life.

Team Excel have put the finishing touches on their video as Carolyn enters the editing room. Rebecca fills in Carolyn about the last minute changes in the “actors” for the video. Carolyn is anxious to view the video. Carolyn looks pleased after seeing the video and she asks how long it took to complete the video. Randal replies that they had just completed it before she arrived. Rebecca looks concerned and immediately feels that Carolyn thinks that the video must appear unpolished. Randal tells Rebecca that she is getting neurotic on him and that she should let that comment float off of her shoulders. Rebecca reluctantly agrees.

Randal is very proud of their product and he believes that Rebecca deserves to win. Rebecca and Randal look very business like and professional as they present to the Microsoft executives. They show their video and it really plays well and it seems as good as anything I see on television. The executives look pleased.

Next up are Felisha and Alla decked out in matching red tops and white pants, a bit too casual in my opinion. Felisha introduces their video and it is a mishmash of captions over footage and speeding text across the screen. Dustin’s response was that they had good execution.

Donald meet with the executives and invites the two teams back into face the judgment. Donald asks Randal how their team did and how was Rebecca as a team leader. Randal says that he feels that they did really well and that Rebecca was great to work with. Donald then asks Felisha how they did and she says that she feels that they did really well at capturing what was expected of them. When Donald asks Alla the same questions, she hesitates and says without emotion, that she thinks they did well. Felisha looks at Alla with a bit of a pensive look.

Janice says that Excel did really well and they liked the story line of the video and captured the benefits of the Microsoft Office Live Meeting. Dustin said that Capital Edge did well with the action in their video but that there were some problems that made the video confusing. They relied too much on visuals and not on characters. Therefore, the clear winner is Excel. Randal and Rebecca will get the opportunity to take a ride on a yacht and enjoy the day. Felisha and Alla are destined for the board room.

Alla and Felisha are licking their wounds after their defeat. Alla believes that Felisha knows that she is the weaker player. She does not respect people that are weak and she looks down on them. All she can do is laugh at Felisha.

Randal and Rebecca pop champagne on their yacht ride. The captain is telling them that they can pull some lines if they wish and Rebecca informs him that they intend to relax today. Randal turns his head and sees his bride and Rebecca’s boyfriend. What a prize…a day on the water with a loved ones. Rebecca is so happy to see Matt because of his unconditional love for her no matter the outcome of this job interview. Randal is so happy that they won and it reminds him of all that he has left but after this boat ride it is time to put the game face back on and get to the finish line.

Felisha and Randal are talking back at the suite and she tells him that she is worried about going into the board room with a friend. She wants to win but doesn’t want it to be a bloodbath. She is confident that Alla is a nice person and won’t get dirty in the board room. Alla on the other hand thinks that it would be better if Felisha realized that she failed at this task, she is the weaker player and should pack up and go home. Alla wants this job so badly and she feels that if Felisha pushes her she will crush her.

Felisha and Alla enter the board room and find Carolyn and Bill. Donald enters last as usual. Both women are dressed in black…could this be an omen? Donald begins by saying to Alla that he knows that she hates to lose. Alla agrees with him. Donald asks Felisha why she was the PM. Felisha says that she knew she had something to prove to both Mr. Trump and Carolyn. Donald says that he heard from Bill that Alla was very difficult for Felisha. Felisha says that right from the start the two of them were clashing heads. Alla interrupts and says that she has never had any clashes with any of the PM’s before. Donald say that she was difficult for Felisha. Alla disagrees and believes that Felisha went into the task with the wrong focus. She feels that Felisha was geared towards her own personal performance and not the task at hand. When Felisha disagrees, Alla bluntly says that Felisha was only concerned that she not be outshone by Alla. Alla says that Felisha would give her control but take it away if she was doing too well. She would put the brakes on everything that Alla did and would tell her to stop being so good at what she was doing. Felisha is flabbergasted as are Donald and Carolyn. Donald asks why someone would do that. Felisha denies that she ever said anything like Alla states. Bill directs his comment to Alla and says that she was obviously taking charge. Alla says that when she is given a task, she completes it to the best of her abilities. Carolyn asks if she thought that she was the leader and Alla says no. Carolyn says that this is true because neither of the women really stepped up as the leader. Alla says that Felisha wouldn’t let her lead. Carolyn wonders if Alla takes any responsibility for the loss. Alla says absolutely because it was a collaborative effort. Carolyn wants to know what makes her better than Felisha. Alla says that Felisha lost focus and control of the task. Felisha counters with the response that she lost control of Alla. Felisha turns to Mr. Trump and Carolyn and says that she stepped up as PM and at every turn she was butting heads with Alla. She believes that she wasn’t getting the true Alla who is very creative and can lay it all on the table but she has to be in a leading role to do what she is capable. Donald asks Felisha if she believes that Alla is unable to be managed. Felisha says that she is difficult to manage. Alla disagrees. Donald says that his parents sent him to military school because he was difficult even though he disagreed with them. Donald tells Alla that she wasn’t a very good director. Alla says that Felisha did not assign her as the director. Donald basically says Come on, Alla, were you the director or not? Alla relents and says that she did direct but that she was willing to either act or direct. Felisha says that it was difficult to take the subordinate role in the video but that she was the better actor. Donald wonders if taking the role was a sign of weakness or a poor choice. Felisha believes that it was a poor choice because at that point all she was interested in was winner and not being in the situation that they are in now. Donald wants to see the video. The video plays and Bill shakes his head. At the conclusion, Donald says that he is not a computer guy but he doesn’t get it. Carolyn says that it was way too much information. Bill says that their biggest mistake was changing in the video and he wants to know whose idea was it to edit the video that way it appears. Felisha says that it was Alla’s idea and Alla flips. Alla can only respond by saying shame on you. Felisha says that she is only telling the truth. Alla says that she couldn’t do anything without Felisha shutting her down. She believes that the editing was a joint effort. Donald wants to know if Felisha thinks that she got out done by Alla. Felisha says that she doesn’t believe it came down to one thing in losing the task. She took on the job as PM because she had something to prove. Felisha is fighting back tears. Bill says that he respects that. Alla interjects and says that Felisha back pedaled about being the PM. Felisha takes exception to Alla’s comments and asks her why she talks over people. Alla says that she doesn’t but that Felisha needs to tell the truth. Donald says that if he knows anything and it is that Felisha is honest but she has been overpowered by Alla. Carolyn says that Felisha is being very complimentary to Alla. Alla just grunts out that Felisha needs to tell the truth. Donald says that Felisha is being so nice to Alla and she is just turning and killing her. He says that if Alla had just let Felisha talk she probably would have convinced him to fire her (Felisha). Alla hangs her head and Felisha takes a breath. Carolyn wants to know if Felisha is giving up. She says that she wants to be here so badly and she feels frustrated that she didn’t give her best for this task. Alla wants to join in and point out some other areas of weakness but Felisha tells her to stop and Donald does as well. He tells Alla that Felisha is a wonderful person and a wonderful woman and Alla has got to stop brow beating her. Hmmmm, should the new Mrs. Trump be worried?

Donald wonders if Felisha has what it takes to work in New York. He has no worries about Alla being able to handle herself in the big city. She’s tough as nails. Trump tells Felisha that she is lovely, she is smart but she is not strong enough for this city. Felisha, you are fired! Alla quickly stands up and Trump says, “Sit Alla!” Donald tells Alla that she is very difficult to manage and that she was director of a shipwreck. Alla, you’re fired!

Donald says that it was a difficult decision but neither one took leadership to win this task. Donald is now going to take care of some good news and heads up to the suite to tell Randal and Rebecca that they are the final two.

Alla and Felisha share a cab ride and Felisha feels that at the end of the day she didn’t perform but that is not all that she has to offer. She is disappointed that this was her last task.

Alla is pleased that Mr. Trump didn’t say she wasn’t a good leader just that there are a very few people that can lead her. Maybe everyone else is just weak but she can be lead by the right leader.

Well, Felisha didn’t want to lead and Alla definitely did not want to follow. I am sure that they both didn’t anticipate sharing a cab ride together out of the Trump organization.

Two episodes left and we will learn the answer to the still smoldering question: Who will be the next apprentice? My bet is Randal, as I think Trump has been very impressed with him from the start but don’t count out Rebecca. She definitely is the dark horse but she is coming on strong after almost being fired quite a few times and she has survived on a bum foot as well. Should be a great race to the finish.

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