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How Long Does This Leg Go On? – The Amazing Race 8, Episode 9

“How Long Does This Leg Go On?” – The Amazing Race 8, Episode 9

by LauraBelle

Missing last week’s episode of TAR due to vacation, when I returned home I found good and bad news. The bad news being that the Weavers hadn’t been eliminated, and the good news being that no one else had either.

As we join this week’s episode the Linzes are leaving Salt Lake City Public Library in first place at 12:46 AM. They receive instructions to head to Park City High School for their next clue. Megan asks her brothers for please, no running. She doesn’t feel well. Typical men that she is traveling with, they assume that she isn’t sick and just has cramps. Megan complains that there is too much testosterone with her brothers, but also points out traveling with them has its advantages as she gets spoiled by them.

The Bransens leave quite a bit later at 1:23 AM. They are happy the other three teams have much tension between them as it allows the pressure to be off them. As the Godlewskis leave just 7 minutes later, Christine feels it’s rude of her sisters to diss her the way they have been. She has backed down but is upset nonethless. I do have to say I have struggled this whole season to figure out which sister is which, but I do know automatically which one is Chrissy and which one is Michelle, so they must always be the ones fighting.

The Linzes reach the high school to find their next task will be to help inflate a hot air balloon, although it doesn’t start until 6:00 AM. The shuttles leave every ten minutes with only one team per shuttle. They will be the first to leave and decide to sack out for the night in the large motor homes they are pulling. But not before one of the brothers, wearing an “Uncle Bone” t-shirt says his prayers. Although he does it very tongue in cheek, this disputes the Weavers’ claim that they are the only Christians in the race. The Bransens and Godlewskis arrive and decide to camp out as well.

The Weavers just get started at 5:02 and mention once again that they have never been treated like this before. At the high school Megan rises saying sleep and Pepto Bismol has made her feel much better. The Weavers arrive, being now only behind them by 30 minutes in shuttle time and tell them their Yield didn’t hurt them. They also tease that they got a good night’s sleep in beds. The Weavers just can’t seem to stop, and ask the Linzes if they are sorry they wasted their Yield, and the Linzes say they aren’t. The Weavers report that even if they don’t win, they got to say what they wanted. Did they sit up all night to think about what to say and only came up with that?

All the teams help the balloonists put everything together and up, the Weavers hurl their insults still, insisting the Godlewskis are bottled blondes and have implants. Between Linda Weaver and her two daughters, they definitely look more bottled than any of the Godlewskis. Not that my hair doesn’t come partially from a bottle as well, but I would be the last to point it out in others because of that.

The Linzes are the first up in their balloon, followed by the Bransens, Godlewskis and Weavers. The Linzes joke that it looks like the Bransens are coming in at them at “ramming speed” and that’s just what they do as their two balloons actually touch. Michele Godlewski says she isn’t wild about heights and leave it to The Amazing Race to cure her of that.

The Linzes land their balloon on a mountaintop and receive their next clue sending them to the Heber Valley Railway. The Bransens have an uneventful landing, but the Godlewskis land on a rock pile. The Weavers have to land on a steep hill overlooking a busy road and scream. They all slide on their butts down the hill.

Reaching the Railway first, the Linzes find a Detour – Spike It or Steam It. In Spike It the team will need to use old time materials and tools to complete a twenty foot section of railway track. It will need precision, but if they have great detention to detail, they could finish quickly. Right away I think of the Godlewskis painting the wagon wheels a few shows back and thing they might do well on this one. In Steam It the team will use buckets to fill the tinder of an old locomotive with 400 pounds of coal.

The Linzes decide on Spike It and get started right away. One of the Bransen sisters asks for a definition on the word “precision” and then joins her family deciding this is the one for them, as do the Godlewskis, but not before everyone argues with Chrissy. The Weavers are the lone team to attempt Steam It.

Lindsay Bransen gets hit in the head with a hammer by her sister and Wally takes over feeling it is finally his “chance to shine.” Chrissy Godlewski wants to stop doing the track and attempt loading the coal and her sisters aren’t happy with her for suggesting that. The Linzes ask if they are done but are told to fix their spikes. They do so and receive the next clue sending them to the Bonneville Salt Flats to find an 87 foot sculpture referred to as the “Tree of Utah” that was built to bring color and beauty to the landscape.

The Bransens finish second and the sisters all admit they would have been “screwed without Dad.” Yea Wally! One of the Godlewski sisters asks if she can have a different partner to build the track with, one with a smaller mouth. We can only imagine she is referring to Chrissy. The Weavers finish with the coal and thank God.

The Godlewskis get told the tighten their bolts and argue over who decided to do Spike It making Chrissy cry again, and also again, ask to be left alone. Recovering later she feels it is her sisters’ loss that they didn’t see she kicked butt on the challenge. They finally finish and are on their way.

The Linzes find the Tree of Utah and receive their next clue sending them to Garden City to find Bear Lake Rendezvous Beach. The Bransens reach the tree and ask if it is the “Tree of Hemorrhoids.” The Weavers and Godlewskis find the tree as well one of the Desperate Housewives mentioning the tree looks like it “fell down and went poop.” Okay, I understand the hemorrhoid reference, but not the poop one.

The Bransens reach Bear Lake first and find they will be spending the night there and will receive the first departure time at 8:30 AM. As the Weavers are driving and searching for Bear Lake, Rachel, the driver, says her brain is fried like she has been in math class all day. Rolly and Rebecca point out she failed mail class and needed to take it twice. They arrive at Bear Lake second and get a 8:45 departure time. They take this opportunity of time to ask for spare change from other campers, not receiving any cash for this leg of race.

The Godlewskis arrive in third place for a 9:00 departure and the Linzes bring up the rear in fourth place with a 9:15 departure due to “a production error that left their car battery drained.” This happened to the Godlewskis on the last episode. What’s with this and why are teams falling behind because of production errors?

The Bransens leave the next morning at 8:30 with a clue sending them to the Dunham Ranch in Big Piney, Wyoming near the Green River. As the Weavers leave they ask God to bless their travel. As the Godlewskis leave Chrissy admits to a stomach ache. Maybe if she’d quit getting so upset and stressed she wouldn’t have this problem. With the Linzes bringing up the rear, Megan mentions the tight quarters she is being forced to live in 24/7. Apparently she isn’t feeling very spoiled anymore.

Arriving at the ranch first, the Bransens find a Road Block. Two members of each team will join a cowboy in herding cattle while on horseback. Beth and Lauren decide to do this one and finish easily comparing it to the City Slickers movie with Billy Crystal. Their clue sends them to Yellowstone National Park to find a firefighter and wait for Old Faithful to go off.

As the Weavers arrive at the Ranch, Rebecca and Rachel choose to do this road block, with Linda saying they have three horses at home. At one time Rebecca and her father were going to be in a contest on horseback while herding cattle, but it never came to fruition. They are quite at home and finish quickly.

The Godlewskis feel it’s good that they don’t see the Linzes in sight, but wonder if that really is a good thing. Perhaps they are going the wrong way. They decide on the latter and have a tough time turning the big camper around. Eventually a guy on a trailer comes to help them. When Sharon asks why she couldn’t do it so easily, she is told by one of her sister’s it’s because she is “a retard.” Arriving at the ranch, it’s Sharon and Michele that herd the cattle.

As the Weavers are leaving the ranch, the Linzes are arriving on the same narrow road. The two big campers won’t fit and initially no one moves. Linda then rolls down her window and yells at the Linz vehicle that according to the rules they were supposed to move in preference for the outgoing traffic of the Weavers. The Linzes then make fun of Linda to the point of referring to the wrinkles on her face. Not that the Weavers don’t do it on a continuing basis, but I feel making fun of people’s looks during the race is taking it too far. They eventually arrive at the ranch and Tommy and Alex volunteer to herd the cattle.

The Bransens arrive at Yellowstone and find the firefighter who says Old Faithful last went off at 3:00 and is expected to go off again at 4:28. The Weavers arrive and catch up to the Bransens who sit down while waiting, hoping the Weavers won’t find them. They are found and aren’t too happy that they Weavers have caught up and don’t have to wait nearly as long.

As the Godlewskis and Linzes arrive in the park they see Old Faithful go off and realize they will now have to wait another hour and a half. The Bransens and Weavers are finished, however, and get a clue sending them to 15200 on Highway 287. The Weavers decide they will just try to follow the Bransens and not the many maps they have accumulated while begging for cash.

While the Godlewskis and Linzes still wait for Old Faithful to go off at 6:02 the Bransens and Weavers arrive at 15200 and find Phil sitting atop a fence all alone. The Bransens narrowly run in to recapture their lead, only to be told by Phil that this leg isn’t over yet. He hands them their next clue as the Weavers arrive asking how long this leg is going to go on.

As the show ends and we see highlights for next week, we see that the Weavers are in trouble with the law next week. That is a must-see!

to be continued …

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