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More Special Than Money Or The Game– Biggest Loser, 11-29-05

More Special Than Money Or The Game– Biggest Loser, 11-29-05

by LauraBelle

I just flew in from Mexico and boy are my arms tired. Okay, old joke I know, but I couldn’t resist. Seriously, after my return, I have my husband, daughter and son sound asleep in their beds, one of my dogs nestled in my son’s arms, and the other following me around. My other two dogs (the ones attached to the bottoms of my feet) are tired beyond words, but I can’t stop until I do this Biggest Loser finale. Special thanks to Dirty Dog for filling in for me last week.

The show starts with a recap of the past few weeks and it seems to odd to see Matt with long hair. Like Suzy mentioned last week about wearing her glasses, I think it was a way for him to hide. A very big-haired Caroline tells us they’re coming at us live from Hollywood a full five months since they left the ranch.

Assuring us this is no quick fix, but has all been done the old-school way with diet and exercise, she introduces us to the new and improved players that have already been eliminated – Ruben (wow!), Kathryn, Ryan (I didn’t even recognize her), Suzanne, Jen, Pete (all of you know what OMG means in internet land … use your imaginations to figure out what I mean by OMFG!), Mark, Shannon, Jeff and Andrea. Caroline tells us Nick chose not to return for the finale. If I remember there was some bad blood a-brewing around his dismissal, so I understand that.

Right away Caroline asks Suzanne if she can now fit in her wedding dress, and she assures us she can! Jeff is asked how his priorities has changed, and says he used to put others first, but now sees that taking care of himself is not selfish. He leads by example. Caroline calls Shannon an inspiring young mother, and Shannon says she just wants to be around for her daughter as long as she can.

Switching away from the eliminated “losers” we see the final three returning home to their friends and their families. Matt says he is excited to see his family, but it’s hitting him that he is on his own now. He hugs everyone, then shows off his new shapely ass. He jokingly says he did lose a little, but more seriously says probably more importantly he found out who he was again. He asks everyone to help him because he doesn’t want to go back to the old Matt. His mom just can’t believe that he is half of what he was.

As Suzy is returning home, she says she is a completely different person and needs to realize her world has not changed as she has. She then walks in to greet her family and friends, crying, of course. She takes her jacket off to show her whole smaller self and offer more hugs. Her mother says she was always gorgeous, but is even more so now. Suzy, through tears, says you don’t realize what you have until it is gone.

Seth now realizing he needs to care of himself walks in and hugs his wife, son and mom, in that order. He says being overweight takes a toll on your self-esteem and sense of humor. It affects him inside to hear everyone saying he looks good. His wife adds that this is the beginning of a whole new life together. It’s just another chapter in their story.

Returning back to the live show, we see all the eliminated “losers” wearing their old weigh-in clothes. Bob and Jillian run out to big hugs from everyone. Phil even picks up Jillian and spins her around, prompting Caroline to mention how Jillian has become a personal weight device for everyone the more weight they lose. Bob says the weekly eliminations were the hardest thing to go through as highlights and lowlights from all the weeks at the ranch are shown.

There will be a $100,000 prize for the eliminated loser that loses the largest percentage and everyone will be eliminated one last time, going in order of their eliminations. Ruben “to be a stud … again” is up first and had predicted at his elimination that when we saw him again he would weight 210. He’s wrong. He entered the show at 278 and is now at 197 losing 81 pounds for a 29.14% loss. Yep, he’s a stud.

Up next is Kathryn “to have a powerful body” not looking very happy, and I have to admit it looks like she hasn’t lost much more than when she left in week two. She had a stress fracture on her ankle during the show. She had entered the show and 217 and left at 201. Stepping on the scale tonight, she is still at 201 with 7.3% loss. Nothing wrong with still working at it.

Ryan “to turn heads” is doing just that now. She always dreamed of being gorgeous and healthy and she definitely is now. She entered the show at 225 and tonight as 147 for a 78 pound loss or 34.67% loss. This puts her in the lead and forces Ruben out.

Turning to Suzanne “to be a hot bride”, Caroline wants to check in on her time in the show, or “before you became Jessica Simpson.” She had come on the show at 229 vowing to be 129 by the time it was done. She falls a little short of that, losing 87 pounds to make it to 142 or 37.99% of a loss. She takes the lead away from Ryan.

Jen “to be a role model” is next to be weighed. She wanted to change and not be 267 pound Jen t hat loved eating pizza and chocolate cake. Doesn’t look like she does a whole lot of that these days. Starting at 267, she has now lost 91 pounds to make it down to 176 for a 34.08% loss, leaving Suzanne as the top loser so far, but insuring her place as a definite role model.

As Pete “to slam dunk” steps up to the scale, Caroline asks, “Who are you and w hat did you do with Pete?” He says not only has he lost weight, but he has inspired his wife to lose 70 as well. He started this show as the heaviest person at 401 pounds, and as he steps on the scale, everyone begins chanting “Pete”, He is amazing down to 216 for a 185 pound loss! 46.13%! He takes over Suzanne’s spot as the biggest loser so far.

Mark “to fit into bulletproof vest” hugs Pete as he walks up to the scale. He had cancer and beat it, quit smoking, and now feels his weight is the last thing he needs to conquer. He predicted we would see him next at 190-200. Starting the show at 358, he meets his prediction, getting down to 193 for a 165 pound loss or 46.09%. He just barely missed beating out Pete, but I am sure he is fitting quite well into his vest.

Shannon “to turn up the sexy volume” had been 5’3″ and 257 pounds, which she felt was well over 100 pounds more than she should have been. Today she is down to 149 for a 108 pound loss. That’s 42.02%! It’s less than Pete, but the highest losing female so far. I’m thinking she turned up that volume and then some.

Dr. Jeff … we all know what his t-shirt said, “to inspire patients” entered the show not being able to walk up stairs, but ended his time being able to climb an entire mountain. He feels he got his life back. He started at 370, and loses 153 pounds to make it down to 217, and amazing 41.53% loss. He now inspires everyone.

The last to be weighed is Andrea “to be a princess”. I’m not sure what her definition is of being a princess, but I’m still busy looking for where her waistline may have possibly went. She wanted to leave the s how as a confident, healthy, sexy person, and I’m pretty sure she did just that. Starting at 220 and needing to lose 102 to top Pete, she loses 75 total to make it to 1 45. A 34.09% loss and impressive no matter how you compare those numbers.

This means Pete wins the $100,000 consolation prize. Hugs are shared all around, and he picks up Caroline instead of Jillian and swings her around.

Going back to the finale three, we see that life hasn’t been so easy on them being away from the ranch and back in the “real world.” Suzy misses working out with Bob and is searching for that balance. The sound goes out on my television for a short bit, but I do get to see Suzy out to dinner with friends and having a hard time. One night she ate four fudgesicles and turned around later and threw the box away, not wanting to be tempted again.

As the time ticks down, Suzy feels alone but knows she put herself there not letting her friends or family in. To get help, though, she knows she’ll have to do just that. She sits down with her mom and cat to tell her mom she needs help. Suzy finds great inspiration from her mom, and feels she has now reached a turning point. There was a reason she was the last girl left. She can handle it.

Every woman out there will understand Suzy’s next triumph. She put on her size 10 jeans, straight out of the dryer, and they were LOOSE! She asks the camera audience if they want to see her butt again and walks away and then back again. She is now sometimes at a size 8 and says she has never seen single digits before in her life. She’s happy to show that this girl can hang with the guys.

Seth is playing hockey, running and going to the gym. He wants to win this badly. One night his son was laying on his chest, collapsed and went into convulsions. Once Seth realized he had no control over this, he went out and got a burrito. He is afraid of how fast that weight could come back on.

Visiting an Italian restaurant with his wife, Seth jokes about ordering bruschetta, rigatoni, etc., but doesn’t imbibe. He used to order four hamburgers at fast food just in one sitting knowing would be more expensive to eat more healthy. Yet now, he orders the salmon dijon, grilled not breaded, and grilled veggies instead of the garlic mashed potatoes. His wife tells him something in his new face is so familiar. Seth says he has back that love for himself.

Matt is motivated by the money and says is feeling real good and strong. He training for a triathlon and his first wrestling competition since his weight loss. He just wants to compete again, but says it has to be at the highest level, such as for the Olympics. In a wrestling match he busts his eye open and shows signs of a concussion. He has had those before starting with when he was in eight grade, and has gotten them frequently since. Matt says it will take quite an act to get him to stop.

Seven weeks before the final weigh-in Matt sees a doctor for his concussion (personally I think it would have been neat had he gone to see Dr. Jeff!). The doctor tells him concussions are cumulative, meaning each one makes the danger more and more. He finds him neurologically okay for now, but prefers that Matt find a non-contact sport. Those of us that have watched Matt weekly know t hat this just isn’t going to happen. He says he has trained too hard not to finish.

Matt visits old friends in a bar and says he started drinking when he was just 13, but since February 28 he hasn’t drank once. Sitting in the bar with his friends who are ordering shots, he only drinks water. It’s tough being the person they don’t know as they remember he’d use to tell waiters to let him know when the tab reaches $100, and they joke that was just for the pizza. He says he doesn’t know where he fits anymore. I hope he doesn’t forget that when he came to the show he didn’t know where he fit then either.

Back to the live show a picture is shown of Seth his first day on the show at 291. He comes crashing through that old image, dancing all the way. He picks up his shirt to show a totally ripped stomach. He says he feels super and has passion for life again.

As Caroline mentions Seth and Suzy were at times like brother and sister, Suzy’s first day image pops up. She comes through the image, nearly tripping, and offers a long hug to Seth. Caroline says looking at Suzy’s arms she thinks they need to do another Terminator movie. Seth tells her she could be a model and she thinks he now looks 12. She also admits to Caroline she can now shop in the petite department.

A long-haired much-bigger Matt is shown, and he comes crashing through looking unbelievable. He is actually smiling and gives a big hug to Seth. Caroline tells him she has never seen a haircut make such a difference before. She also thinks it’s weird that even his scar looks smaller. He says he knew the other two would do good, but not look as good as they do.

Suzy says she is honored to be the only female, and when Caroline mentions she didn’t think Seth would make it past the first three weeks of the show, he says he was trying to be under the radar then, but in the end he turned it up.

Bob and Jillian join the final three onstage who have now gotten back into their old Biggest Loser weigh-in clothes. Bob said for Suzy he had to get her to realize she couldn’t go back to her old life. For the two guys, Jillian seems awestruck and can’t even speak, just saying they did everything she asked of them and then some.

Caroline offers up a surprise to the finale three. As they have been so inspiring, sponsor Jello has decided to offer the runner up $50,000 and to third place $25,000. None of these three will walk away empty-handed. She also tells Matt that as the biggest loser at the time of leaving the ranch, he is allowed to pick the order. He chooses how they are standing on the stage – Seth, Suzy, Matt.

Before Seth “to see son grow up”steps on the scale one last time we see a little of his time on the show, remembering every big of his motivation came from his family. He started at 291 and has now made it down to 168 for a 42.27% loss. He has tears of joy leaving the scale, saying he is so proud.

Suzy “To Find Mr. Right” steps on the scale and we are reminded she wasn’t here to win the money. She was here to change her life. I believe she did just that, and I’m betting Mr. Right is waiting around the corner for the new confident Suzy. She started at 227 and is told by Caroline she needs to lose 96 to beat Seth. She just barely misses the mark, losing 95 to make it down to 132 for a 41.85% loss. Stepping off the scale she jokes and kicks him.

It’s all up to Matt “to be an athlete” once again. He is smiling and Caroline tells him she loves it when he does that as it is so earned. He would love to get another chance to be an Olympian. Since he always wears his heart on his sleeve, Caroline asks if he’ll be okay if he loses. He says he will be as it’s more special to him than the money or the game. Tonight he has been sober for nine months. He came to the show at 339 and needs to lose 144 to beat Seth. He is at 182, losing 157 pounds for a 46.31% loss. He hugs everyone and, of course, picks up Jillian who sat and consoled him on many occasion. And for anyone counting, he even toppled Pete’s percentage.

All of these people won something. And Matt is right that it’s more than the money or the game. The won themselves. They reached goals. They are proud of themselves once again. They are again athletes, are inspiring patients, are turning heads and are definitely role models.

Each of them, with the exception of Kathryn and Nick, learned they didn’t really need NBC to show them how to lose weight. They didn’t need Caroline Rhea, Bob or Jillian. They only needed to believe in themselves once again. And like Matt, they have all won much more than money or the game.

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