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God Don't Like Ugly! – America's Next Top Model 5, Episode 9

God Don’t Like Ugly! – America’s Next Top Model 5, Episode 9

by Syrone Harvey

Here are snippets from the previous episode of America’s Next Top Model. It all began when the models became fed up with Kim’s habit of talking about everyone behind their backs. Finally, in the limo Bre had the courage to confront Kim. Kim wasn’t ready to own up. For a second, she tried to deny it. Then, she admitted she “got nervous” and said some things for comic relief. Bre softened up and told her if she didn’t get a tap on things, it would get ugly. For once, Lisa kept her mouth shut and didn’t jump in the middle of things. In the end, the judges felt Lisa’s personality was too over the top, so they chose to eliminate her.

Just as things had begun to simmer down, sparks were re-ignited and once again tempers flared. That’s where this week’s episode of Top Model begins…..

None of the girls expected Lisa to be eliminated, especially since so many of Lisa’s photos turned out great. This made the girls realize no one is ever safe from elimination. This fuels their determination to nail the next challenges and photo shoots.

Tyra Mail arrives. It reads, “Find out the pecking order at 7:00 a.m.” Again the girls have no idea what it means.

The next morning the models meet up with fashion stylist, Jason Leung. He says, “Today we’re going to teach you about posing.” They head to a double decker bus and take a tour of London’s many sculptures. Jason points out the importance of Top Models maintaining a pose for a length of time. They take a look at quite a few especially those with unique poses.

They finally stop at Regency Park where a regal looking Ms J is posed on top of a pedestal. He explains the challenge….statuesque poses, focus and concentration. The model with the best pose will receive a to-die-for shopping spree. They head to make up and wardrobe where they are literally spray-painted and clothed to resemble statues. Ms. J hands Bre two silver trays and says, “I want you to choose your fiercest and strongest pose ever.”

The girls aren’t prepared for the attack of pigeons. They fly towards the girls and perch on them. The models are caught off-guard, especially Nicole who is the first to pose. Pigeon feed must be in those two silver trays because the fluttering birds continue to flock towards her. As the birds continue to peck at her Nicole lets out a screech, wiggles around and finally becomes unglued. Although the pigeons also flock towards Nik, she remains calm, blocks them out, and lands the overall best pose. Not only does she win the shopping spree but Jayla and Bre are chosen to join her.
Everything Nicole does; the way she talks, (non stop) even jumping on the bed annoys Bre. Realizing Bre is getting ticked off, Nicole uses this opportunity to kick things up a notch.

Another Tyra Mail arrives. This one reads, “Have you ever felt like you were being framed?” Meanwhile Bre checks out the groceries that were delivered for each of them. Bre goes through her food and discovers a box of granola bars has already been opened. She immediately jumps to conclusions and points fingers at Nicole. Vowing to get back at her, she sneaks Nicole’s cans of Red Bull and pours them out in the sink.

Kim walks in and catches Bre in the act. Bre playfully grabs Kim and tells her not to say anything. She makes up a lame story and says she just took Jayla’s dirty socks and placed them under Nicole’s bed. Kim thinks it’s odd but heads off to bed without questioning. Nik overhears the conversation but thinks it’s better to stay away from the “drama.”

The next morning, Nik, Bre and Jayla head off for their shopping spree in a luxurious Harrods Rolls Royce. Bre asks Jayla if she was the one who ate her granola bars. Jayla says, “Ok what is this about the granola bars?” Bre says, “To make a long story short….I took Nicole’s Red Bulls and poured them out and left the empty cans.” Jayla is stunned.

Back at the hotel Nicole wakes up and discovers her emptied drinks. Crying she says, “I don’t even have the energy to be around these people anymore.” She whines, “I just want these people to leave…go home.” Kim recalls how Bre recently reamed her in the limo. She regrets that she apologized to Bre.

The shopping trio arrives at Harrods where they are introduced to their personal shoppers. Nik, the winner she is awarded a $10,000 shopping spree while Jayla and Bre are given a $5,000 spree to share between them. The girls have a blast shopping VIP style. Nik walks away with a load of clothes including an expensive, designer purse. Bre admits she feels much better after a day of “retail therapy.”

After shopping they meet Kim and Nicole at Holborn Studios for their photo shoot. Jay Manuel explains they will be doing a photo shoot for Olay Quench a new body lotion. He says, “Back in the day models used to sit for hours and hours as artists painted and sculpted them. You girls are going to have to use that same concentration as we re-create classic art with a modern twist.”

He shows them the famous paintings they will portray. He points towards one and says, “Kim you’re going to be The Birth of Venice.” He gives each of them their assignments. Then Twiggy comes out and introduces them to the man who “made her”-photographer Barry Lategan. Barry tells the girls, “You’re all going to be representing in a modern sense the way beauty has been looked at in the past.” (It doesn’t hurt that they will have the privilege of being photographed by a world renowned photographer either.)
As they head to clothing and make up Kim sidles up to Bre and asks if she intends to replace Nicole’s Red Bulls. Bre tells her she doesn’t want to talk about it. Kim wonders why Bre is mad at her. She replies, “I’m not mad at you…I just don’t want to talk about it.” Then she tells her that she (Kim) is playing both sides of the fence. Kim tells her she isn’t playing any side. Frustrated Bre walks away. Kim’s good intentions cause her to be smack dab in the middle.

Kim is wearing a lacy, flowing two-piece outfit for the photo shoot. Jay directs her on her poses and corrects her about the position of her hand. (He says it look like a catcher’s mitt.) It’s hard for her to be graceful while doing her poses. Nik poses stunningly as Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man. Barry is pleased with Jayla’s modern portrayal of Whistler’s Mother.

As Nicole waits for her shoot, Kim asks whether she plans to ask Bre to replace her Red Bulls. She asks if Kim thinks she should. Kim shrugs it off and says she doesn’t know what she should do. Jay overhears their conversation and asks what’s going on. Kim fills him in. He says, “When competition starts to heat up, people go cuckoo.” Nicole wonders if Bre is trying to throw off with the shoot by stirring things up. Jay tells her to stay focused on the shoot and nothing else.

Nicole blocks out everything as she poses as The Girl in with the Pearl Earring. Off to the side Bre tries to be distracting.

As Bre finishes her shoot, Nicole decides to confront her. “Bre I think we need to talk about this.” she says. Bre still doesn’t want to discuss it. Nicole gives another try. “If you want to you can replace it or pay for it.” Bre tells her she isn’t going to do that. Nicole says, “If you think I took anything of yours I didn’t.” Bre answers, “I don’t believe you.” Nicole lets her know she doesn’t feel comfortable with Bre stealing her things. “Stealing is taking it. You don’t know who took it and you’ll never see it again.” Bre replies. “You drank it…you stole it…that’s stealing, Bre,” Nicole states firmly. Bre refuses to admit guilt.

Both girls remain stubborn and have a serious hate for each other. Tyra Mail appears reminding them of tomorrow’s elimination. Bre wonders if she’ll be eliminated for what she did to Nicole. Since she doesn’t like Nicole she sees no reason to deny what she did. Nicole and Kim wonder what would happen if either of them were to be eliminated. Nicole hopes Bre will be eliminated since she has such a mean and vicious personality.

The models stand before the judging panel made up of the usual judges along with guest judge, fashion photographer Barry Lategan. In the judging challenge the girls have to maintain a pose for a minute. Bre is the first one to pose. Tyra tells her to do a stoic like pose. Then, as the rest of the girls pose the judges don goofy get ups such as rabbit ears, a clown wig even bubbles to distract them.

Nicole is the first one to be evaluated. Nigel says her pose looks odd. Ms J says, “And you know how I feel about the other day…” Nicole admits to being afraid of birds. (So that’s why she was squealing like a pig.) Then they evaluate her classic art pose. She receives praise for her photo.

Nik is called next. She is complimented on maintaining the one minute pose as well as handling the statue shoot. He Vitruvian Shoot turns out wonderful. Tyra tells her that she chose this particular pose because Nik only does side and profile shots.

Bre stands before the judges. They acknowledge her portrayal of a modern Mona Lisa. Then Tyra reads a note from Jay Manuel which says, “Bre was the best one at capturing the mood of the artwork but she showed classic showgirl syndrome meaning, she may be insecure around Nicole and that insecurity at times may make her go for the jugular.”

Bre says she was very professional and didn’t allow her “home” situation bother her while working. Bre develops a bit of amnesia and misquotes Kim. Kim speaks up and tells her all she asked was whether Bre intended to replace or pay for the drinks.

Tyra asks for Nicole’s version of the story. Nicole admits it started over something petty then escaladed from there. Ms J asks Bre if she took anything of Nicole’s. She says she did but explains that she thought Nicole had taken something of hers. Tyra thinks it’s interesting that Bre chose to retaliate after making an assumption. Bre says, “It was juvenile and I did take her stuff and it was wrong.”

Kim goes up next. As her photos are critiqued Bre stands in the background upset about being called on the carpet about her retaliation. With tears cascading down her cheek she mumbles, “I just want to go.” She is certain she’ll be eliminated and wants to get it over with.

Jayla did the worse with the concentration challenge. She gave an outstanding pose but Jay writes, “Jayla did a great job on set but gave attitude when I approached her about arching her back and blew me off when I suggested that she practice. Tyra reminds them that all the time they are being watched and it’s something they need to remember.

The girls leave while the judges deliberate. In the back room Bre goes off on Kim. She accuses her of lying. Kim tells her that her anger is getting her in trouble. Bre goes on and on and says, “I admit what I did was wrong but Kim came to us after things had barely happened.” It turns into a shouting match. Nicole tells Kim to leave it alone and not to worry about it. (It’s ironic America voted Bre as last week’s Cover Girl of the week.)

Bre quiets down but tells Kim and Nicole, “The possibility of me going home today is about 96%. But you will not win this competition cause you are an ugly person and you have an ugly personality. Kim responds by saying, “Tell me why no one else sees this “ugly” personality but you?” Bre calls her a liar. Kim says Bre is the liar.

Bre says, Look at me…I did something that was very wrong and God don’t like ugly.” Kim wonders how things have gotten to this point especially since she and Bre used to be friends. Kim says she has always been loyal to Bre. Nicole says to Kim, “I love your personality…I do.” Kim says, “Thank you. I feel good about it.” Bre responds by rolling over and turning her back on them.

The girls return. Nik is the first to be called. Jayla is called next. Tyra tells her she needs to be nice to everyone. Nicole gave a beautiful classic art shot but needs to work on being subtle. This leaves Bre and Kim remaining.

They step forward. Tyra tells Kim, “This competition is getting tougher and tougher each week and the judges love you. They love when you walk into this room, the energy that you have…that you’re different. But the potential you show inside of this room, every now and then it’s amazing in a photo but a lot of times it’s lackluster. Sometimes it’s alright but we don’t see consistency in you.”

“Bre you know why you’re standing here. It’s not even that you retaliated on someone else but its how you handled yourself in this room. You stood up here and said I’m professional and I’m this, I’m that… I didn’t see any of that. I think you learned a big lesson about retaliation. Bre, do you want to go home?” Bre tearfully looks at her and says, “Not at all.” Tyra pulls out her picture and says, “You’re not.” Bre sobs a thank you.

Kim hugs the others then leaves to pack. “Even though I’ve been eliminated, I’ve become a really good model through this process and I’ve learned so much more than I thought I’d even learn. It’s always hard when you lose to someone who has betrayed you. That’s hard for me but I want to get passed it and it’s helping me become even stronger. I’ll miss certain people… I’ll miss Nicole but most of all I’ll miss the modeling. I’ve grown to seriously love modeling. I learned everything I know from this competition. I started with nothing and came away from it with great skills as a model.”

The judges kind of surprised us by eliminating Kim. Didn’t you expect Bre to be eliminated? Who do you think might be next? You can contact me at Syrone@realityshack.com See you later!


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