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Thieves on the New York Streets – The Apprentice 4, Episode 10 Commentary

Cori Linder

Fighting indigestion and drowsiness from a full Thanksgiving turkey dinner, I was only too happy to sit down and relax for a 2-hour episode of “The Apprentice.” The first hour was filled with never-before-seen footage of the show and Mr. Trump’s candid remarks about the candidates. If you used this hour to instead hang out in the kitchen and help yourself to more pumpkin pie and eggnog, well, you didn’t miss much. Besides for the occasional tidbits about Brian having a crush on Jennifer M. or little spats between team members, there wasn’t any wow-this-is-really-enlightening-and-entertaining-me parts. For you new viewers of the show (and just where were you during the first half of the season?!), this first hour quickly brought you up to speed of the activities of Mr. Trump’s firing practices. For the rest of us, we would probably have been more enthused if the producers added a bit of flavor to the episode. Maybe, show us how Mr. Trump acts when he thinks the cameras are off. Or, any bloopers that Mr. Trump, Carolyn or George made. Let’s mix it up, folks. Give us some authentic reality. 🙂

The second hour was much more fulfilling. If you remember, in last week’s episode, Rebecca really got on Randal’s case for dropping the ball on the task. As soon as Rebecca and Randal return to the suite, however, she seems so concerned about Randal’s feelings. But, you and I know that this is purely a strategic move; when your only other team member resents you for dissing him on national TV, you need to gravel a bit. Waving her broken ankle in front of him might have improved her performance.

Each team’s task was to use the marketing technique of “wrapping” to get people to call in to an 800 number to get a free sample of Shania Twain’s new perfume. Both of the teams hire workers to carry the billboards through the city, and I’m thinking, why don’t they just hire people to do most of the work for all the tasks? (Note sarcastic tone…) It seemed like the easy way out—maybe something that would be more fitting for the candidates on Martha Stewart’s “The Apprentice” (hee, hee…just joking. I actually like that show!). I just think it would have been more interesting to see the teams do something more inventive and unique.

Capital Edge also employed the strategy of wrapping horse drawn carriages. And, didn’t the advertisements just look awful?! I don’t know about you, but whenever I see a horse on the street, I concentrate on the horse and how he can maintain his cool in the middle of traffic, pondering the question, who is responsible for cleaning up the horse’s poop?

Good for Randal and Rebecca for stealing the other team’s megaphones. I’m sure Mr. Trump would advocate this behavior rather than promote niceties; after all, he IS a billionaire, and always being courteous and ethical doesn’t always get you to that financial status.

In the boardroom, it was surprising to discover that Capital Edge lost by only 5 phone calls, and without megaphones nonetheless! For their reward, Randal and Rebecca got to ride horses with Shania Twain and have dinner with her. Did anybody notice the resemblance between Rebecca and Shania? Although, Rebecca still reminds me of Erin from the “For Love or For Money” reality show.

I definitely would love to see Alla, Randal, and Rebecca in the final three, and I haven’t decided yet who should be in the final two. Have you? Let me know at clinder@realityshack.com.


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