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And Then There Were Three – The Biggest Loser, 11/22/05

And Then There Were Three – The Biggest Loser, 11/22/05

by dirtydog

We begin tonight with the final four sitting in the table. Andrea reflects on how far she has come and how great she feels. Bob walks into the room and gives Andrea a hug. He is quite pleased to see that she has made it this far.

He sits down at the table with our fab 4 and begins discussing how to make healthy choices when you need to make something to eat, quickly. They all go into the kitchen and are quite surprised to see that they can eat oatmeal. The oatmeal of choice is the new Quaker Weight Control Instant Oatmeal. Bob tells everyone that one package contains 2 servings of whole grain and 7 grams of protein. Each package also contains a mere 160 calories.

Jillian begins reflecting on how well the men have done. She tells about how amazing it is to watch the guys start out not being able to do much then over time, they just toughen up.

Jill, Matt and Seth are walking along the driveway discussing the progress they made. They point out to the hill that they had to climb on day one. They have a chuckle over Matt working himself sick. We then see them doing their workout on the driveway. It just happens to be the same workout they did on day one. The scene reflects on the guys doing the same exercises on day one and it shows how far they have come. Meanwhile, Matt is reflecting on how he feels and how far he has come. He can’t believe that he can now do things that once seemed impossible. Seth reflects on how he felt sick when he was overweight. He says he feels better in his clothes and he wants to help people more. At the end of the workout, Seth points out how tough the workout is and that he’s tired. Jillian reminds him that it’s the first workout that they did and that they couldn’t complete it then. It shows them how far they have come.

Bob is now out on the driveway with Andrea and Suzy. They are going to do the same thing and see their progress. As the three are running, Bob has to remind them to slow down and conserve their strength. The scene cuts to day one when they couldn’t even run far at all. Andrea says that she feels like she’s won. She feels that she can look in the mirror and be proud of her successes. Suzy reflects on how far she’s come not only physically, but mentally. She says that on day one she was wondering if they realized they were fat people and they couldn’t do this.

Jillian has noticed that Matt is having a hard time staying focused on the workouts. She feels that he may be getting bored with the monotony of being in the gym. She says that as the trainer, it’s her responsibility to change things up and keep it interesting. Matt then enters the gym and notices that there are mats on the floor. He has a look of confusion on his face until he sees someone walk in the room. It’s Matt’s high school wrestling coach. Matt is overjoyed to see him. As they are chatting the coach mentions that he brought someone. Suddenly this guy runs in the room and tackles Matt. It’s one of Matt’s friends and old wrestling pals, Aaron. As everyone else enters the gym, Matt and Aaron are having a wrestling match. The coach is right there doing his part too. Andrea said that it was great to be there and share that with Matt. Aaron says that it’s amazing to see Matt getting back into shape. He thinks that Matt is definitely on the right track to get where he wants to be. After a little bit of wrestling, the coach is offering up some words of encouragement about keeping things going pushing yourself. This definitely had a positive effect on Matt. He says that it feels great to have someone like his coach look him in the eye like he takes him serious, not someone to pity. Matt says that the experience was the best thing to happen to him on the ranch.

Our fab 4 meet Caroline for their challenge. Today, they have to put the all the weight they lost back on. They are each standing beside a safe. Inside the safes are bags of quarters. These bags of quarters are equal to the amount that each has lost since the beginning. The reward for this challenge is the right to keep the quarters. Since Andrea has lost 44lbs, she has $880. Suzy has lost 61lbs and has $1220. Seth has lost 80lbs and has $1600. Matt has lost 99lbs and has $1980.

Each person has to put on a backpack carrying all of the quarters so they are back to their original weight. They then have to climb a 60 ft ladder. The first one to the top wins. Suzy says that once she put on the backpack, not only did the weight come back on but so did the old emotions and insecurities.

They line up in position and Caroline yells go. Matt climbs his ladder like a pro. He wins the race quite easily. Seth came second followed by Suzy and then Andrea. Once they get back down to the ground, Caroline congratulates Matt and informs him that he hasn’t won yet. The look on his face is priceless. Caroline then tells everyone that there is a twist to this challenge. It isn’t the person with the best time that wins; it’s the person with the best time difference. In other words, they have to race up the ladders again (this time without the weight) and the person with the greatest difference between their two times wins. This news does not look like it is sitting well with Matt at all.

Caroline starts them off again and Matt is the first to the top again by a huge margin. Seth came second followed by Suzy and then Andrea. Once they returned to the ground Caroline revealed their times. Matt came 4th with a time difference of 23 seconds. Seth came third with a difference of 41 seconds. The winner is Andrea with a difference of 53 seconds. Caroline asks Matt how he feels and with a big scowl on his face manages to say that he won’t put that weight on again.

For their last chance workout, Jillian tells the guys to do what they want. If there is a problem, then she will step in. Staying true to form, the men worked together and pushed each other. Bob has the ladies doing a more structured workout and really making them work. So much so that Suzy was dripping sweat quite a bit.

And now the big moment is at hand. It is the final weigh in. First up is Andrea. She has lost 3lbs or 1.7%. Seth is next up and his loss is 7lbs or 3.32%. Before Suzy gets on the scale, Caroline notices that she wasn’t wearing her glasses. Suzy explains that she wore her “cat” glasses to distract people from her weight. Now that she looks and feels better, she feels that she doesn’t need them anymore. She then heads to the scale. She has lost 5lbs or 3.01%. Andrea is then bumped below the yellow line. Caroline then tells Matt that he needs to lose more than 7lbs to stay above the yellow line. He gets on the scale and discovers that he has lost 10lbs or 4.17%. Matt is so overwhelmed with joy about this, he gets on his knees and kisses the scale. He can barely contain his emotion. He tells Caroline “I’ll take it”. He compares what he’s feeling to how he felt when he won his first wrestling title.

Since Suzy and Andrea are below the yellow line, Matt and Seth will decide who will be going home.

The final elimination has come. Matt explains his choice as strategy and wants to take out the bigger threat. He is focused on winning the $250 000 and votes for Andrea. Seth says that the title of final 3 is an honor and has chosen to vote for Andrea.

Although saddened by her elimination, Andrea is grateful for all she has earned. She feels that she can be a better wife and mother. She thanks Suzy for being a great friend. Suzy tells her not to go back to the old ways. They hug and Andrea leaves.

Caroline now tells our final 3 that they are going home too. They will meet back in a few months for the live finale. For us that few months means next week!

Before Matt, Seth and Suzy go home, they meet one last time with their trainers to say good bye and get a big eye opener. Suzy meets with Bob and they hug. Bob is very happy to see that Suzy has made final 3. He then says that hey has someone he wants to show her. He then reveals a full sized cardboard cutout of her. It is a picture of her from day one. She covers her eyes and makes sounds like she is disgusted. She is overwhelmed by the fact that she used to look like that. Bob asks her to stand beside the cutout and he is blown away at the difference. Bob offers words of encouragement. He says to forget about the game and worry about life. He then tells her to go break some hearts and tell him stories when she gets back.

Seth then meets with Jillian. She shows him his cutout and he begins to laugh pretty hard. He is quite amazed at what he sees. Jillian is just as amazed. He can’t even believe the before and after shots. He then thanks her for being there for him. Jillian believes that he’s going to be just fine on his own.

Matt comes in for his turn. When Jillian reveals his cutout, he breaks down. He says that he feels sorry for “that guy”. He thanks Jillian. She even seemed to be overcome with emotion when looking at him beside the cutout. Matt then says good bye to his old self and declares “that guy” dead.

The show closes by showing the fab 3 getting into limos and heading home. They are all reflecting on how proud they are of themselves. They each return home and…

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