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captainD's Boot Prediction – Survivor Guatemala, Episode 11

captainD’s Boot Prediction – Survivor Guatemala, Episode 11

by captainD

This Thursday, after stuffing yourself with turkey and watching football all day, it’s time to gather the family and watch the annual Thanksgiving episode of Survivor. Only four episodes remain and the big finale is inching ever closer. Unlike most seasons, there is no dominate fan favorite this time. The only thing most people agree on is that Judd and Stephenie need to be stopped. An early Christmas present perhaps?

Sparks will fly during the reward challenge that is designed to sniff out alliances. When Stephenie realizes she is no longer the center of her alliance she will not be happy. Cindy is a good bet to win reward. In a “capture the flag” type immunity challenge both physical and mental ability will be needed to win. That means Rafe will dominate another challenge. At tribal council the Hail Mary falls incomplete as the 3’rd member of the jury becomes GARY.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

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