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Out With a BANG – Real World Austin, Season Finale

Out With a BANG – Real World Austin, Season Finale

by Clicker

The party’s over.

It’s the farewell episode.

Mel takes Danny back to Mount Bonnell the place they met on the first day of the Real World to share a romantic moment. It also gives MTV a perfect chance to do flashback footage of the lovebirds on their first day.

Danny asks Mel to come back to Boston with him. She accepts, of course. And they plan to get a little apartment together.

Everyone is packing up. Taping up cardboard boxes. But the roomies do want to have one last night out together so they can leave the house as friends.

That plan doesn’t work.

When they get to the club, Wren tells Nehemiah that she wants Nehemiah to tell Wes to f— off. Then Wren comes up to Wes and hits him. She’s pissed because she found out that Wes blabbed about sleeping with her.

Wes gets overly angry and confronts Rachel and Johanna to see which one of them told Wren. Neither girl really admits it. But he and Danny say they can tell by Rachel’s actions that it is her.

Rachel says it’s “poetic justice” that Wes got slapped by Wren since Wes slapped her (Rachel). Wes starts yelling at Rachel and calling her all kinds of bleeped-out words.

And where is Lacey during all this? On the phone with her boyfriend giving the play by play.

Nehemiah jumps in the middle of it and also starts yelling at Rachel.

Nehemiah is yelling “put your hands on me bitch, put your hands on me bitch” while Danny is holding Rachel down on the couch trying to keep her from fighting Wes and Nehemiah.

Things get really, really bad. The girls take Rachel outside where she’s crying hysterically. She doesn’t want to ever go back into the house again. But Johanna talks her into coming back in.

Rachel calls her boyfriend. She tells him how Nehemiah was calling her a whore and a scum… but the thing that really got her PO’d was that he said she didn’t do anything in Iraq. She admits to her boyfriend that that was when she just started clawing at him.

Everyone goes to bed. Nehemiah and Wes sleep like babies. Rachel lies awake.

In the morning it’s time to finish packing and leave. Rachel, Wes and Nehemiah are not speaking.

A cab pulls up to pick up the first roommate. It’s Rachel. She says goodbye to everyone but Wes and Nehemiah and leaves.

Nehemiah is the next to go – even though he isn’t leaving Austin because he still has to go to court.

When it’s Lacey’s turn, she gets a big surprise. Her boyfriend shows up at the house to escort her home. Very sweet.

Then it’s Wes’ time. He has a very tearful goodbye with Johanna who hugs him and doesn’t want to let go.

That just leaves Johanna, Melinda and Danny.

And, of course, in order for MTV to have its final dramatic moment, Johanna is the next to leave, leaving Danny and Melinda alone to walk through the house hand in hand while MTV plays flashbacks of their time together.

Then it’s off to the airport where they have a tearful goodbye even though she is going to Boston soon to move in with him.

But don’t worry. It isn’t really over until the reunion special…. And that’s next week!

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