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Clay, Clay, Go Away – The Apprentice 4 Commentary, Episode 9

Clay, Clay, Go Away – The Apprentice 4 Commentary, Episode 9

by Hildee Weiss

It was a given that Clay was headed for the streets of New York City from the moment Alla did her mommy routine and ordered him to stop road-blocking. I mean, he had all of these well-meaning teammates staging an intervention for him and he didn’t even bother to stick around for Adam’s sloppy attempt at constructive criticism. Talk about a sore winner!

I was so sure that Clay was going to keep that 6:30 A.M. call about meeting Miss Universe from his fellow players. Here was his chance to keep the other five candidates in the dark and show up for a one on one with The Donald and Miss Universe. Talk about a strange menage a’ trois! I’m assuming that Miss Universe was brought on to promote the next pageant and the pageant’s producer, Donald Trump; otherwise, why on earth was she there? I mean, what does Miss Universe have to do with finding the next one hit wonder for XM Café?!

Poor Clay! Adam, Alla and Felisha couldn’t contain their excitement when Trump moved Clay over to Rebecca and Randal’s team. Fortunately, the R & R duo seemed happy to have him…until they actually had to work with him, that is. Now, mind you, Clay has been known for his creativity. As a middle child myself, I don’t think that a song is the right forum to vent one’s angst and anguish that comes with being the jelly in the sandwich. A poem, yes. A journal entry, perhaps. But not a song that has to capture millions of radio listeners.

Rebecca hit the nail on the head about Clay’s lack of flexibility. He daydreamed while she was making a pitch and then basically told her the pitch was boring. How rude! Here, Rebecca had been looking forward to working alongside a “winner” but after butting heads with Clay one too many times, she realized he was a real loser. Who did Clay think he was, claiming he was going to push Jide to his limits and make him a superstar? I don’t remember Quincy Jones filling out an application.

Felisha did a decent job of managing her team well but then again, she was working with my gal pal, Alla. I have been really impressed with Alla’s performance since day one. Not only has she been a great team player but she has proven herself to be a top notch project manager. Her teammates – with the exception of Clay – respect and admire her. And, she’s the mother of four kids. You can’t beat that! But back to Felisha. She realized the sound wasn’t right and she convinced her teammates and the record producers to bring the pop rock up a notch. That decision, my blonde friend, is what won you a place in the final five!

Excel really blew it with their presentation. This was clearly not your day in court, Becky. You were not defending someone on death row so why were you so serious? (Although if looks could kill, Clay would most definitely be the defendant for bringing Jide in before the grand entrance!) Everyone’s favorite, Randal, did the impossible and made a mistake…a big one, actually. That poster he had worked so hard on displayed the wrong channel and earned him a place in The Donald Trump Hall of Shame.

I was all set for another double firing or worse yet, a triple firing. D.T. had me going, thinking Rebecca was gone for a task gone wrong, Randal was out for messing up the poster and Clay was gone for…being Clay. Well, I guess Mr. Trump isn’t all that into arts and crafts because he had grown tired of Clay and he wanted him gone as much as everyone else. Wish we could say we were sorry to see you go!


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