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Blindsided, Nice! – Survivor: Guatemala, Episode 10

Blindsided, Nice! – Survivor: Guatemala, Episode 10

by atarus

Hi everybody. Sorry I missed last week’s recap, but life caught up with me and we all know how that is. But the lovely and talented Wanda and her words of wisdom was a great column and I’m sure because of it you didn’t miss me too much.

If you did happen to miss last week’s episode, here it is in 100 words or less: Bobby Jon and Jamie fight for a bit more, Lydia sucks at a reward challenge, Jamie tries to repent for past sins by giving up his good reward, BJ and Jamie work things out, Jamie goes crazy, Lydia sucks at an immunity challenge, Jamie wins immunity, Gary finds the hidden immunity idol and saves his butt, Bobby Jon is voted out, I cry a lot. Oh, and Judd lied just a little bit.

If only all my recaps were that easy.

Moving on to this week’s episode! This week, the tribe gets back from Tribal Council and Jamie decides to pick a fight with Gary for no particular reason. Jamie states that he thinks Gary’s shady, and tells the six Nakums that he thinks Gary voted for Cindy to cause confusion. Cindy isn’t phased by it, and tells the camera “every time we come back from Tribal Council, Jamie tries to get into a fight.” Jamie then goes off on some random tangent about Gary and Gary saying something about voting for Brandon and something, I don’t really have ANY idea what he’s talking about, all I know is he’s trying to fight with Gary and really failing miserably. When Jamie accuses Gary of calling him a liar, Gary says “I didn’t call you a liar, I don’t think you can hear very well.” Judd says that he didn’t see Gary lying, and he thinks Jamie is psychologically losing it.

It’s time for the reward challenge. It’s basically an excuse to have a camera zoom in on the butts of women covered in mud. They are paired off into two groups of two men and two women. They have to go through a mud pit, over and under a few obstacles while carrying a pot full of corn. The teams are Steph-Danni/Gary-Judd vs. Rafe-Jamie/Lydia-Cindy. The challenge starts, and Jamie and Rafe get a bit of a lead on Gary and Judd. Lydia and Cindy blow it as Lydia is shorter than the depth of the mud pit and is nearly swallowed up by it. Lots of shots of Danni and Stephenie and Cindy’s butts, and eventually Gary-Judd/Steph-Danni win the challenge. Jamie yells at Cindy and Lydia to finish anyway, but Cindy yells at him that it’s over and there’s no point.

On the reward, Danni is excited because she’s never even been in a helicopter before. They stay at this guy’s house and everybody showers near the pool and gets all cleaned up from all the mud. Judd goes au naturale to clean himself and Steph and Danni giggle at him. Steph says that there couldn’t have been a better foursome to go on the reward for, her and Danni are a lot alike and Gary is a genuine guy. Steph, however, says she feels bad for Lydia for letting her team down. It then cuts to Lydia talking to Rafe, saying that Rafe and Jamie were ahead of Gary and Judd, and because of her they lost, and Rafe tells her not to feel bad. Later, Jamie asks Rafe to be in the final 3 with him and Judd, and Rafe is non-commital. Rafe says he’s “given up trying to figure out Jamie’s strategy.” Back at the reward, Gary tries to make some ties with Steph and Judd. Gary says the group of them are the four strongest, and they should be the final 4, play with the best, beat the best. Steph says in a confessional that it’s a good idea, but she has such a good thing going, why should she mess with that. Judd says he knows what his gameplan is, and bonding with Gary and Danni won’t change his gameplan, if he wants to go further the threats gotta go.

The next morning, Danni says it’s “so refreshing to smell coffee and not jungle.” The guy that owns the house they’re staying at brings them a gift, it’s videos from home. Danni states “I knew my family would be okay, I just wanted to see my dogs.” Gary is an emotional wreck when it comes to anything family and cries when he sees his tape. When the group gets back to camp, they show up with coffee packets, and Cindy’s happy because she’s a coffee junkie. Judd tells Jamie there wasn’t any strategy talk on the reward to calm his nerves.

Immunity time! Each Survivor is attached to a rope and has to navigate on the rope through a few obstacles. The first four to finish move on to the second round, which is a three-level version of the rope obstacle. The Survivors are off, and it’s clear who’s out front. Gary, Rafe, Steph, Jamie, and Cindy get out to a good start, Judd gives up quickly, and Lydia and Danni just don’t do well. Eventually Gary gets stuck, and Rafe, Jamie, and Steph all finish before him. It comes down to the wire and it’s a close race between Cindy and Gary, but Cindy just barely beats him out. So those four move on to the multi-story challenge. That begins, and Cindy and Rafe take a huge lead over Steph and Jamie. Cindy leads for most of it, but gets stuck near the end, and Rafe catches up to her and passes her in time to win immunity.

Rafe states “Of the three immunities I’ve participated in, I won two and came in second in third.” Did anybody think Rafe would be the immunity hog after watching him on that ladder in episode 2? Gary says “I gave it my best shot, I’m going out fighting.” Judd says everybody’s voting Gary, and Jamie might get one vote, maybe from Gary. Jamie says “Rafe’s not a serious threat, it’s Gary.” And sometimes he wonders what Stephenie’s thinking. Cindy says Jamie’s paranoia is getting crazy and getting old. Rafe tells Jamie that his paranoia is scaring other people. Rafe talks to Lydia and tells her “Jamie’s driving me insane” and Lydia asks what he proposes to do. They talk to Steph, and Rafe says he thinks they should go for Jamie, and Steph agrees. Lydia looks like a deer in the headlights.

It’s Tribal Council time. From a distance, Juror Bobby Jon looks like Clark Kent from Smallville. Just FYI. When asked about the reward, Stephenie says she enjoyed Gary and Danni’s company, especially since Gary nearly went home last TC. Judd says that Gary is an awesome person but what has to be done has to be done for him (Judd) to move on. Jamie says “everybody has super heart, and people just go insane out here.” Like Jamie, for instance.

Votes: Jamie votes Gary, saying “it’s either you or me tonight, buddy.” Gary votes for Jamie, saying “I still think you have a big heart.” Judd votes Gary, “thanks for sharing this experience.”

The votes are read, and in a 6-2 vote Jamie gets the big ol’ boot. As he leaves, he turns and says “Blindsided, NICE! Now THAT’S how you vote somebody out!” At least he had a good attitude about it.

Next time: Judd is left reeling from the vote, emotions run high, and it looks like Steph and Judd start fighting.

Jamie’s final words are all about Lydia, saying he warned her about danger several times, but she didn’t warn him and it’d be tough to forgive her.

Well, as I stated in episode 2, Rafe is still the one to watch out for. He’s won two immunity challenges and people still don’t consider him a threat. If he makes it to the final 2, he’ll win. The question is, can he make it? See you next week.


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