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I Got My Life Back, Baby!– Biggest Loser, 11-15-05

“I Got My Life Back, Baby!”– Biggest Loser, 11-15-05

by LauraBelle

I’m not usually at a loss for words, as I’m sure many people will attest to, but today’s episode of Biggest Loser is just beyond words. And yet for someone like me that writes from the deepest place in my heart, it’s a dream to write. I love to make great sound bytes into titles, and tonight there were so many wonderful ones to chose from. Again, a dream.

Bob checks in the day after elimination and finds Shannon gone, but Andrea still remaining … again. He tells her he didn’t expect to find her there still, and she says she didn’t either. Andrea says she feelds badly for Suzy to keep going through this with her, and for herself she says it’s emotionally exhausting. Bob informs her it’s, “Game on.”

Bob then turns to helping Andrea and Suzy prepare for the week’s challenge by doing some yoga. He tells t he ladies yoga is all abou working core strength or the third eye. Suzy hates every minutes of this, explaining her mind just races all the time, making it difficult to focus on one thing like this.

Jillian helps the guys working out, giving them hits for the challenge such as “endurance, strength, balance, focuse and bathing suits. Thank God she didn’t say birthday suits. Jeff is a realist and knows balance isn’t his best thing. Jill chastises Matt for not trying hard after his twelve pound gain last week. She tells him hdoesn’t get to [bleep] around this week. When she offers to let anyone leave that wants to, it’s Matt that walks out of the workout.

Knowing this is Matt’s story, Jillian goes off to find him. Matt has potation for greatness, then saboatages himkself in the end. This is just what happened when he was in college destined to be a national champion in wrestling. Once she catches up with him she finds him on a hike and joins in.

Matt tells Jillian he knows he’s going home in a few weeks re gardless. He’s afraid to face everything that got him here such as the bars and restaurants. He battled alcohol for a long time, he says. Jillian tells him he’ll be okay as he’s still here taking care of himself. He didn’t walk; he didn’t stay in bed and pull the covers over his head. He took a hike … literally.

Not that anyone in this group is going to be swayed much by tempation, but they still find themsleves facing a temptaiton challenge. The otation losers are met with popcorn, cotton candy, funnel cakes and skee ball, The accompanying note says that they can each takek a c hance and roll the skee ball. If they get it in the winning baket they can choose anyone they want to sit out of the weekly challenge. But if they h it the other baskets, they’re forced to eat the county fair snacks. Andrea is the only one tempted, and only because she believes the risk to be worth it. Once she sees no one else interested, she decies to forgo the skeeball.

At the regular weekly challenge, eveyrone meets up with Caroline at a pool, just as Jjillian had hinted at. Caroline tells them their prize this week will be a night’s stay that very night at a Sheraton Hotel in Santa Monica. There will be no immunity, t hough. Instead the winner will get to add two pounds at weigh-in to anyone they choose.

For this challenge all five contestants hold on to big poles by wrapping their arms around them. The platform drops out and they are above the water holding on. Suzy and her short arms initially seem at a disadvantage, and Andrea seems to be employing the yoga and fucsing taught by Bob earlier, as her eyes are close and she is not moving at all.

Dr. Jeff is the first to drop out at just four minutes. Matt tries bouncing his pole that is held by a bar that supports the other poles as well in an apparent attempt to shake the others’ focus. When this doesn’t work he says he’s about to call it a day and jumps after staying a total of fourteen minutes.

Seth tries a different means of breaking the others’ focus. He tries talking to Andrea, and when she ignores him, still with her eyes shut and not moving, he turns to Suzy. Not able to s hake her either, Seth is out after holding on for thirty minutes. After and hour, Suzy and Andrea are still holding on, but Suzy is clearly struggling. Suzy, not doing well with the yoga focusing still can’t focus and falls, turning the win over to Andrea, who says the competitor in her wanted the win. She feels as if she finally has a little power.

At the Sheraton hotel, Andrea’s husband, Billy, is waiting to surprise her. Finding him, she exclaims she knew he was going to be there. BIlly says Andrea is beautiful, his best friend, and they share honest, respect and eternal love for each other. He then gives her an eternal love pendant.

The next day at the last chance workout Matt is getting nervous about last week’s 12 pound gain. He says the best case scenario will be re-losing that 12 and the worst case will be to lose no more. Seth feels he has more of a potential to lose less because he had such a big week last week. Feeling this way, he knows he needs to exercise even harder. Jeff never expected to lose double digits for six weeks and doesn’t think he can push it for number seven. Andrea says losing the least last week has just energized her more for this week.

At the weigh-in, Andrea says she has decided to give the extra two pounds she won in the challenge to Dr. Jeff. She calls the move purely strategy and thinks it will work out the best for her. Caroline tells Jeff he should be extremely flattered and he indicates he is.

Suzy “To Find Mr. Right” is the first to be weighed. Last week making it down to 170, this week only loses 4 more to get down to 166 for a total loss to date of 61 pounds. This week it amounts to a 2.35% loss. Her former partner, Seth “to see son grow up” steps on the scale, and having a big week last week to make it all the way down to 219, does well again, weighing in at 211 for a 3.65% loss. He has now lost a total of 80 which he notes people will definitely notice now.

Andrea “to be a princess” also had a big week last week, getting down to 179. Today she weighs in at 176, saying it’s frustrating mentally to work so hard and only lose 3 pounds. She has lost a total to date of 44 pounds and loses 1.68% this week. Matt “to be an athlete” has everyone nervous. After his 12 pound gain to be at 266 last week, this week he is down to 240! He has lost not only that gained 12, but an additional 14! He bounces his way off the scale, excited that his total weight loss is now 99 pounds. He posts an astounding 9.77% loss.

It’s all up to Jeff “to inspire patients” once again. Andrea is in the bottom two regardless, but he needs to lose more than 8 to stay out of the bottom two and force Suzy into it. After six consecutive weeks of double digit loss and coming into the week at 270, he now weights 267 for only a 3 pound loss. Once Andrea’s two pounds are added in, it becomes only a 1 pound loss for 0.37%. Regardless, he has still lost 103 pounds overall. Matt calls this a big surprise and says it is a tough week for the plateau to happen. Caroline tells Andrea, who just can’t seem to win for losing, that had she given those two pounds to Suzy, it would be her in the bottom two with Jeff.

Bob tells Andrea he doesn’t want to see her go, but says if she does, he’s not worried about her. He was all the previous weeks she was up for elimination, but not this time. Andrea asks if it’s a bad time to tell him she ate brownies last night at the hotel and asks if he is mad. She won’t tell him how many, but a listening Matt from the treadmill chimes in that he knows it was nine. This changes everything, as now Bob is worried about her and pissed off as well. He tells her he thinks she’s amazing and special, and can’t see why she just can’t believe that about herself, and says she’ll just have to trust him with that.

Jeff and Jillian take a walk together and he tells her regardless, he has still lost 103 pounds and gotten his life back. He feels he has gained more than he lost. He has done so many things he thought were impossible. When he came just walking up the stairs was a chore for him, and now he is running 10 mph. Jillian tells him he beat all the records here at the Biggest Loser; he is the first ever to lose 100 pounds. Jeff says for the first time he is looking forward with hope instead of looking back with regret. He tells Jillian, “You’re the one that got me started, and I love you for that.”

At the elimination, Caroline says she knows this is perhaps more excruciating that any of the others. They have now all become friends that have shared an incredible experience together. Suzy is asked to vote first and says this week isn’t any easier than the others. She is voting based on complete strategy, and says she is evidently playing the game now. Suzy votes for Jeff, saying she genuinely cares for him and appreciates everything he has put in her life.

Matt is up to vote next and with only three people voting, if he votes for Jeff he will be eliminated. He believes both Jeff and Andrea deserve to stay, and notes how unfortunate it is the number of consecutive times that Andrea has found herself sitting in that spot. Yet, he says the man sititng next to her is the most selfless person he knows. He loses weight and thanks his teammates. He receives a new gift and finds a way to give it to his daughters. Matt says he never net anyone like Dr. Jeff in his whole life. He came here to inspire his patients. Matt says he has had two heros his whole life, his mom and dad. Meeting Jeff, he now has three.

As Jeff is brought to tears, Matt says the great thing about this game is that you lose a lot of weight, but unfortunately the bad thing about this game is when you lose a lot of weight, you become a threat. It’s a tough thing for him to do, but he has to send Jeff home.

Caroline tells Jeff that the others have decided he is not the biggest loser. Jeff says that is not what he heard. What he did hear makes him so incredibly proud. He asks how he can lose after what the others said about him. He thanks them all, just as Matt said he does. After Jeff kisses and hugs Suzy goodbye, Matt moves in for a hug and says he doesn’t want any kisses.

Privately after his elimination, Jeff says at 43, how many people his age get a second chance to get their life back? He says he has given 200% and not wasted a minute of time. He has gained so much and wants to share it with whoever will listen. If he inspires one person, it will make his time there so much richer. He got his life back, which is priceless. He calls himself the luckiest man in the world, but I’m betting the other four that voted him out are thinking themselves to be the luckiest.

Twenty-four hours later Jeff returns home to his wife and daughters. They exclaim, “Oh my God!” when they see him, and he exclaims, “Daddy’s home!” His wife says when she saw him walk in and how much he had lost, she knew it was the first day of a new life for them. He couldn’t walk up the stairs, and his wife figures he could now climb a mountain. She knows he will inspire them and his patients. Looking at his wife, Jeff calls her his best friend and soul mate, and … one hot mama. Looking at him, he wife calls him one hot daddy.

Checking in with Jeff today, Jeff has lost even more, to get down to 240! He says he feels years younger. And he apparently looks how he feels, he looks at least 10 years younger. He doesn’t look anywhere close to 40. He exclaims to the camera, “I got my life back, Baby!”

Jeff, you came on the show to inspire your patients, but inspired the world.

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