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Slammer Time – Real World Austin, Episode 23

Slammer Time – Real World Austin, Episode 23

by Clicker

When will the Real Worlders learn?

It’s best be “in” bars not “behind” them.

Nehemiah has called the house to let them know he’s in the slam. Danny decides to just go down to the jail to find out what he has to do to get Nehemiah out and to show his support.

When Danny gets back in the morning, he tells the other roommates that Nehemiah apparently assaulted someone and it is going to take at least $3000 to get him out. Nehemiah will have to sit in jail for 30 days until his court date if the roomies can’t come up with a plan.

While Johanna – who knows her way around a Texas jail too – and Danny fret over how they will get the money, Rachel reminds them that the more important thing to worry about is that they have a movie premiere coming up in a week. And now that Nehemiah is locked up, who is going to finish the film.

Nehemiah calls the house again and talks to Danny and they try to figure out how to get the cash. Nehemiah says there is no point asking his family because they don’t’ have that kind of cash. Danny suggests that they ask “production” to front Nehemiah his money. I found this very interesting because I never thought about the Real Worlders really getting paid! I thought they did this just for our amusement!

Danny, in his confessional interview, says that he just doesn’t understand Nehemiah when he gets drunk. “He acts like a totally different person when he gets drunk… You can’t just go around hitting people and expect to get away with it.”

Wait a minute. Didn’t Danny nearly lose an eye fighting at the beginning of the season? And didn’t he threaten to kick some kid’s ass in Costa Rica because the kid was looking at “his woman” Mel?

Lacey and Rachel, disappointed in Nehemiah for being in jail, decide to go to the editing room and work on the movie themselves. They think they can do it if Nehemiah doesn’t get out of jail.

David, one of their film mentors, comes over. He’s concerned that the premiere is in 3 days. The film is not finished. And the one person who could finish it is in jail.

Wes believes Nehemiah will be out of jail in time to do the work because Danny went back down to the jail to get him. (Production approved fronting him the cash.) David reminds the roommates that when he talked to Nehemiah before the incident he noticed that he was frustrated that he was the only one working on the film.

Danny walks into the editing suite and Nehemiah isn’t with him. Apparently the jail won’t release him until 5:30 pm. And Danny has a bit more bad news. Nehemiah is facing up to $4000 in fines and up to 1 year in prison. YIKES. Nehemiah may have a little bit more than the film on his mind.

Nehemiah does get sprung. He is a bit out of it when he gets home. He blames the fight on being stressed out because of the project.

Wes wants Nehemiah to tell him all the gory details about what happened.

Nehemiah says all he was trying to do was talk to the bratwurst stand owner and then someone pushed him, he started swinging and the next thing he knew he was being arrested.

Nehemiah decides to find the bratwurst stand owner and apologize, which he does. The guy is wearing a wrist brace – but no one says whether it is from the fight or not.

“I hit the wrong person” Nehemiah says in his confessional.

Then it’s back to business. Nehemiah is in the editing room by himself. The rest of the roomies are out partying at the bar.

Wes comes home totally drunk. So drunk that he can’t even stand up. He is in a daze. He tries to go into the girls’ closet and ends up breaking off the closet door. He starts throwing things and acting like a big goof.

Rachel gets home and wants to use the phone but Wes is on it. She tells him to hurry off and Nehemiah butts in and tells her not to tell Wes what to do. Rachel playfully flips him off. Somehow this pisses off Wes who comes out of the phone room and gets in Rachel’s face about flipping off Nehemiah. Then he threatens to slap her. She tells him to go ahead and he lightly taps her on the cheek.

But apparently later (off camera, or at least not shown) he slaps her in the face a bit harder.

The next morning Wes doesn’t remember anything that he did. He threw some sort of coffee maker and beans are everywhere. He hit Rachel. He broke the closet door.

Wes apologizes and Rachel accepts.

Nehemiah and Wes go out to lunch. The film is essentially completed – by Nehemiah. And they cook up a plan to go to the premiere dressed as “pimps”.

They go to a thrift store/costume store and find some clothes. But instead of pimp gear they get a couple of really awful tuxes. One in blue and one in lime green. No pimp would be caught dead in these. But it does give the roomies some laughs. The comment is made more than once that they look like “Dumb and Dumber”.

A limo picks them all up for the premiere. And Paul, their lead film mentor, gives the film – called The Real sxsw –a very heartfelt introduction.

The lights go out. The movie starts. And MTV flashes a notice for us viewers at home that we must go to www.overdrive.mtv.com to see the film. Aw shucks.

I did go to the website and have a look. I made it about half way through the documentary before I got bored. Not that the film is so bad. It’s just that MTV has broken up the 15 minute flick into small pieces AND unfortunately before each piece and sometimes during you have to listen to “happy talk” from the Real World gang about making the doc. I’ve watched them all season. I wanted to see the doc, not listen to them jabber.

Which reminds me. Next week is the last episode.

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