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Unhappy Ending – Real World Austin, Episode 22

Unhappy Ending – Real World Austin, Episode 22

by Clicker

Wes is growing bored with Wren, the girl he’s been interested in all season.

He says he wants to get serious and she doesn’t wan to. The real deal is that she doesn’t want to give up anything. And he spends the whole episode – well, almost – whining about it.

Walking home from the bar with Rachel and Jo, Wes tells them he is totally sexually frustrated. But not for the reasons we might think. It’s not because Wren isn’t giving it up. It’s because he’s juggling 5 beautiful women. (yeah, right).

But that’s not the only thing Wes has to complain about. Their film mentor Paul has asked that the roomies show up for a film screening of another director’s film on Friday night. What’s wrong with that, you might ask.? Well Wes and some of the other roommates don’t want to have to work on a Friday night. Since when is getting paid to go to a movie work?

Everyone but Wes and Danny end up going to see the screening of “Dig,” another documentary about bands. Nehemiah is the only one who is really enthused because he figures he’ll get to meet some film folk and maybe jumpstart his career.

They go to see the screening. The director is a woman named Ondi. And it took her 7 years to make the film. Nehemiah comments that the two docs are so similar. Except hers was riveting (according to the roommates).

Wes is out with Wren at the Dizzy Rooster. Wren is all giggly and embarrassed because every time she tries to sneak a kiss from Wes the cameras catch her. Wes suggests they just go home and f—- then. That’s real nice, huh? And he wonders why he hasn’t gotten her to sleep with him with sweet talk like that.

Wes is all whiney that Wren doesn’t want to be sexual and she also doesn’t tell him about herself. He says the combo makes him “bored.” He realizes they have reached a plateau. “I’m the type of guy that has ADD in relationships.”

Back at the film society, Ondi offers to come over to the house and look at the roomies’ film and give them some tips on what they should do.

She likes what she sees and offers more than some suggestions. She offers Nehemiah an internship.

Nehemiah is doing all the editing work on the documentary. The other roommates seem to have bailed out on the project.

The rest of the roomies are out at the bar and Jo and Wes dirty dance and make-out in front of Wren. Wren is pretty unhappy about it. The upside is all that making out makes Wren jealous. And finally Wes gets what he wants. He SAYS Wren took him back to her apt and they finally got to do what they had been wanting to do – without any cameras around.

Later Lacey is on the phone with her boyfriend complaining that Nehemiah isn’t doing the editing work fast enough. One of the mentors comes over and is very disappointed that the film isn’t further along. Nehemiah is kind of stuck in a rut. Burned out .

He goes out drinking with some of his roommates to unwind. Lacey is frustrated because she thinks Nehemiah should be at home.

Nehemiah stays out longer than the others and still isn’t home at 2 a.m.

Rachel says maybe she and Lacey should finish the film but Lacey says that this is Nehemiah’s job.

Then the phone rings. It’s a collect call from the Travis County Jail. And it’s Nehemiah. Looks like the girls may be editing after all.

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