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Game On! – Biggest Loser, 11-08-05

Game On! – Biggest Loser, 11-08-05

by LauraBelle

Game on. With just six people left vying to be the Biggest Loser, it’s game on. After the back-to-back eliminations of Pete and Mark, it’s left two full teams of two and a two individuals without partners. Even Seth mentions no one knows quite what to expect next. But first we are treated to seeing how well Dave from last season is doing. When he started the show he was at 265, and is currently at 185, saying he plays hard and eats right.

Everyone meets Caroline in the weight room as she tells them the game is about to change again. It is all men and women for themselves, turning individual. No more partners; no more teams. Matt says it feel pretty good to only have to worry about himself.

The present weight loss percentage of each person is shown – best to worst. Matt started out at 339 pounds, and losing 85 pounds has lost 25.07%. Jeff started at 370, and losing 86 pounds, has lost 23.24%. Suzy, walking in at 227, has lost a total of 47 pounds, or 20.70%. Her former partner, Seth, had started as the smaller male at 291 pounds, and losing 59 pounds has lost 20.27%. Shannon came to the show at 257, and losing 49 pounds so far, is up to a loss of 19.07%. The person losing the least is Andrea. She started at 220 and has lost 36 pounds for a percentage of 16.36.

Andrea says seeing her name as the lowest loser just makes her think, “Game on!” She thinks this week will be the “Comeback of the Underdog.” Caroline tells everyone the bottom two losers every week will be the two to face elimination. She also reminds everyone their percentage for only that week will count. Matt is worried, being that if someone else has a really big week, it could do him in.

After this, back at the house, Bob and Jillian stop in to see who was voted out the night before. Jillian sees Mark gone and is immediately upset. She feels she’s lost two guys in a row, but seeing Matt upset, she consoles him. Being filled in on the game changing to individual, she feels relief. She can now train these guys one one one, putting her in her element.

For their temptation challenge this week, they get to have a little fun. Brian and Jillian are in a dunk tank, and if the potential losers eat a 10 calorie candy, which looks like M&Ms, they get a chance to dunk their trainer. Matt ran through his mind to see how many extra calories he had in the day. Knowing he has 130 calories he could burn through, he knew he could eat 13 candies for 13 chances to dunk Jillian. He got her, easily.

Bob likes this temptation, being that you can have fun and eat chocolate, without being too much in the hole with the calories. Andrea has a lot of fun with it, dunking Bob multiple times. After awhile she foregoes throwing the ball at the target and just goes and pushes it with her hand to dunk him. Suzy takes note that Andrea ate more candy than anyone else. She thinks to herself, “You just keep eating those calories.”

Suzy, a hairdresser for ten years, knows Matt has been regretting not doing more with the makeover last week. She goes to find him with her scissors in her hand. He says again he hasn’t had his hair cut in two years. As she cuts, she notices his confidence coming out. With all that hair gone, he looks like the handsome young wrestler he used to be not that many years ago. He thanks Suzy for the haircut. Shannon mentions that he looks hot and says, “You clean up good!”

Bob comes to get the girls for a workout involving jumping to help them prepare for the week’s challenge. He suggests jogging there and Shannon says something is wrong with her foot, making the jog difficult for her. She is met with the unexpected response of Bob acting like he doesn’t care. She tells him, “You’re supposed to be my trainer.” This upsets him a great deal, and he asks her to please not say that. It’s disrespectful and doesn’t have merit.

Everyone meeting with Caroline for the challenge, she notices the change in Matt right away. She tells him he looks great, and very young. The prize for this challenge will again be two-fold. The winner will get immunity at the weigh-in and will also win an exercise bike. They will be jumping the ultimate jump rope. As they stand on a platform, big bars will swing around them like rope. If they jump wrong, the bar breaks, knocking them out of the competition.

Shannon doesn’t care about the pain in her foot anymore. She wants immunity. Jeff is the first one out, followed by Andrea and Suzy. Finally after 15 minutes Shannon is out as well, leaving Seth and Matt. These two have been competing against each other, although in teams, the past few weeks. They are definitely the most athletic two of the final six. The speed of the bars increases, and eventually Seth jumps wrong, and Matt wins.

Bob and Jillian find everyone after and ask how the challenge went. Shannon says she doesn’t want to talk about it or she will start crying. She says although it was killing her foot, she made it over nine minutes. Bob calls that sheer will. Losing Pete and Mark back to back, Jillian is worried about Jeff. He has consistently lost double digits the past five weeks, and she’s worried this could be his plateau week. Jeff loves that she is so brutally honest with him.

Matt decides with immunity, and with no team or partner depending on him, to lay off this week. He doesn’t do the last workouts and he eats more. He decides to up his calories and ease back in the game, hoping he’ll take it off next week. I’m not sure I’m following his reasoning with this. The only thing I can think of is that he is either trying to throw off the competition or have his plateau this week so that he will have to lose big next week and post big numbers to not be in the lower two.

Jillian puts in a lot of time training Jeff for the last workouts in Matt’s absence. Shannon feels she is having one of her better weeks. Suzy says if Andrea gets a higher number, it’s really going to piss her off. Suzy started off so slow, but she has shown some of the best resilience the past few weeks.

Walking in to the weigh-in, Caroline notes newly shorn Matt “to be an athlete” is actually smiling! Something we rarely see out of him. He says he thinks he will post a gain today. He weighed 262 two weeks ago, and 254 last week. Stepping on the scale today he weighs 266! He expected a gain, but I don’t think he was expecting 12 pounds. He still refers to the 4.72% gain as a strategy. Yet last week he said listening to Jillian was the best thing he had done so far. I sure hope this works out for him next week.

Andrea “to be a princess” started off the week at 184, and has a big week getting down to 179. She has lost a total to date of 41 pounds and loses 2.72% this week. Seth “to see son grow up” steps on the scale, and only losing one pound last week to make it to 232, this week makes it all the way down to 219 for a 5.60% loss. He has now lost a total of 72.

Suzy “To Find Mr. Right” only losing two pounds last week to make it down to 180, this week loses big, getting down to 170! She has lost 5.56% this week for a total loss to date of 57 pounds. She says she hasn’t weighed 170 since she was in ninth grade. Shannon “to turn up the sexy volume” weighed in last week at 208 and today weighs 200. She acknowledges she worked her ass off for the 3.85% loss. She has now lost a total of 57 pounds.

It’s all up to Jeff “to inspire patients”. Right now the bottom two are Andrea and Shannon. Andrea will be bottom two no matter what, but if this does turn out to be Jeff’s plateau week, he could be in the bottom two with her instead of Shannon. Starting on the show at 370, he weighed 284 last week. This week Jeff weighs in at 270. He has lost 100 pounds exactly so far, and a loss of 4.9.%. He says later he didn’t even remember learning that he lost enough to keep him out of the bottom two or what his weight was. All he can remember is losing 100 pounds! I’d say he’s inspiring quite a few patients right now.

Shannon says it’s difficult to see two women as the two lowest. As Bob and Jillian walk in to hear the results, Jillian screams hearing about Jeff’s 100 pound loss. Bob says trying to keep Shannon and Andrea motivated now is hard, especially Shannon. She still lost 8 pounds this week. She says going home now is not an option for her. Bob says he trains these girls so intimately and it’s very hard to face losing one of them. If Andrea does leave, she wants Bob to know that he has changed her life and that she loves him.

At the elimination Caroline cuts everyone to the chase once again. Suzy, through heavy tears, a trademark for her, says this has been her hardest choice so far. Being the only girl voting she feels very alone. The guys are great, but they aren’t her team. She knows she has to vote with what is going to help her, although being selfish doesn’t come easy for her. She votes for Shannon and says she is sorry.

Seth says both Andrea and Shannon have really made changes in the last week. But one of them made noticeable enough changes that the difference made him feel she was more of a threat. He votes for Shannon as well. Jeff says although neither of the women are his teammates, they are both his friends. He says they proved this week they belonged there. He has decided to vote for who pushes him more to stay, so he votes for Andrea to leave.

If Matt votes for Andrea as well and the vote comes down to a tie, the lowest percentage of weight loss will be voted out by default, and that would be Andrea. If he votes for Shannon, she will be voted out three to one. Once again, he is the deciding vote. Noting that last week he voted out his close friend, Mark, Matt says he is faced this week with possibly voting out Shannon who was his partner for two weeks. He says more single moms need to look at what she has done. She has faced adversity, picked herself up and moved on. Nevertheless he votes her out.

Shannon says for for the first time in her life, she finally feels she has control over food. She has never felt that before. She knows her life is going to be better now as she says goodbye to everyone.

After her elimination she says they all thought she was a threat, and she takes that as a positive. She still went out on top. She wants to continue the track she is on. She wants to cook more instead of always going out. She vows next time that we see her she will be in a size 10. 24 hours later we see her arriving to a big welcome home from her family. Her mom says she looks beautiful and tried her best. Her sister wants to get on the same path and work out with her. She knows if Shannon can do it, they all can. From a family of larger people, Shannon is now the smallest.

Checking in with Shannon today, she is flipping drop dead gorgeous! She says she always felt people were saying she was gorgeous with a “but” (not butt), meaning she was gorgeous, but heavy. Now she just feels they are are just saying she is gorgeous, and she’s right. She has now lost 87 pounds so far. I don’t know if she made it down to her size 10, but I don’t think it matters.

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