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captainD's Boot Prediction – Survivor Guatemala, Episode 9

And then there were nine! Last week the old Nakum tribe stayed together and Brandon was the last pre-jury casualty. This means that everyone remaining will have a say as to who wins. The only thing keeping Danni, Gary, and Bobby Jon from being early jury boots is a complete meltdown of Nakum. Will we see the beginning of this on Thursday?

It’s pop quiz time. If your alliance has the numbers advantage and the only thing keeping yourself from the finals is a few easy tribal councils, what do you do? If you answered get drunk and piss off your entire alliance then congratulations . . . you are an idiot. Lucky for you however, Judd is also an idiot. Because after winning an alcohol related reward challenge that is exactly what happens. The immunity challenge involves throwing some sort of Mayan spears at targets. With Gary’s football backgroung I pick him to win. The Nakum 6 have such a large numbers advantage that they could decide to vote off Judd or Jamie now and still be in the majority. Although seriously considered, the alliance will hold and the first member of the jury is BOBBY JON.

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