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Paradise Lost – Real World Austin, Episode 21

Paradise Lost – Real World Austin, Episode 21

by Clicker

The Roomies get to Costa Rica in the middle of the night and immediately run to the beach and start frolicking in the water.

Wes and Nehemiah get naked. (yawn)

And later the Real Worlders pile into cabs and — surprise – head out barhopping. As they walk between bars, some kids on bikes roll by and look at Melinda. Danny gets pissed and wants to fight. Nehemiah begs him not to tangle with the locals. A lesson we would have thought Danny had learned back in Austin.

Paradise lost ….

On their first real excursion, the roomies go on a canopy tour, sliding from tree to tree with ropes and harnesses. Mel is afraid of heights but hangs in there without complaining.

That night, Danny and Mel decide to stay in and let the rest of the gang go barhopping. He thinks it’s crazy to come all the way to Costa Rica just to hang out at a bar. Nehemiah tells Wes the real reason Danny doesn’t want to go out is because he doesn’t want other men looking at Mel.

The next day the roomies take surf lessons. No one has surfed before, and Lacey – pale, pale, pale, Lacey, doesn’t know how to swim. Everyone is laughing and falling around and just having a good time – except Lacey: “I’m eating dirt, water, salt and board.” Who would have thought it would be Lacey who would be a downer? No fights to instigate, I guess.

At dinner, Lacey tells Wes he looks like Prince Harry. They come up with this big scheme where Wes will walk into a bar and pretend to be the prince. I guess it doesn’t occur to them that they already have a camera crew following them wherever they go. Anyway, it seems to work. Nehemiah and Danny pretend to be body guards. They are frisking the girls that want to talk to Wes/Prince Harry and making them bow and kiss his royal hand. Wes isn’t even trying to fake a British accent. It’s really quite bizarre.

Somehow Danny and Melinda get into a side conversation over whether she would “bang” Prince William if she ever met Prince William and had the chance. Mel says “Yes,” if she was single. And Danny gets jealous and angry that she would even THINK of banging another guy. He tells her it’s over and leaves her at the bar.

The next day, Danny wakes up and realizes he did the most stupid thing in the world and he goes to find Melinda who is eating with the girls. He feels really stupid. He keeps his distance because he doesn’t know what to say to her.

Later they make up and he tells her how insecure he is. “I feel I’m not good enough for you Mel.”

She forgives him and the gang goes whitewater rafting. Again Lacey is complaining., but is enjoying herself by the end of the river run.

Then the trip is over and it’s time for the roomies to get back to reality—such that it is on MTV.

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