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Time to Face the Music – Real World Austin, Episode 20

Time to Face the Music – Real World Austin, Episode 20

by Clicker

This week, the Real World was almost longer than my attention span.

I’ll try to keep it short and sweet in the recap.

The Roommates have to put together a rough assemblage of their SXSW documentary and show it to the Austin Film Society or they can’t go on their MTV vacation.

This motivates them to really start working because they only have a couple of days to get the 15 minute clip ready and they have 25 hours of footage.

Or rather it motivates them to harp about how Nehemiah “the film student” should get to work.

Wes admits with pride that he’s probably only going to have about 1% duty during the editing process. “I’m going to stay out of that editing suite unless I’m taking a girl in there,” he says in a confessional interview.

So some of the roomies go out to the Dizzy Rooster where we get to see Wes and Danny drink the beer that’s dripping off a couple of girls who have poured it all over themselves while dancing on the bar. Bet the boys wish they had those video cameras now!

Lacey is in a cab talking to Rachel and tells her that she is “nervous” and disappointed about what Nehemiah has put together so far. She thinks it’s more a music video than a documentary. (Of course, we never see footage of Lacey helping with the editing at all.)

“You can’t have a documentary without talking,” she tells Rachel.

Rachel starts bitching that she won’t be able to go on her trip if all Nehemiah is doing is just assembling a bunch of music videos. (Did I mention there is no footage of Rachel in the editing room either?)

Their film mentors come over to watch a rough cut the day before the viewing. The way they are rubbing their eyes and looking around, you can tell they aren’t enjoying the film very much.

Lacey says she realizes the mentors are frustrated by the “assembly NEHEMIAH has put together.” (Did I mention there is no footage of Lacey setting foot in the editing room?) “It could have been 15 minutes of anything and it would have been better,” she adds.

When it’s time for the critique, the mentors don’t pull any punches … “it’s music videos”. There were no characters, no substance, no story, too much music. Hmmm … sounds like this season’s Real World.

They give them some tips on what they can do to improve it before the showing the next day. They have 24 hours to get it right.

But that night, Nehemiah is guest emcee at a performance by a friend’s band so he goes out. Rachel immediately starts complaining about that since they have a deadline to meet. So it’s 8 p.m. — 21 hours before the screening – and Nehemiah is onstage busting a rhyme while Mel and Rachel work on the video. Lacey is on the phone with her boyfriend complaining that Nehemiah isn’t home helping. (Did I mention that Lacey has yet to step foot in the editing room?) She tells her boyfriend how “horrible” the rough cut is and that Rachel and Melinda are in there trying to work on it but they don’t know how. Did it ever occur to Lacey to maybe help? She’s a piece of work.

Nehemiah comes home says he’ll stay up all night (but he doesn’t) and get the film finished. He does get up early to work on it and they are nearly finished just 2 hours before the screening. All they have to do is transfer the film onto a tape and take it to the screening. But somehow the computer isn’t working and they can’t get the film. Panic steps in … and so does Lacey, who tries to get the film off of the computer. She finally calls one of the mentors over to help and he hits a couple of buttons and the computer works perfectly. Whew!!!

They head over to the Austin Film Society in two cabs and get the film there with just minutes to spare.

The film society folks are mostly impressed with the film which now does have some interviews with band members and quotes from fans. They offer some advice about building a better story line and the roomies are pumped – even Lacey.

Later at home they talk about the screening and develop a plan of action for how to further improve the film for the final edit.

They also find out that YES they get to go on their trip to —- Costa Rica. Maybe the change of scenery will do them — and the viewers — some good.

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