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Looking Good And Not A Mullet In Sight – Biggest Loser, 11-01-05

Looking Good And Not A Mullet In Sight – Biggest Loser, 11-01-05

by LauraBelle

Tonight’s Biggest Loser opens with yet another success story from last season. Kelly MacFarland is shown looking terrific and feeling great about herself. The remaining biggest Losers this year will get the same chance this episode to show off, and not just to each other.

After Pete’s elimination last week, Doc tells Jillian he loves his teammates, respects his teammates, but doesn’t agree with their decision. He had asked them to keep Pete and eliminate him. Pete tells Jillian not to worry though; he has been working out to ease his frustrations. He will make the best of his time left on the show. Jillian laughs, saying she was about to say the same thing. She finishes telling Jeff he owes it to Pete and himself.

Bob then drags everyone out to the pool. He says the girls knew right away what they were in for, but not the guys. They aren’t there to play; they’re there to work. Seth says he didn’t realize working out in in a pool could be that hard.

After, outside for the “temptation” challenge, there is a huge cake that says, “Dig in to find temptation.” No one eats the cake, but they all literally “dig in” to the cake. Matt pulls out a sign that says they will all be receiving makeovers at the Christophe Salon in Beverly Hills, CA. Matt notes he has never been to a salon, and it’s been a year and half since he’s even gotten his hair cut. He doesn’t seem to be looking too forward doing it now. Jeff asks what a person is supposed to wear to a makeover.

The salon team sits everyone in the chair, deciding what to do with them. Andrea isn’t altogether agreeable, knowing exactly what she wants, being a hairdresser herself. Matt just isn’t agreeable to much of anything. One of the other guys says Matt and a Beverly Hills salon are like an oxymoron. Matt tells the team he always wears his bandana. They suggest keeping the hair and curls, but getting rid of some of the bulk. He replies he doesn’t want a mullet. Christophe has no idea what that is. This guy has to get out of bEverly Hills once in awhile.

Leaving the salon, the “losers” find themselves at a photo shoot, looking very much like winners. The fitness director for Prevention Magazine tells them they will get their makeup done and a clothing change. One of them will get a picture from their shoot featured on the cover of a future issue of the magazine.

Seth looks very cute and Shannon looks drop dead gorgeous. Matt looks the same as he did the first day of the show as far as his hair and level of uncomfortableness. He wishes he were working out instead, but at the end of the day says his hair represents his past. He wishes he would have let go of it when he had the chance.

It’s the three stunning-looking ladies – Shannon, Suzy and Andrea – that win the chance to grace the cover of the magazine. Yet when Bob comes in to see their success for himself, he finds Andrea crying. She says it’s someone’s birthday today. I can’t make out the name of the person, but I’m thinking it’s her child. Bob is worried she will be so emotional she will go to food. He tells Andrea she is here to change her life, not just lose weight.

Meeting up for the week’s challenge with Caroline Rhea, everyone finds the stakes to be even more so this week than last. Just like last time, the winning team will have immunity at the weigh-in, but instead of a trip to Hawaii, the will get an evening with their loved ones. The losers will need to race bicycles and pull their loves ones sitting in carts on the back of the bikes. Andrea pulls her husband, Mark his wife, Shannon her daughter, Matt his dad, Suzy her sister, Seth his wife and Jeff his daughter.

After a quick reunion, the race is on. From the beginning it’s between Seth and Matt and no one else, with both recognizing it. Seth catches the lead and is is worried Matt will have the better endurance, yet still pulls it out for a win for he and Suzy for the second week in a row.

Matt is upset until he sees Shannon back of the bottom of the hill, still struggling to pull her daughter. Thinking the little girl won’t understand, Matt rides over to them and peddles Shannon and her daughter, both riding in the back, while his father rides the other bike. Shannon knows she is luck to have him as her teammate.

Everyone says goodbye to their loved ones, except Seth and Suzy. It’s especially heartbreaking to hear Shannon’s daughter say, “Bye Mommy.” Andrea says this has made her realize her value is at home. Matt puts it in perspective saying having his family is more than any amount of money he could win.

As Suzy and her sister and Seth and his wife return to the house, Suzy shows her sister the dress she wore for her makeover the day before saying she hasn’t worn that size since she was in ninth grade. Her sister can tell she’s happier looking at the glow on her face. Seth and his wife cook dinner together and she notes that counting calories will become their life now. She is very proud of Seth and calls him amazing. She encourages him to stay happy saying she didn’t have that to offer him before.

Suzy and Seth introduce their family to Bob and Jillian. Bob tells Suzy’s sister he is her trainer and her friend. Suzy says a big part of this reward was having someone so important to her life here meet someone so important to her life at home. Bob says he’s very proud of Suzy, as she has become very empowered. She was nervous about going back home, but now realizes she won’t ever be going back to the same thing.

With Suzy’s sister and Seth’s wife gone the next day, everyone gets in a last chance workout before weigh-in. Mark believes he and Andrea will be the team to beat. Uh-oh, that statement doesn’t have very good karma. Matt says he learned this week that Shannon is very focused and can pick it up in her workouts when she needs to. Jeff says it’s just “me, myself and I” and is going to do everything he needs to to stay. He owes it to his family, Pete and himself. Seth feels good being that he and Suzy aren’t up no matter what.

At the weigh-in, Caroline reminds the teams that once again the fate of the teams will be decided by the lowest percentage of loss. Jeff will weigh in alone, and if his percentage is the lowest, he will be automatically eliminated. The amount of time left in the hours tells me this won’t be the case and there will be an elimination held later.

Suzy and Seth are weighed first, but having immunity, won’t have their weight counted. Suzy “To Find Mr. Right” weighed in last week at 182, and this week only reaches 180, for a total loss to date of 47 pounds. Seth “to see son grow up” steps on the scale, and not having lost any last week and plateauing at 233 finds he now only lost one pound more, weighing 232. Seth has now lost a total of 59.

Shannon “to turn up the sexy volume” is up and wonders if it will be a bad week for everyone looking at Seth and Suzy’s low loss. She ended last week at 212 and today weighs 208, now losing a total of 49 pounds. Matt “to be an athlete” had posted big numbers last week and starts the week at 262, and now weighing 254. His total loss so far is 85 pounds. He says listening to Jillian has been the best thing he has done so far. I’m sure she would agree! Their percentage loss is 2.53%

Solo weigher Jeff “to inspire patients” steps on the scale. He weighed 294 last week, and this week weighs in at 284. He has lost 87 pounds altogether, giving him a loss of 3.40%. Andrea “to be a princess” started off the week at 191, and after losing big last week, is back to her low totals and has only lost one more pound. She has lost a total to date of 36 pounds. Teammate Mark “to fit into bulletproof vest” weighed in at 273 last week, and will need to post a big loss, at least twelve pounds, to not be the lowest percentage. He weighs in at 271, his lowest loss so far, for a total loss of 87 pounds and tying Pete for the biggest loser so far title. They have only lost a total of 0.66% as a team. One of the them will be eliminated tonight.

Mark says they did their best, and is there isn’t much else they could do. Andrea says she feels like the hugest pawn in a chess game. She asks everyone not to keep her because she’s not a threat or has no chance to win. Mark thanks her and tells everyone to make up their own minds. He will not be asking them to vote a certain way. Matt says his best strategy is for he and Shannon to keep Mark. Shannon knows for number she and Suzy need to keep Andrea and vote against Mark.

At the elimination Caroline has everyone cut to the chase. Jeff, voting alone, says a few weeks ago this choice would have been an easy one. Now since he has come to know Andrea better, he has respect, admiration and friendship for her. He is remembering Andrea’s words to not keep her because she isn’t a threat, so he is voting for who he thinks needs it the most. He votes out Andrea.

Suzy and Seth say their vote is based on a new team success. They are voting for a strong competitor and a big threat – Mark. With one vote apiece, the decision is up to Matt and Shannon. Matt says he saw Andrea in a whole new light after the stairs competition. He had been underrating her. Mark has been a dear friend of his since day one and he couldn’t utter a bad word about him. Shannon and Matt weren’t able to agree initially on their vote and realized they just needed to so as a team. Someone had to budge. Matt breaks down and says they, as a team, are voting out Mark.

Mark says, “Don’t worry about it, man.” He says they will still be friends. Matt cries and Mark tells him again not to worry about it. Mark tells Matt he is as true and precious as a friend could be. He wanted to say just vote for me, but couldn’t. He knows Matt had to do it. He has lost 87 pounds and feels he is leaving as a winner. He asks if it’s time for him to go before he starts crying again. He hugs everyone as he leaves.

Last week Mark had said he had to play the game when he voted for Pete and it would be hypocritical to not feel the same way this week with himself up. He didn’t expect to make friends here, and it’s what he’ll miss most. He vows to be between 190 and 200 the next time we see him.

Yet we’re able to watch him walk into his welcome home party 24 hours later. He is not disappointed and feels he owes a lot to Jillian. As he walks into the party he sees a “You look hot!” sign waiting for him. His wie says she wants to look as hot as he does. As Mark unpacks he finds a letter snuck in his suitcase from Matt again apologizing and looking forward to seeing him again soon.

Checking in on Mark today he is now down to 228, having lost a total of 130, for the best shape has been in in his life. He used to only have a 1/2″ between himself and the steering wheel of his car, there is not at least a foot and a half.

The previews promise us that there will be no teams at all starting next week and that it will be every man for himself. We are also told something will happen at the weigh-in that leaves everyone speechless. It sounds like an exciting show. The best thing to come of this season has to be the amazing friendships. You would think pairing up the men and women would have left some very tense moments and many arguments, but it just seems to have brought everyone together as a tight-knit group.

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