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Four For The Price of One – The Apprentice 4, Episode 6

Four For The Price of One – The Apprentice 4, Episode 6

by Helen

Last week, the outspoken Kristi was sent packing. This week promises to provide a few shocks and fireworks.

It is a dark and rainy night and in the suite, Felisha and Alla are worried that Kristi might come back and continue to upset the team dynamics. Well, they get their wish as Jennifer glides back into the suite all smiles. She admits that she made some mistakes but she is ready to put that behind her and get back to work and winning.

The next morning, Clay answers the phone and is instructed to tell the two teams to pick their project managers and meet in the boardroom. This sets Josh on edge that something funky is going to happen.

The teams assemble in the boardroom. Carolyn informs the teams that Donald and George are out of town but that doesn’t mean that the work stops. Bill is back again and Carolyn is in charge. With this announcement, she rises from her chair bearing a Cheshire Cat grin and states that Donald’s chair looks good. Carolyn says that when a team doesn’t work in the corporate world you make changes. Capital Edge has been decimated from losing. Carolyn asks the PM from Capital Edge to name the three people that have contributed the least to the team. Alla names Rebecca, Jennifer and Marshawn. The PM for Excel is Josh and Carolyn asks him to eliminate three members of his team to now be on Capital Edge. Josh selects Markus, Adam and Clay.

The ousted team members switch teams and Carolyn reviews today’s task.

Carolyn says that America loves sports and the sporting goods business brings in more than 20 billion dollars annually. Dick’s Sporting Good stores are one of the most profitable companies in this arena. Each team is assigned to a Dick’s store where they will develop an interactive sales venue for the sport of their choice. You guessed it, the team that sells the most will avoid the boardroom. The teams will also be given a general contractor at their disposal.

The new Capital Edge is Alla, Felisha, Randal, Markus, Adam and Clay. Alla is a bit concerned since no one on the team is very familiar with sports. They choose golf as their target sport. Right away, Clay and Alla do not see eye to eye and bicker.

Excel Corporation includes Rebecca, Jennifer, Brian, Josh, Mark, James and Marshawn. They choose baseball as their sport of choice. James feels that this is in the bag because he is so passionate about baseball and selling. He considers this a home run. They have decided that each base of the baseball field will be different station to sell sporting goods. Jennifer says that she can sell anything and that she will be able to sell tons of radar guns, one of their chosen products.

Donald feels that a successful team has to push each other. You don’t want to drive them over the edge but push them as far as they will go. Let’s see who will be pushed to their limits on this task.

Excel is so ecstatic about their baseball field but a problem arises when Josh realizes that James has designed a batting cage that will take up most of the space. It must be used strategically but not take away from the diamond. Marshawn feels that this takes away from their originally selling point but at the end of the day, this is Josh’s responsibility.

Capital Edge has many stations along their fairways. One is fashion where they will sell apparel, one is function, where they will demonstrate the golf clubs and the last will be a family and fun area where they will show off their putting green area. Again Clay and Alla begin to bicker and both Alla and Felisha feel that Clay doesn’t communicate effectively. Randal sees that both Alla and Felisha are getting a front row glimpse at what he has always seen about Clay, that he is difficult to work with. Clay pulls Alla aside and facing her, holds her hands and in a little boy voice tells her what he is bothered about regarding her managing. Alla must have a storehouse of patience because she just listens as Clay whines about being placed in tasks that don’t use his vast array of skills…hmmm. Alla says that Clay is a 5 year old kid that constantly needs to pound his chest and argue about how things are not going the way he wants them.

Excel Corporation is having day at the ballpark. James and Josh are occupied with the batting cage. James is doing a lot of instructing but is not generating many sales. Brian feels that the cage is taking up so much space and time. Jennifer is trying to sell not merchandise but pretzel and popcorn as well as eating herself. Bill Rancic comes to see the action and he feels that this team has missed the mark and is not making any sales.

Capital is raking in the sales and Carolyn is jiffy on the spot. Carolyn has been working in the golf industry for the last 7 years, she is a bit surprised that Capital has chosen this field since they have no experience or knowledge but she thinks that their enthusiasm is making up for any gaps in knowledge. Everyone on the team is in full selling mode and it appears to be working as putters and apparel are moving like hotcakes.

Carolyn welcomes everyone back to the boardroom and tells them that they are going to get Donald on the phone. Donald is at Trump National Golf Course in Los Angeles. Carolyn tells Donald that Capital Edge designed a golf fairway and had a putting green for children to keep them occupied and entertained while their parents shopped. They did a great job and they raised the revenue in that department by 74%. Donald says that this is “HUGE” and Capital Edge is blown away by themselves.

Bill reports on Excel Corporation. He says that they built a batting cage and taught children how to bat. This was a great attraction and there was always a line for the cages, however, he felt that they spent too much time on the batting lessons and not enough on selling merchandise. Bill states that not only did Excel fail to boost sales but they actually caused a 34% drop in the average of baseball products…OUCH! Donald says that this is unbelievable and this is an embarrassment to have sales actually drop. Donald asks Capital Edge if they believe that Alla should be exempt and all agree that she did a great job and should be exempt.

Donald tells Capital Edge that they will get to enjoy some of Dick’s Sporting Goods by taking a private jet to East Hampton for a sports fishing trip and lobster bake. Excel on the other hand, will meet back in the boardroom and with the exception of Brian, who is exempt, someone will be fired.

Glasses of bubbly are raised as Capital Edge is flown to Long Island for their reward. Randal does not have his sea legs and doesn’t like fish or fishing. The women seem to literally take a back seat as the guys get into the deep sea fishing experience. After the boat trip, the team finds a huge bonfire and a chef preparing the lobster bake. Markus tells everyone how he has extensively traveled in Europe and knows his champagne…he attempts to open a champagne bottle with a chef’s knife, which he does open after a handful of tries. Alla says that Markus is a nice guy who is not able to perform.

Excel is really bummed out by their loss. No one knows how they will be able to explain such a horrendous loss. Josh knows that Mr. Trump will have a lot to say about this failed task. Time to face the music and the candidates file in with their luggage. Rebecca is still on crutches and trying to smile. Donald enters in a tux again…he is off to the Metropolitan Opera after this firing.

Donald asks why they lost. Josh says that it was poor selling. Rebecca says that the batting cage took up too much space. Donald says that James is a great baseball player but that he lost sight of the task. Bill hammers Jennifer and asks her why she didn’t deliver the goods. Everyone begins to say that they sold more product than Jennifer and that they have zero sales experience. Jennifer says that she is a great salesperson when she is given something that she is able to sell. It is pointed out that Jennifer sold the least. Rebecca sold the most followed by Marshawn and Brian. Donald says that Josh is responsible for the biggest loss in Apprentice history. He tells Josh that usually he would let him choose whom to bring back with him to the boardroom. Tonight will be different. Donald tells Brian that since he is exempt he can go upstairs and he also tells Rebecca and Marshawn that Carolyn and Bill feel that they did a great job. The rest will remain.

Before the candidates for firing are brought back in, Donald, Carolyn and Bill debrief. Bill feels that the project manager should be responsible for the failure. Donald feels that Josh choked when it came to crunch time. Carolyn feels that they admitted that they only had 3 sales people and she can’t pick one person who is to blame. The four Excel members file into the boardroom filled with dread. They can tell that this is a historic day…a colossal loss and now 4 people not 3 facing elimination. Donald asks each member who is to blame for the loss and they do their best to shift blame and try to persuade Donald that it simply was not their individual fault. James is visibly sweating. Josh speaks in soft tones in contrast to Jennifer who begins to get nearly hysterical about her wonderful sales abilities. Donald looks ready to go to his Opera affair. Donald tells Jennifer that she DID NOT sell to which Jennifer begins to shift into hyper speed as she senses her time is up. Donald tries to interrupt but Jen is on a roll and Josh is rolling his eyes. Carolyn sees this and says that Josh also fails which puts Josh in his place quickly. Donald says that Josh was an ineffective leader and that his decision making was absolutely terrible. He turns to James and says that he built a batting cage that took up too much space. He tells Mark that this was a selling task and they barely sold any bats. He repeats that this was the worse loss that the show has ever had and for this they are all fired! All four team members are gone and an assortment of jaws drop. Mark rises and apologizes to Donald and says that he is better than this and Donald says that he knows and that they are all better than this. They file out to find their “luggage”. Carolyn says that this was the worst defeat ever. Bill waxes with clichés and says that no one stepped up to the plate and Donald says that life will continue.

I was expecting 4 bright yellow taxicabs waiting curbside for the eliminated candidates but to add insult to injury, they just have one cab to ride away from Trump Towers. What a day and how humiliating to be smashed into the back seat of a NYC cab as they are bid adieu. Tonight is definitely a first for everything and there is not a single comment from the fired bunch as we have grown accustomed. Jennifer does try to manage a final smile but to no avail.

Wow…what a shock! No more of Josh’s snotty remarks, no more big hair the size of Texas from Jennifer and we no longer get to look at Mark and James…too bad for us.

Stay tuned for next week as the teams try to recover from this week’s massacre and pick up the pieces. The topic of next week’s task is all about S-E-X. Should be interesting…don’t be late to watch the opening as it should be entertaining as Teams Excel and Capital Edge realize that no one will return to the suite post-boardroom.

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