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Pool Party!! – Survivor: Guatemala, Episode 7

Pool Party!! – Survivor: Guatemala, Episode 7

by atarus

So this episode starts off with Judd throwing out his “mea culpa” for his outburst at TC. Except he’s not really apologizing for it. He says “she just pushed my button, kept pushing it, and I had a ‘little’ outburst.” He says he’s actually a big teddy bear around camp. Jamie notes that Judd is a big guy with a big voice, and it makes some people nervous, but it doesn’t make him nervous because he can take him to the finals since he’s going to continue to keep blowing up. Over at Yaxha, it’s the day of festering sores. The bouler challenge has left a bunch of their shoulders raw and cut. Bobby Jon has an especially nasty one that his shirt sticks too. (Ow.) Brandon says that it might hurt, but then you go into the challenges and completely forget about it.

The reward challenge is the funniest challenge I’ve ever seen on Survivor. They basically have to wind material around themselves and then unwind themselves. It’s like Mark Burnett sat down and went “how can we get all the Survivors dizzy and make them look ridiculous at the same time?” The reward is a chocolate feast (because the Mayans discovered chocolate) and a zipline canopy tour. Judd sits out for Nakum (I guess his wrapping skills aren’t up to snuff) and the race begins! I’m sorry, but it’s hard to make a challenge suspenseful when their spinning around in circles. Long story short, Yaxha wins because Rafe, Lydia, and Steph fall over and can’t get up.

At the reward, Amy says that she’s afraid of heights and putting all her confidence in a cable line is a little frightening. Brandon, however, is like a little kid, going “I had no idea you could even do that, God it was so cool!” I must say, that’s the kind of reward I’d like to have from a challenge, even without chocolate. It must have been neat to fly through the jungle like that. And after the zipline, there’s the chocolate. Bobby Jon notes that it’s the most chocolate he’s ever seen in his life. Brandon says that afterwards even the muddy ground looked like chocolate, and it makes him a little sick thinking about it.

Yaxha is playing “cards” with some leaves they painted numbers on, and suddenly they hear “NAKUUUUUM!” They decide to go to investigate, but some people aren’t sure about it. Rafe notes that maybe they came to invite them to their camp or something, but Judd states “they’re our enemies” and Cindy says she’s “not interested in their silly little game playin’.” Nakum sees Yaxha and finds out that it’s Danni’s birthday and they’ve been invited to a pool party, no buffs allowed. Danni says that she’s big on parties and they’ve been out there for 17 days so why not? Jamie simply says “I don’t like these people.” Cindy notes “it’s a long way, it’s hot, I found it unnecessary…why would we hang out with people we want to get rid of?” Simple Cindy…because there’s only 11 people left and you’re going to be merging at some point. Duh. Social skills are helpful. When they bring out the chocolate, Steph goes “Hell yeah I’ll go in your pool and eat chocolate!” Bobby Jon says that “today is about fellowship, Mayan tribes would communicate, they’d sit together and smoke and then be at war later on.” The nice thing about Bobby Jon is even if you don’t know or don’t think the Mayans would do that, the way he says it makes you believe that it’s not complete BS. Jamie confesses “I was being quiet, trying to figure people out..I’m here for business and everybody else should be too.” Um, okay Jamie. Jamie then gets everybody to leave and says “I’ll like those people after this game is over, it makes me sick that we’re getting along so well.” Wow, nice attitude there. Steph says “Jamie sometimes freaks me out, but I’m not gonna back down from somebody like him.”

Back at Yaxha, we are treated to a slightly funny clip of Bobby Jon trying to eat minnows out of the water while he’s floating in the pool. Then it’s the typical observations. Gary says there’s 3 Nakums and 2 Yaxhas, Amy is vulnerable if we lose immunity. Amy talks with Gary about voting, and says that “I want people to give me their word, if Gary’s playing me I’m gonna kick his ass.” Bobby Jon says that if they don’t win, they’re gonna be in a mess and this is bigger than any reward. Now, I’ve noted from my years of watching Survivor that whenever they show a tribe saying “we NEED to win this immunity,” they always lose that immunity challenge. Let’s see, shall we?

The challenge is there are 12 buried puzzle pieces, and 3 people from each tribe have to unbury them and bring them back, and then the 2 others will put the puzzle together. Brandon, Bobby Jon, and Danni run for Yaxha, and Judd, Jamie, and Cindy run for Nakum. At the beginning the race is close, as the tribes stay tied pretty much up until 5. Eventually Yaxha gets a slight lead, being up 9 pieces to 8, then 10 pieces to 9. (At one point Jamie nails Steph in the shin with a puzzle piece and we get to see Steph hop around in slight pain.) Bobby Jon has trouble finding the eleventh piece though, as Nakum finds their tenth, eleventh, and twelfth and gets started on their puzzle before BJ finally finds it, then Brandon gets the last one and it’s a race to put together the puzzle. Yaxha gets close but it’s too little too late as Steph and Rafe get the puzzle together and Nakum wins immunity. And my prophecy comes true.

Amy looks sullen as she pleads to Danni, she says that she won’t play anybody here, and they have to outwit the people on the other tribe. Danni says that she’d hate to have to vote Bobby Jon out because it’s his last chance to get to the merge. Amy says that nobody wants to vote anybody off, but Bobby Jon’s been here before. When Amy asks Gary, he says “if you get Danni you got me.” Bobby Jon states “Nobody gets second chances, I want to make Jury, I don’t want to blow it.” Brandon is in a hard spot, as he muses “I have my alliance with Bobby Jon, but I think Gary and Amy deserve to be here more, it’s the most complicated spot I’ve been in this game.”

The Tribal Council questions this time are easy and soft pitches. Amy says that “you get to know these people, you go through times times and bond together.” Brandon says “the hardest part is justifying why you voted them out.” Danni says she feels part of the game is giving your word, and Bobby Jon says it comes down to what kind of deal you made on day 2, day 3, day 4.

Bobby Jon votes for Amy, saying she is the “strongest, most real human being he’s ever met in his life.” Amy votes for Bobby Jon.

The votes are tallied, and Amy’s torch is snuffed. But wait, there’s more! Jeff then tosses new buffs to the remaining four and says “you’re moving to Nakum, it’s a merge!” Gasp! And the buffs are a bright red. Yay red.

Next time: Nakum wakes up to a big surprise, and tempers flare on the new tribe (aka Judd and Jamie fight.)

Amy’s final words: She learned a tremendous amount of things about herself in Guatemala.

Well I must say I like the Yaxha 4 more than the Nakum 6 at this point. I hope they can pull something off, but with half the tribe having the “they are our enemies!” mentality it doesn’t look good. We’ll see next week.


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