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One Full Taxi Cab – The Apprentice 4 Commentary, Episode 6

By Cori Linder

Let us all hold hands, close our eyes, and pause in momentary silence to reflect upon what transpired the final minutes of last week’s “The Apprentice.”

Admit it: You, as I did, never thought that Mr. Trump would fire 4 people at one time! Sure, he probably does this all the time in the real world, but the most I thought he would fire on national television was 2!

There’s been much chatter, of course, among the reality TV viewer folk, and here are just a few “possible” reasons (some strange; others not so much) for the surprise dismissal of the 4 candidates:

– Mr. Trump was so disappointed in Excel’s less-than-stellar performance (okay…they basically dug their own grave and buried themselves), that Mr. Trump wanted the “responsible” individuals booted out. Note to reader: I am not inclined to believe this reason, for Mark and James had not contributed to the loss as much as the other two; in fact, they had much potential!

– The decision to fire all 4 was strictly a strategic move for increased ratings.

– Since Jennifer was one of Mr. Trump’s favorite candidates, he didn’t want her to leave; but, when it was so clear the woman HAD to go, Mr. Trump did not want her to leave alone.

– In a future episode, Mr. Trump plans to let one of the teams call back two of the fired contestants.

– The firings made way for Chewbacca’s appearance in next week’s show as a silly kind of filler.

– NBC needed to reduce the number of episodes due to the airing of the Winter Olympics.

Whatever the reason, the end of the show was definitely a shocker! For behind-the-scenes information, check out Hildee’s interview with Mark Lamkin.

Who do you think will be the next Apprentice? I’m betting on Randall. Until next time…


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