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Too Much Life To Live – Biggest Loser, 10-25-05

“Too Much Life To Live” – Biggest Loser, 10-25-05

by LauraBelle

The ladies’ team is down to only three after Jen’s elimination last week, but the mens’ team still stays strong at five. As happens with every competitive reality show it’s time to shake ’em up!

After we see that Aaron from last season is doing well, working out nearly every day for a year’s total loss of sixty pounds, we watch the three remaining ladies return to the house. Mark gets upset and leaves, with his four buddies sticking with him at his heels.

Suzy is upset saying the guys don’t realize what they just went through. Andrea yells through the door and asks Mark why he’s glaring at her. He tells her never to talk to him again. Later, he refers to the girls’ team as the “hairdressers’ team” and says they make it a popularity contest, seeing that they vote out ladies with big numbers. He refers to them as the stupidest people he knows.

Yet it’s Shannon that Mark attempts to make amends with. He recognizes he makes her uncomfortable and wants to know what he can do to help. She acknowledges being uncomfortable but can’t answer his question. He’ll have to figure that out on his own.

The teams know something is up when they all meet in the elimination room with Caroline Rhea. She informs them Pete is the Biggest Loser so far of the Red team, having lost 76 pounds. Suzy is the Biggest Loser of the Blue team, having lost 41. However, the Red and Blue teams no longer exist. They will now divide into four teams of two – three male/female pairs and one male duo. At the elimination the pair to lose the lowest percentage of weight will be up for elimination. The others will vote on which of the two will leave.

Suzy is upset saying she could work her butt off, but still be eliminated because her partner doesn’t. Matt says he doesn’t do buddies real well. Mark says he deals with dirtbags at work and didn’t expect to deal with it here. Andrea says that makes her disgusted. Caroline tells them they are eight adults that now have a golden opportunity to see the best in each other. She advises them to “suck it up.” One of them will divvy up the teams, and she will see them in a few hours.

Bewildered, all the contestants are led into the temptation room with eight covered silver platters. A note explains one platter gives the power to decide the teams, and the others give calories. Matt jumps in putting his hand on a platter, and Suzy quickly follows. Pete and Andrea follow with Mark telling Matt if he has to eat cake, he’s kicking his ass. Seth is the last to claim a platter. Shannon doesn’t take the temptation as she doesn’t want the power, figuring the guys will hate her even more. Jeff had promised his wife to not do any temptations, so he doesn’t claim a platter either.

Seth uncovers his platter first and finds two doughnuts. Suzy finds two Twinkies, exclaiming she doesn’t even like Twinkies. Pete uncovers the note giving him power and saying he has two hours to decide. Andrea gets a hog dog, Matt carrots and Mark a pizza.

Pete asks everyone for their thoughts before making the decisions. Matt says he’d like to be with Seth, and Doc says he will go on no matter who he is with. Shannon doesn’t know, saying the men have made the women very uncomfortable. She doesn’t feel they are respected as a team or as people. Andrea is looking at it as an opportunity, and Suzy says she wants to be with someone who will make her stronger. Right away, Mark offers to “take” Suzy. Seth wants to be with someone who will push and challenge him; he wants to be with Matt.

On a walk, Pete runs through a variety of possibilities. Matt is the second biggest loser of the men and he knows putting Matt with another guy means destruction. Pete also realizes being paired with the ladies is more beneficial to the guys. If he puts Mark with Suzy, he’d never talk to her, even though Mark says Suzy is the only one he can stand to be around. He could put Matt with Doc, but he feels Shannon needs a push. Doc and Seth wouldn’t do well together as they have low numbers. If Pete takes Suzy, he would get to the finals for sure. There’s an opportunity for him to be selfish here, but Pete sees a greater responsibility.

As promised, everyone meets again with Caroline. Pete opens telling everyone he respects them all, thinks his pairs will work well together and knows they’ll leave knowing all about each other. He tells Shannon she has great strength and just needs someone to help her. Deciding to put her with Matt, Pete tells him if you can understand a sister, you can understand all women. He calls Andrea a stud and puts her with another like her, Mark. Maybe that’s why they fight like cats and dogs. Suzy and Seth are put with each other as he figures they’ll challenge each other. This leaves Pete putting himself with Doc.

Jeff knows his age and physical limitations mean Pete’s faith in him goes beyond the game. He could have easily stacked the teams in his favor, yet didn’t. Mark tells Andrea it will be a good week for them as he’s going to drop a huge number. Matt tells Shannon not to be offended if he doesn’t talk while working out. That’s just how he is. He says if he was going to be paired with a girl, he’d glad it’s her. She assures him the best is yet to come for her.

Bob and Jillian arrive to meet with the teams not knowing anything about the change-up. Mark informs them of what’s happened and Bob doesn’t like it, but decides to roll with the punches. Jillian and Bob decide to work together as a team and just train everyone. During the workouts, Seth feels Suzy is pushing him to his limit and feels renewed. Matt and Shannon are learning from their differences.

As everyone arrives at the beach for the challenge, I can’t figure out who says it, but one of the guys utters that he feels like it’s Baywatch super-sized. The winners will get more beach time as they’ll win a trip to Hawaii. The winning team will also win immunity, a first for them before weigh-in. One person from each team will be a holder and one a runner. The holder will be holding his team’s bucket off the ground on a pulley. The runner will run buckets of water up from the ocean and fill other teams’ buckets. When a holder can no longer hold up his heavy bucket and lets go, his bucket will fall to the sand and he himself will be released and flip up in the air.

Pete, Matt, Mark and Seth are the holders and shout out whose buckets they feel should be being filled up. Seth, the smallest of the guys, thinks it should be the heavy people getting all the water. Sure enough, Pete is out first. Matt, a former wrestler takes a lot of water but keeps holding. Mark is the next one out. Seth has very little water in his bucket. Mark can’t understand it and notes that Doc is putting water in Matt’s, not Seth’s. Matt just can’t keep holding on, and Seth and Suzy go on to win immunity and a trip to Hawaii.

After, Matt finds out that his uncle has died. He is sitting with Jillian who is consoling him. He says he called his dad who urged him to stay there. Jillian wants him to know she’s there not just as a trainer, but also a friend. Matt decides maybe he’s here for bigger things. Of all things, his uncle died of a heart attack, and it’s really hit home with him. Matt believes he has “too much life to live.”

The last workout before weigh-in becomes a freeforall with both trainers working with any and all. Seth says working with Bob after always being trained by Jillian allows him to work out different muscles in different ways. Andrea feels she has something to prove. Jillian tells whoever will listen she doesn’t care if they die on the floor; they will die looking good.

At the weigh-in Suzy and Seth are weighed first despite having immunity, just to check on their progress. Suzy “To Find Mr. Right” weighed in last week at 186, and this week reaches 182, for a total loss to date of 45 pounds. Seth “to see son grow up” steps on the scale, and starting the week at 233 finds he hasn’t lost anymore, still weighing 233 and keeping his total to date at 58. It looks to be a good thing they have immunity, only losing a total of 4 pounds. Seth says after 20 hours of working out during the week, it’s hard to accept a 0 pound loss, yet he still feels healthier.

Pete and Jeff’s team is up first for the weights of those that will count. Pete “to slam dunk” started his week at 325 and tonight weighs in at 318. He has lost 83 pounds to date . Teammate Jeff “to inspire patients” steps on the scale. He weighed 305 last week, and this week weighs in at 294. He is excited to break 300 and has lost 77 pounds altogether, giving his team a loss of 2.86%.

Andrea “to be a princess” started off the week at 191, and after only losing 2 pounds last week, this time gets down to 185. She has lost a total to date of 35 pounds. Teammate Mark “to fit into bulletproof vest” weighed in at 287 last week, and after posting low numbers then, now loses 14, getting down to 273, for a total loss of 85 pounds and recapturing the biggest loser so far title from Pete. They have lost a total of 4.18% as a team.

Shannon “to turn up the sexy volume” is up and praying it’s not a plateau week for her. She ended last week at 218 and today weighs 212, now losing a total of 45 pounds. Matt “to be an athlete” had maintained last week, weighing in at 279. While humbling him, it also motivated him. He needs to lose more than 8 pounds this week for his team not to be up for elimination. Stepping on the scale this week, he posts big numbers coming in at 262. His total loss so far is 77 pounds. Matt explains to everyone about his uncle dying. He says he was a hard worker and loved his family. He was too young. Matt wants the others to think about their families and not be selfish with their lifestyles.

This leaves Matt and Shannon with the largest percentage of loss and Pete and Jeff with the lowest percentage of loss, meaning the two of them are up for elimination. Each team will get just one vote; it’s no longer individual. Doc says he’s ready to go home. He originally gave himself a week, and his goal was just to to make it under 300. He’s done that. He feels Pete deserves it more, calling him King Solomon for his unselfish team choosing.

Matt allows Shannon to put up a team flag for their win, saying he’s done it many times before. Mark and Andrea take a walk, and he breaks down crying about the difficult emotional choice they’re faced with this week. These former adversaries that were calling each other names at the beginning of the week hug each other. Doc, already writing himself off, promises Jillian he’ll continue the work and thanks her. She refers to him as a giving, loving person and says Pete needs to accept the gift and run with it.

At the elimination all faces are quite solemn. No matter which way it goes, it will leave someone going home that is well-loved. Caroline says in 62 days Jeff has lost 76 pounds and Pete 83. She believes they all did some serious bonding this week on their new teams.

Of her pair, Andrea says they’re both stubborn and have a tough exterior and a sensitive inside. Matt says he’s impressed with Shannon’s work ethic, and he has noticed she is like him in not wanting to hear, “Rah! Rah!” Seth is happy to be with someone else that is genuine. It sounds like Pete made very wise, thoughtful team choices.

As for the vote, Matt says ultimately it’s just a big game. He feels both Pete and Jeff have won more than any amount of money. He’s a good man, and Matt knows they’ll be friends after this. He also knows his vote will continue to lose and be a role model. He and Shannon vote for Pete. Seth says this is the hardest vote for him so far. His vote is for someone who is genuine and caring and motivated them all to work out. He votes for Jeff.

It’s up to Mark and Andrea to place the deciding vote. Mark starts crying and says he really loves both Pete and Jeff a lot. He tried to take that out of it and just decide by weights, but one of them has lost 20.5% of their weight and the other 20.6%. He mentions how they’re both great guys – Jeff asking to be voted out to allow Pete to stay and Pete deciding the teams for the good of everyone. Sounding like a beer commercial, Mark reveals the vote to be for Pete, then says, “I love you, Man!”

Leaving, Pete says back to Mark, “I love you, Bro.” He says he has no regrets and tells the others not to worry about it. As the others hug him, he notices they can finally get their arms around him. Shortly after his elimination, Pete says he feels great and knows he still has more to lose. He is looking forward to the life changes in his life. Jillian was the perfect person that he needed to push him. He knows he leaves with so much more than when he came.

Just 24 hours later, Pete stands outside his home, in a great-fitting white suit and talks to his wife on the cell phone, leading her to believe he hasn’t left yet. Walking in and surprising her, she is shocked to see him and how great he looks at that. She says he looks 15 years younger. She says she has never seen him at this size before. They would like to now start a family.

Moving forward to today, after starting the show at 401, Pete now weighs 264, a little below his original goal. I have to say he looks amazing. Watching the show with my son, we both looked at Pete and said in unison, “Oh my God!” He says he hasn’t weighed so little since college. He feels the show has saved his life. His wife has also lost 50 pounds.

After the show, they post a picture of Matt’s uncle, saying they dedicate the show to him, Mark Hover. They note also that heart disease is the leading killer of Americans today. This is what it all comes down to. We all want to look great, but aside from that, we all deserve to live a long healthy life. The extra dessert, the lethargic lifestyle, all the bad choices – they just aren’t worth losing your life for. We all have “too much life to live.”

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