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Zathura’s The Name – The Apprentice 4 Commentary, Episode 5

Zathura’s The Name – The Apprentice 4 Commentary, Episode 5

by Hildee Weiss

I didn’t have to watch the previews of this week’s episode to know that Capital Edge was going to lose big time. Watching Jennifer M .mess up on the word “Zathura” over and over again was like getting a cavity filled without novocaine! And I had been so impressed with Jennifer stepping up to the plate (or rather, down to the floor) with those push-ups at the hi-tech expo for senior citizens.

Marshawn got it right when she noted her team had a false sense of unity and that they needed to show their strength once and for all. The girls did exactly that when they picked Randal to leave Excel and join Capital Edge. The boys were obviously disappointed to lose their teammate, who “knows their secret sauce.” (Did I miss that task?) I’m sure there were a few sighs of relief from the gals when Bill Rancic showed up to replace George for the week. No offense, George, but I’m with the girls here and heck, I’m married with five kids!

This week’s task was a doozy. Each team was to create a float in which the upcoming sci-fi adventure Zathura was advertised, promoted and visually incorporated. Geoffrey Ammer, President of Worldwide Marketing for Sony Pictures and Director Jon Favreau (who played one of Monica’s boyfriends on “Friends”) would be the judges on the task. Jon Favreau made it clear to both teams that they needed to learn the name of the movie. Zathura. Jennifer M. stepped up to the plate and was named project manager. She was sure that she could manage the girls (and Randal) and win the task. Brian was equally confident that he could score another victory for Excel but he admitted that keeping Markus on a tight leash wasn’t going to be easy. In my opinion, Markus should have been put in the dog pound for playing dead while the guys painted the float, and for initially refusing to call in their Chinese take-out order. I say, what is a future Apprentice good for if he can’t order pepper steak?

Though Randal and the gals over at Capital Edge seemed to be working hard, Kristi was getting on everyone’s nerves with her bossiness. Marshawn was sure that Kristi’s attitude wasn’t going to change while Randal could clearly see that his new team has a lot to learn from his old team about mutual respect and that is probably why they have lost so many tasks. I took pride in Jen when she ordered Kristi to stop whining and be more positive but in the end, she didn’t follow through with sidelining her “bold” teammate. Like Marshawn, I felt that Capital Edge wasted too much time on shopping for the float and not enough time on reviewing their presentation. I will even go so far as to say that Jennifer should have taken a few extra minutes to learn the name of the movie. It’s Zathura! Say it three times and come back when you’ve got it right.

The boys at Excel took the easy way out – they had an audiotape in the background, whispering “Zathura.” Jon Favreau and the Sony executive were obviously impressed with the team’s product but their praises couldn’t be heard over Brian’s ranting about how much he loved seeing E.T. and Jumanji as a 12 year old boy. Excel is declared victorious and the self-proclaimed 13 year old Brian is granted exemption.

Jennifer and Kristi went at it in the boardroom with Jen citing Kristi’s constant negativity and Kristi blaming Jen for her poor presentation and her weak leadership skills. Alla admitted that Jen had it together in the beginning of the task but then her mispronouncing Zathura contributed to their loss big time. Marshawn and Randal agreed that like their former teammate, Melissa, Kristi is a disruption and that she should be fired for impeding the team’s ability to be creative. Jen decided to take just Kristi back into the boardoom and revved up for the biggest fight of her life. I really thought Jen was going to be the next to go when Bill Rancic confided to Trump that Jen was a no-show in the final minutes of creating the float. (Hey, a girl has got to shop.) Then, the Donald told Jen she couldn’t lead well under pressure. Hearing that is always a bad sign, as is having his comments about you saved for last. But in the end, Kristi was told she’s fired and boy, was she angry. Jen tried to apologize to her outside the boardroom but Kristi told her to shut up. What a spitfire!

Will Jennifer M. prove she’s a leader? Will Markus be given more responsibility and actually do something? Stay tuned!


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