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A.D.D., MAN! A.D.D.! MAN, A.D.D.!! – Survivor: Guatemala, Episode 6

“A.D.D., MAN! A.D.D.! MAN, A.D.D.!!” – Survivor: Guatemala, Episode 6

by atarus

Episode…BEGIN! Brandon is puzzled on Yaxha, as he says “we were four strong, and Blake got voted out .. how’d that happen?” He questions Bobby Jon, and Bobby Jon gives a less than satisfactory answer … he mumbles a lot, says “I know I lied to you ….. he just rubbed a lot of people the wrong way.” Brandon seems unsatisfied too. Brian states in his own confessional that he, Gary, and Amy got a get out of jail free card, and now they have to knock out the Nakum members. We are then given riveting conversation on Nakum …. Jamie and Judd and Steph complaining about mosquitoes. Ooooh. Rafe then goes on to say “I keep trying to be positive, but it’s hard when someone is bringing negative energy to the camp.” Camera shifts to Margaret. Rafe continues: “Six of us get along, Margaret is just fading out.” Judd says “she just can’t grasp the fact that the old tribe ain’t coming back.”

It’s time for the reward challenge. Obviously Mark Burnett’s budget is tight, so this challenge involves pushing a big rock over a goal line. First tribe to get three points wins. Oh, and both tribes are going to tribal council. The winning tribe gets to compete for individual immunity, and a barbecue as well. Oh joy! Lydia sits out the challenge (big surprise, eh? I feel sorry for her, she’s gotten to do like … two challenges total this game or something.) First up is Steph and Cindy vs. Amy and Danni. Superwoman Steph will obviously bring victory to Nakum, right? Wrong, Amy and Danni roll over Steph and Cindy and get a point for Yaxha. Next: Brandon and Bobby Jon vs. Judd and Jamie … Judd and Jamie roll over Brandon and BJ. Jamie starts victory yelling and yells something at Bobby Jon. Bobby Jon gets all up in Jamie’s face and starts yelling “THAT’S NOT NICE!” Bwahahahaha. Oh Bobby Jon, how I love thee. He doesn’t yell trash talk, he doesn’t yell insults, he yells “that’s not nice.” It’s like Martha Stewart as a muscular Southern gentleman acting tough. Hahahaha. Anyway, next is Amy and Gary vs. Steph and Judd … this time Steph wins, but only ’cause she rolls over Amy’s ankle. Amy is limping, but goes right back out there with Danni to go up against Margaret and Cindy. You’d think Margaret and Cindy would have an advantage, but no, Amy with her busted ankle and Danni in her nice booty shorts kick their butt and tie it up again. The final round is Brian and Bobby Jon vs. Judd and Jamie again. BJ and Brian try, but Judd and Jamie are too strong and Nakum wins the reward!

Now for individual immunity. This is a much simpler challenge. They have to untie three bags of letters and unscramble two words involving eleven letters. They’re off! Steph and Cindy finish untying their bags first, with Rafe and Margaret close behind them. Eventually everybody is trying to figure out letters except Judd, who can’t figure out how to untie his bag. He looks over at Rafe’s platform, and says “ancient ruin, ancient ruin!” Rafe hears him and finishes the puzzle to win individual immunity.

On Nakum, Rafe has a confessional saying how it’s awesome that he won individual immunity. When asked about “what was up with Bobby Jon” Jamie says that Bobby Jon just flipped a switch and started yelling at him (even though Jamie started yelling first). But Jamie says that “Southern people are crazy and we know it.” On the other side of the …. Guatemala? So used to saying island. Anyway, Bobby Jon says “Jamie’s cocky and arrogant and I put him in his place.” Brandon is laughing about it, and Bobby Jon says “if you want to buck up that’s fine, but there’s another bear in the woods, too.” Amy comments that her ankle is swollen but she’ll live with it. Brian suggests voting Bobby Jon to Gary and hoping to split the votes from the old Nakum members, but Gary says in a confessional “wtf, yo, Bobby Jon is kool, lolz.” Not really, but that’s how an annoying AIMer would have said it. Gary just says “why would we get rid of Bobby Jon when we’re trying to keep the tribe strong?”

On Nakum, we are treated to Judd being obnoxious. Judd says “I haven’t got a damn worry in the world, I can do what I want around this camp.” Margaret agrees, saying “Judd does what he wants to, and Judd is Judd’s biggest enemy.” Judd apparently drinks too many beers (they had reserved one beer and one root beer for each person, or something, but Judd drinks a lot of it … not sure exactly what happened here … but Judd is drunk) and starts talking very loudly. Margaret says that Judd will make a huge explosion to take the focus away from him. Cindy states “Judd’s got to watch his mouth, his mouth works before his brain does.”

At Tribal Council, man, this Tribal Council, man this Tribal Council was rough, man. When questioned, Judd says “I’ll give up a hot dog for a beer any day.” Jamie says, about the Bobby Jon quarrel, “I celebrated when I won, he hates losing so he yelled back.” And that’s when the fun starts. When Margaret is questioned about sportsmanship, and Margaret says “Judd is very vocal and Jamie is very vocal and they don’t hesitate to blurt it all out there.” Judd takes offense, and goes off on a tangent punctuated with a lot of “man”s; even more than a Valley Girl normally says “like, totally.” Judd yells “we’re not being bad sportsmanships (sic), if we do good we’re gonna celebrate!” and accuses Margaret, saying “you’ve probably never played a damn sport in your life.” Margaret makes another accusation, saying Judd rolls over people and doesn’t listen. Judd retaliates by asking each member of the tribe if he listens to them. When Rafe tries to say more than “yes” or “no” Judd bullies him, yelling “yes or no, man! Yes or no!” Cindy gets a word in edgewise, saying they all have to live with the same group, negativity isn’t good for the entire tribe. Margaret opens her mouth again and says that Judd is a bully, and Judd gets annoyed, interrupting Jeff to yell out “when I first walk into camp, she tells me I have A.D.D.! A.D.D.!! A.D.D.!!!” No relevance to anything asked whatsoever. And he keeps yelling at Margaret, saying “did you not say I had A.D.D.?! DID YOU NOT SAY I HAD A.D.D?!?!” This furious Tribal Council session ends with Cindy ominously saying “I think we all know what we have to do.”

For the votes, Judd votes Margaret and says “get out NOW.” Margaret calls Judd “a bully, self-righetous, profane, and no one likes you.” But as we all know, the votes are tallied and Margaret is voted out unanimously. Margaret says in her final words that this was the most physically challenging thing she’s ever done, best wishes, and a lot of the tension will be gone now.

Rafe gets to listen in on the Yaxha TC because he won immunity. When asked about his take on the BJ vs. Jamie incident, Bobby Jon says “It was the heat of the moment, it was like two bulls in a ring, lot of testosterone.” Gary says “every once in a while, Jamie gets a bit excited.” Suddenly Brian is the center of attention, as Brian says he’s always been athletic. Bobby Jon uses the weirdest compliment ever, saying “he is a kamikaze that will bust a wedge.” Even Probst goes … what the heck? Bobby Jon goes on to say that Brian knows the game and he’s a good ol’ boy. Danni says Brian is a gentleman and a classy guy. When asked about her ankle, Amy says she “twisted it a little bit” and that’s it. Brandon says he was very impressed with how Amy went back out and got a point for Yaxha in the challenge.

It’s twist time! Rafe gets to vote for one person to have immunity. (Didn’t see that coming …. not.) Rafe goes up and votes, but his vote isn’t revealed, it’s put in an envelope. Rafe then leaves. Now Yaxha votes! Brian votes for Bobby Jon, saying “this is the outwit part of outwit, outplay, outlast.” Bobby Jon votes for Brian, saying he’s a remarkable kid with a lot of heart.

Brian ends up getting the majority of votes, but there’s a chance Rafe gave him immunity. Probst opens the envelope, but Rafe gave Gary immunity. So Brian, you are toast, and Brian leaves. Jeff tells Yaxha “you did a great job of pumping Brian up and then slitting his throat.” Ooooh, burn.

Next time on Survivor, Amy confronts Gary! (Probably about the football thing.) And Nakum gets an unexpected visit … Yaxha shows up?!

Brian’s final words: “I went down fighting, did everything I could. I didn’t see it coming, I’m proud of my tribe they pulled one over on me.”

Well I must say, I’m really starting to like Amy. She’s a tough woman, you can see she’s there to play. Twice her ankle has been rolled over, and yet she’s still out there and begging for more. In fact, I’m really liking all of Yaxha at this point. Really, the only person I have a problem with now is the loudmouth, Judd. Even Steph’s whining pales in comparison now. But he’s entertaining … somehow. I’ll see you next week!


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