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captainD's Boot Prediction – Survivor Guatamala, Episode 6

AH HA! I finally have proof that this has been a bad season for me. I was unable to watch the episode Thursday night so I taped it and watched it the next day. Right as Blake took the walk of shame, my VCR ate the tape and smoke started going everywhere. The Survivor gods have definately been raining on my parade this year, (which ironically enough is probably why my entire house didn’t go up in flames). Let’s get this over with. . . .

The episode 6 teaser says that after winning a reward, one tribe member gets a little too drunk. Could this be anyone but Judd? Nakum wins reward. Because of the double tribal council this week, the immunity challenge is most likely an individual game with both a male and female winner. I will pick Danni and Judd. In a very heated night of tribal councils, two of the pre-season favorites to win will fall. They are MARGARET and BRIAN.

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