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Getting Dogged – Real World Austin, Episode 19

Getting Dogged – Real World Austin, Episode 19

by Clicker

Rachel’s man comes to town – and her little dog too.

But only the dog gets any lovin’.

Rachel talks a good game before her boyfriend arrives about how much she loves him and can’t wait to see him. She even wears an “I love Erik” T-shirt to the airport to pick him up. But the dog is the only warm and fuzzy thing about the visit.

Meanwhile, Danny finally gets around to calling the detective to press charges against the guy who punched him in the face. He has a pretty good case since MTV has the whole thing on videotape.

Lacey is doing what she does best – talking trash about her roommates. This time she’s telling her boyfriend how crappy Rachel’s relationship is with Erik. And that the whole concept of taking “a break” from your boyfriend is crazy to her.

“He’s either like ‘love is blind’ or he’s really dumb,” she says of Erik. Hasn’t Lacey learned her lesson about talking about people?

Danny decides to put Rachel’s dog Reese in the pool to see if he can swim. The poor little thing can’t wait to get out of the water. Then Rachel and Erik plop into bed for what Erik thinks will be a romantic moment. Wrong. Rachel says she deosn’t want to have sex. And, in fact, she doesn’t even want to kiss the guy. Brutal.

She says in her interview later that the chemistry just isn’t there anymore and that she thinks of him like a brother. Ouch.

Erik leaves her in bed and goes out to play foosball with Wes and they bond. Later Erik goes out with all the roommates to a bar. While there, Danny tells Erik that he has dated one woman for 5 years and another for 2 years but the girl he’s going to marry is Melinda. Ahhhhhhhh.

All the marriage talk gets Erik thinking that he and Rachel should be engaged. (Now, she won’t even kiss you what makes you think she wants to marry you Erik?)

Rachel doesn’t want to talk about it and asks Erik in a whiney baby voice: “Do you hate me now because I don’t want to have sex with you, do you hate me?”

She says in her interview that having sex with Erik will only cloud her decision about whether or not she wants to be with him.

The little dog Reese is pooping all over the house. But that’s not what Lacey thinks is so shitty around there.

Lacey gives Erik an earful within earshot of Rachel of how shitty his relationship is. Lacey tells Erik that he’s getting the short end of the stick. She tells him it isn’t fair the way Rachel treats him: “I think you need to do what you need to do for you because she’s certainly done what she needs to do for her,” she says.

Rachel and Erik go out to dinner to talk. She tells him that she heard his whole conversation with Lacey. She and Erik have a heart to heart where he says he would like to be engaged and she says they should either stay on “the break” or just be friends for the next two months.

In an interview Rachel says “My heart says I love Erik, but I don’t know if I’m in love with Erik.”

Wes feels bad for Erik. So he and Nehemiah decide to throw a “vagina fest” inviting all the groupies they know to the VIP room at a bar to show Erik a good time.

This makes Rachel crazy. “Just cuz we’re going on our break you’re going to go hog wild?” she asks him.

Rachel is jealous and upset watching him with other girls at the bar. She says she’s scared of losing him. Huh? Didn’t she just say she thought of him as a brother?

In a bit of good news, Danny finds out the detective has issued a warrant for the guy who beat him up and that the guy could face 5 to 20 years in prison.

Meanwhile Erik’s punishment is temporarily over as he prepares to go home. Rachel at least gives him a hug and kiss and tells him she will miss him.

Wes tells Rachel that she’s making a big mistake because she needs to be in a relationship because she’s just not that good at being single.

Well if she keeps treating guys like that she’s going to get plenty of time to get good at it.

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