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Who Needs A Man When You Have Jello Pudding? – Biggest Loser, 10-18-05

“Who Needs A Man When You Have Jello Pudding?” – Biggest Loser, 10-18-05

by LauraBelle

While we see The Biggest Loser contestants losing pound after pound on the show, and find after they get home they continue to lose, we wonder if they’re really able to keep up with these lifestyle changes. Last week last season’s Andrea was seen looking fit and trim and inspiring this season’s ladies’ team. This week we see a short clip of last year’s Gary looking great at 170, one year later. I’m hoping this year’s bunch will find the same success.

Bob meets with the four remaining ladies on his team and tells them it’s time to buck up and get down to work. Andrea realizes her team took a big risk in keeping her and feels she has something prove to them. Over on the men’s team Mark is now working out for five hours before trainer Jillian even gets there. She wishes he would lighten up, worried that if he isn’t also eating more, his metabolism could be sending his body into survival or starvation mode.

For the temptation of the week, the potential losers are led into a room with a chocolate cake and a huge piece cut out and on a plate. Suzy estimates it to be about four regular slices put together. There is also three boxes with question marks all over them. The note reads the slice only has 4-1/2 grams of fat. If they eat the cake slice they can choose a box for a one in three chance at $2300.

No one budges and a note is passed under the door telling them to uncover the middle box, increasing their chance to one in two to win. Uncovering the box, they find a tall glass of milk. Mark tries to fake out the ladies’ team by making it look like he’s grabbing at the cake, but really only takes one small finger’s taste. The $2300 goes unrewarded.

The teams leave, feeling good about their choice, and find Bob and Jillian with a virtual game. As Bob pedals a stationary bike, he propels a bike rider on a video game, and tells the teams they could have won this and played themselves had they eaten the cake.

As Jen and Mark work out, they do a little verbal sparring over whose team will fare better in the next challenge. Mark says he’s lacking motivation today as he’s only done three hours instead of five.

Both teams are told by their trainers that their next challenge will be one of endurance and climbing. They practice by climbing up hills much bigger than they ones they struggled to climb their first week on the show. Dr. Jeff is worried about an ankle injury he had many years ago. Jillian thinks it healed a long time ago and that he babies it unnecessarily. He is the last one up the hill. He stops just before the top, saying his ankle just won’t make it. His teammates pull him up. No one can believe how for they have come after barely making it up a small hill weeks earlier.

Ready for their uphill battle the two teams meet Caroline Rhea facing escalators and a huge set of stairs. Each team will choose just one member of the opposing team to race down and back up the stairs ten times, 2,280 steps in all. The winner gets $5000 to share with their team, and the winning team also gets to choose which member of the men’s team will sit out the weigh-in.

The ladies choose to have Mark do the stairs, which he thinks gives them the edge with his many hours of training every day. Jeff can’t figure out why they didn’t choose him. The men choose Andrea, assumably thinking she’s the weaker link, losing the least amount of weight so far. She can’t wait to prove them wrong.

Andrea takes a slight lead right away, and Mark slips in behind her. Coming back up while he’s just about to turn around, he crashes into her, prompting them to get into a slight altercation. Andrea wins the first lap easily. While we start to think perhaps Mark is just holding back for endurance, he never catches up. Eventually Andrea wins while Mark still has two laps to go.

Back at home, Bob tells Andrea she proved herself. As a reward, he shows his team how to make Chocolate Pudding In A Cloud – cool whip in a cup with chocolate pudding on the inside. Each one is only 100 calories and 3 grams of fat. As Jen eats hers, she says, “Who needs a man when you have Jello pudding?

Matt is seen on video in the middle of the night making a late late late night snack. It’s 1:12 AM and he’s cooking and eating. Remembering seeing Matt in previews for this episode stalking off during the weigh-in, I’m worried, really worried.

Coming in for the weigh-in, the ladies choose to have Seth sit out. Mark wonders why he isn’t sitting out as he thinks he has mad numbers this week. The ladies are weighed first, and Shannon “to turn up the sexy volume” is up. She ended last week at 221 and today weighs 218, now losing a total of 39 pounds.

Suzy “To Find Mr. Right” weighed in last week at 191, and this week reaches 186, for a total loss to date of 41. For the first time, she is the biggest loser for her team. Andrea “to be a princess” started off the week at 193 and only loses two more for a loss of 29 to date. Jen “to be a role model” steps on the scale. She had started the week at 224, and after a couple big weeks, only makes it down to 221. She has now lost 46 pounds altogether. Her team has lost 13 pounds for a 1.57% loss.

The men now need to lose more than 19 pounds to beat the women. Even though he is sitting out the weigh-in, Seth “to see son grow up” steps on the scale to check his progress. He started his week at 243 and makes it down to 233, losing 58 pounds total so far. Mark “to fit into bulletproof vest” had broken 300 last week to make it down to 291. Today he weighs in at 287 and wonders if that’s it. He was burning 10,000 calories a day. He has lost a total of 71 pounds. It looks like Jillian was right.

Matt “to be an athlete” weighed in last week and 279, and stepping on the scale this week, finds his weight hasn’t budged. He is still at 279, leaving his total loss at 60. Last week he said the fat made it easy to hide the emotions, and the more he lost the more he couldn’t hide it anymore. This appears to be true as he turns and walks out of the building, upset with himself. Everyone inside looks worried. Matt comes back inside and Caroline asks if he’s alright. He goes back to the men and Mark has the men surround him to hide that he’s crying, knowing he doesn’t want to be hugged or touched.

The weigh-in continues as Jeff “to inspire patients” is up. He weighed 316 last week, and this week weighs in at 305. He’s lost 65 pounds altogether and may not be inspiring his patients yet, but is inspiring Matt who is smiling again. Pete “to slam dunk” needs to lose at least 5 pounds for his team to win. He started his week at 338 and tonight weighs in at 325. He has lost 76 to date and recaptures the title from Mark as the show’s biggest loser so far. Then men have lost a total of 28 pounds for a 2.29% team loss. The women will go head back to elimination once again, and Suzy, despite having immunity, is upset that the men are celebrating so visibly.

Back from the weigh-in, Jen eats jello again. Either she really likes her jello, or Jello, as a sponsor, makes sure the fridge is always packed with it. Bob is taking this one extra hard. He is now feeling a sense of failure as well. Andrea says maybe another week she could understand all this, but not this one. She moves in and hugs Bob. Jen moves to the men to find her consolation. Suzy isn’t sure who to vote for. Jen lacks focus on the team but loses more, while Andrea has focus and loses less.

Jillian confronts Matt about his lack of weight loss. He admits to a few nights of late night eating, and Jillian says he is probably more hungry because he’s working out too much. He says he’s done doing extra and whatever he wants. He will only follow Jillian from hereon out. I have to commend the show for dealing with this privately with Matt and not making a big issue out of it.

At the elimination Caroline asks Shannon if she’s experiencing any resentment for the men. She says she’s jealous, feeling they work just as hard but always fall short. Andrea votes to eliminate Jen, saying right now she needs a friend more than just a teammate. Ouch. Jen votes for Andrea, saying it’s best for the team.

Suzy’s explanation of her vote is somewhat odd and confusing. She says until now they always voted for the one that lost the least (not true … Andrea has been the lowest total loser since the beginning) but it never works out for them. Tonight she chooses to vote out the one who has lost the most hoping to help the team. Huh? If Shannon forces it into a tie, they men will decide who leaves, and they like Jen a lot. But Shannon votes for Jen, saying she’s putting all feelings away to vote for the team, as it’s not about her.

In Jen’s partying words to her team she apologizes for not spending the day with her team, but says she chose to spend it with people that appreciate her time, the men. Another ouch.

Jen says she’s leaving the show with a new life, not the old life of Jen at 265 that eats pizza and chocolate cake. She feels fortunate to have lost as much as she has. She knows she is healthier , stronger and better-looking than she’s ever been. Today she has broke the 200 mark, now weighing 195, for a 72 pounds total loss. It doesn’t matter that she didn’t win $250,000, she won herself.

Now back at home, Jen has her man and her Jello pudding. I guess that makes up for not having her chocolate cake and eating it too.

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