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One, Two, Three … Strikeout! – The Apprentice 4 Commentary, Episode 4

One, Two, Three … Strikeout! – The Apprentice 4 Commentary, Episode 4

by Cori Linder

With Toral in the picture, the women’s group was continually playing like a baseball team—except, it was a pretty dysfunctional one considering they played against themselves and tried to throw balls that hurt.

Toral was like the player who talked a good game but always hung out in the dugout. In the past episodes, she continually sat on the sidelines while offering her empty opinions. In this episode, however, the women complain that Toral has not “stepped up” to the plate yet, and you and I both know that from Mr. Trump’s comments last week, Toral should most certainly volunteer to be the project manager — the team’s coach. But, does she? Sort-of, at first. She uses the reverse psychology trick that she will be PM but has no expertise in the relevant areas that might lead to a victory. It’s like asking a baseball player in the 9th inning to hit a home run in order to win the game, and the player grumbles and says, “Okay, I guess, but I don’t know how to hold a bat.” So, of course, Felisha volunteers for the position because, who wants to lose?

Side Note: I found it fitting to relate this Apprentice commentary to the image of the baseball game since my hometown baseball team, the Anaheim Angels (or that silly name that was just bestowed on them: The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim) are currently in the playoffs. Go Angels!

The task goal in this episode is for each team to create an original character for Dairy Queen. It is a task that could not be any more close to my heart considering my husband used to work for DQ way back when, and I weekly enjoy their Mudpie Blizzards (yummy!).

Back to my baseball analogy … The men’s team, well, they’re making all the right plays and basically pitching a no-hitter. Then even get Mark to be their “mascot” who dresses up in drag to model the creative genie character that will represent DQ’s blizzards.

Now, the woman’s team is just striking out right and left. Toral finally has a chance to get up to bat (by dressing up as the DQ character, Zip), but instead she stands there, complaining about the uniform. It will go against her personal and cultural beliefs, she says. It is “uncomfortable,” she complains.

The other women (who are all pitchers), furious at this point, continue to throw all sorts of insults at her—curve balls, sliders, slow balls—until finally they get so fed up with her, they just decide to walk her.

Rebecca used to be the catcher. She had always been rooting for Toral, continually catching balls pitched at Toral from Kristy and others. But, finally Rebecca realizes that she wants to switch sides now; after all, Toral did not really step up to the plate and hit anything. Rebecca knows that she won’t be able to score a home run with Toral on her team.

In the boardroom, Mr. Trump, the umpire, challenges Toral. When she complains that wearing the costume would harm her reputation, he hits back with the fact he wore a chicken suit on “Saturday Night Live.” As Toral continues to dig her hole with conceited statements, Mr. Trump calls her out on her “half-truths.” Mr. Trump then asks Rebecca who she would fire. Rebecca (who, by the way, reminds me of Erin from that reality show “For Love or For Money”) decides to play smart and says that Toral should leave. It’s apparent to all that Toral has struck out, and Mr. Trump kicks her out of the game.

Is Toral even a little bit sad? Noooo. After all, the game was “beneath” her and that she was playing with minor league players. Too bad, she just missed out on playing in the major leagues.

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