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Even Top Models Have Flaws! – America's Next Top Model 5, Episode 4

Even Top Models Have Flaws! – America’s Next Top Model 5, Episode 4

by Syrone Harvey

The previous episode of America’s Next Top Model yielded a grab bag of surprising “firsts.” For the first time in ANTM history, one of the competitors walked away from the competition. We’re talking about Cassandra. (The hair distressed girl.) When Cassandra’s earlier hair cut wasn’t what Tyra expected, she sent her back to the stylist to have an additional inch trimmed off. After much pondering and lip biting, Cassandra decided against having her hair cut and chose instead to leave the competition.

In yet another first, Sarah (the girl who fell one time too many) ended up making out under the covers with Kim (the lesbian). A distracted Sarah turned her attention away from the competition which ultimately resulted in her elimination.

Meanwhile, the girls become wild and crazy! Camera in hand, Diane shoots group pictures until someone suggests taking topless photos. Feeling a little giddy Jayla, Lisa, Nicole and Bre strip off their tops; wearing nothing but a smile from the waist up. Diane, feeling a bit self-conscious about posing with the skinny, slim girls plays photographer. The other models are unaware Diane feels a little inhibited and just assume she is being a “stick in the mud.”

Back in the room, Lisa pulls out a secret bag of goodies containing what appear to be alcoholic beverages. A wide eyed Nicole gazes longingly at the stash, until Lisa informs her she doesn’t want to share with anyone. I guess we’re to assume this is strictly a party for one? Lisa turns her attention away from the goodies and begins to dispense “expert” advice directed towards Diane. “Girl, I’m going to tell you something. To do your best, you need to pose in front of a mirror and do the faces that aren’t the faces you normally do.” (She honestly believes she is helping.)

She calls in her next victim, Coryn. She tells her that unless she wants to be considered the “sports” girl who is muscular and athletic she needs to stop working out. She says, “It would be to your advantage to just eat and not work out.” Coryn who is thankfully at a good distance, responds, “Why would I listen to someone I’m competing against? That’s kind of stupid.” Doesn’t Lisa realize she’s driving a wedge between herself and the other models?

Tyra Mail arrives. It says, “Pluses and minuses- Who says models can’t do math. Be ready at 12:00 p.m.” They assume they’re headed for some sort of challenge involving math. The limo takes them to Smash Box, the home of L.A. Fashion Week. Jay welcomes them and explains their focus will be on positives and negatives. He re-introduces them to Twiggy who made a huge impact on the modeling industry by being so lean and thin.

Twiggy shares about handling personal flaws of her own. She reminds them that even though they may have negatives, they have to learn to make the best of them by using what they’ve got. “Be true to yourself,” she says. They gain a lot from talking to her.

Bre feels confident and wants to appear that way in front of the camera but isn’t sure how to come across in that way. Diane is concerned about being a curvaceous model and doesn’t want to look like a porn star in her poses. Twiggy allays her fears and assures her that the camera sees deeply within. She tells Diane to be more aware of her poses and use what she’s got to her best advantage.

Dean and Davis Factor, the owners of Smash Box present the models with a questionnaire. They are to choose a personal negative that can be turned into a positive and choose a negative for the other girls. The girls become a bit squirmy after hearing this. Lisa raises her hand and announces, “I’m honest…I’m honest through this whole thing man.” Together the girls sigh and say, “We know, Lisa.” (Clueless)

They begin with Jayla who is concerned about her ears. “By being aware of how your head is turned you can make that problem almost disappear,” Jay says. Bre hates how her bucked teeth come out too far and her Tyra Banks looking “five”head. Jay suggests holding her head in a position that will elongate her neck and change her appearance. Nicole is worried about being so pale, to which Jay recommends taking care of her skin using SPF and not out in the sun too much. Diane appears confident and bubbly until she gets in front of the camera. They suggest she play up her look using what she wears and changing her attitude. Because Nik has kind of a bubble eyed thing going on, they suggest she watch the way the lights reflect so it doesn’t cast shadows on her face.

Lisa is up next. Her problem- at a distance she appears almost cross eyed. (“That’s so funny,” she says.) It’s Kim’s turn. “Someone” (Lisa) thinks Kim has an untoned ass and love handles. Jay says it’s probably because her hips are narrower; giving the illusion her waist is wider. He gives her ass a little squeeze and says, “You don’t have an untoned ass.” She shoots a glare at Lisa. Kyle’s neck appears really short at times. Jay tells her to be careful how she positions her head. Coryn is the last one up. “Too skinny for me and muscular,” is what was written about her. She throws a look towards Lisa. Hmm, Couldn’t Lisa have been a tad more discreet? Jay suggest Coryn try to be a little softer and more approachable.

The girls head back to the house. Coryn is obviously upset. When she’s asked why she’s angry she replies, “It’s those dumb bitches. They get on my nerves.” Lisa overhears and says, “If you have a problem then why don’t you confront me with it?” Coryn doesn’t care what Lisa thinks about her. She comes straight out and tells her, “I don’t like you.” She tells her she doesn’t want to hear any more of her “suggestions.” Lisa seems stunned that her “helpful” advice isn’t appreciated. The other girls are relieved because they were also bothered by Lisa the know-it-all. Lisa feels everyone “let Coryn be nice and kind of went along with it.”

Tyra Mail awaits the girls as they arrive home. It says, “Accentuate the negative. Be ready at 11:00 a.m.”

Ms. J greets the girls then introduces fashion photographer, Jay Goldman. For this challenge roles will be reversed. The girls will guide the photographer with how to shoot in order to hide their flaws. The first will be a “flaunt” shot and the second will be a “hide” shot. This is clearly a good chance for the girls to become more familiar with themselves and learn the best ways to conceal their negative areas. The winner will receive a day at the spa and get to choose two friends to accompany her. Kyle, the winner chooses Kim and Coryn to experience a luxurious day at the spa. While relaxing they talk openly about Lisa and how bugged they are by her.

Back at home, Tyra Mail arrives telling the girls- they will have to “fake it to make it,” at their next challenge. Early the next morning they arrive and are led into an operating room. The girls are nervous as they see surgical tools and instruments lying near an operating table. “Doctor” Jay comes out and explains the assignment. Using their flaws, the girls will portray photo examples of plastic surgery at its extreme, but without the actual procedures. The goal is for the shoot to come across as high fashion and edgy. He introduces the “perfect” photographer for the job, super model turned master photographer, Janice Dickinson. The girls are thrilled to work with her.

Lisa is especially excited because she relates well to Janice. Using various props the girls will represent a plastic surgery procedure. Lisa will receive an extreme face lift using various make up techniques. Bre will look as if she’s had cheek implant surgery. Jayla will receive a butt implant and Kyle, a lip implant. Nik will model an over exaggeration of hair extensions. (To the floor.) Nicole will be given a fake tan. Kim will have a fake boob job. Diane’s chest will be tightly bound to look as if she’s had a breast reduction. Coryn will be made to look like a botox creation.

While the girls are transformed Janice hangs out with them. Janice, being such a strong personality is slightly intimidating at first. Then the girls are drawn to her and enjoy how blunt and honest she really is. Many of them open up asking questions and getting pointers from her. Then Lisa approaches Janice and introduces herself. Janice immediately senses attitude from Lisa. (Which she denies.) With Janice asking so many questions, Lisa feels drilled. Lisa pipes up, “I’m really healthy. I’m like the healthiest one out of all the girls…” Janice interrupts and tells her not to “dis” the other girls. Which Lisa again. denies. Coryn jumps into the conversation and says, “She does this to everybody. She talks about everybody and criticizes everyone.” Lisa is hurt because she feels she “helps” everyone.

She goes off by herself to have a cry. “She can’t just point her finger at me cause she just met me. And for Coryn to say that I’m the bad one and all I do is insult everybody…That’s not true at all.” She is offended big-time. The girls are glad to see Lisa receive a fake face lift because they think she looks too old. Diane is a trooper. She uses this opportunity to show the judges how versatile she really is. But, she’s in a lot of pain and having a difficult time breathing with her chest is bound so tightly. Jay offers comfort and encouragement then Diane handles the shoot in spite of the pain. Overall with guidance and direction from Janice, the shoot turns out good. As the girls leave Janice tells them, “Don’t be dogging anyone behind their backs.” She hopes they will gain respect and a sisterhood amongst them.

Waiting for Tyra Mail the girls try to keep their minds off of elimination. Coryn is concerned and lacking confidence. Bre says, “You never know if your picture is going to turn out good or whether you might be eliminated.” Kim is sick of talking about her “flaws.”

The girls stand before the panel of judges with Dean and Davis Factor of Smash Box as guest judges. For the last challenge the judges will simulate a “go see,” interviewing and throwing questions out at the girls.

The girls are hounded with questions about their flaws. They’re asked why they should be hired. Diane comes across as nervous and intimidating. “Be yourself,” Tyra tells her. All of the girls are critiqued and their photos reviewed. Finally, the judges deliberate their difficult decision. They regard how each girl was projected this week- Nik looks like Lady Godiva…Bri looks like a balloon that just burst….Coryn looks as if she’s carrying wood on her back…Diane seems down….etc.

The nine models return. The first model called is Kyle. Then Jayla, Nik, Lisa, Nicole, Kim and Coryn are called. This leaves Diane and Bre. Tyra says, “With you Bre the judges are feeling like this industry is SO cutthroat. And Diane, we feel like this person we thought was so secure and so vivacious might not be so secure after all and isn’t doing a good job covering it up. So who goes home, the girl who might not handle this tough industry or the girl with a personality that’s a ball of fire that’s kind of glimmering softly?” Tyra pulls Bre’s picture and says, “You’ve got to toughen up Bre.” Diane is eliminated.

Although Diane is disappointed, she handles the elimination admiringly. She feels she has a bit more to learn about the modeling industry. So, there goes a very level-headed girl. The group dynamics are becoming more tense than ever. I hear things are really going to hit the fan on next week’s episode. ]

What do you think? Are you surprised Diane was eliminated? I’d love to hear your opinion. You can contact me at Syrone@realityshack.com Until next week…….Adios!


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