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Wanda's Words of Wisdom – Survivor: Guatemala, Episode 5

Wanda’s Words of Wisdom – Survivor: Guatemala, Episode 5

by Wanda Shirk

First, three cheers for Lydia of the new-Nakum for the song-and-dance routine! Yes! ‘Bout time we see someone having fun with the experience, and especially someone on a tribe that’s down! That’s the spirit! I like that upbeat personality. It’s very risky. (Do we hear Coby grumbling about how “annoying” that is? Does Willard think she’s a lunatic?) Nakum didn’t unanimously applaud or even warm up to Lydia’s performance, but “Come on,” as my friend Redneck James would say — wasn’t that better to watch than hearing depressed people whining about being on a losing tribe? I’ve been waiting for someone to be positive when confronting down times, to show us how to face life when things are going badly. Choosing happiness is possible. That’s my style. I’m SOOOOOOOOOO glad Lydia hasn’t been voted out. JOY! Maybe it was luck or other tribemates’ skills that won her tribe the next challenge, but I was glad to see someone on Nakum lead a let’s-not-just-mope campaign! Yay, Yay, Yay Lydia!

Second, three cheers to Yaxha for taking out the “Golden Boy” instead of the Brains of the tribe. Brawn seems to predominate over brain on the tribe, and brawn — like Brandon’s rope-cutting expertise — serves them well, but Brian is PLAYING and that’s great to watch. Loved his lines about baiting Blake, making sure he had a shovel to dig his hole. Brian is not only academically but socially smart (he also is willing to go along silently with the religious majority, because it’s what he has to do right now), and he helped Blake create his own demise. Brian and his former Yaxha-mates Gary and Amy still have a chance now, as the new Yaxha is evened-up with three each of former Yaxha and former Nakumsmen. That’ll make it more interesting for all of us. Yay, Yay, Yay Yaxha!

Third, this week’s reward, the croc-proof swimming hole, is one of the best and most creative rewards that production has ever come up with. It’s not eaten and gone — it’s a lasting benefit to the tribe, and it wasn’t even linked to Home Depot or any sponsor. By Survivor 11, it’s hard to come up with new challenges and new rewards, but we have to hand it to production for coming up with two interesting and totally different challenges for us this week, and a unique and wonderful reward for the winning tribe. Credit where credit is due: Good job, and Yay, Yay, Yay Production!

Now, everyone, please go to CBS.com and make some kind of donation to the fund for helping recovery efforts in Guatemala. I know all good folks have emptied wallets and checking accounts for many other disasters in this past year, from the tsunami to New Orleans to the recent earthquake in Pakistan, and the Guatemala mudslides are just one more cry for help, but we can’t not listen! We are all so fortunate compared to the many who have lost everything. Let’s be the best human beings we can be, and do what’s morally right by sacrificing again from our relative plenty. Let our hearts break for the sorrows of others even as we try to bring love, joy, and peace to those around us in our daily lives.

Happy Trails!

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